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Raymond Francis



From the beginning, Najib had been calling the Malaysians to be loyal to him. And to most the call was something obvious and normal. What was happening, well hidden under Najib's cloak was not known by almost every Malaysians. Najib had done a lot of wrongs, sinful and against the law. He did not want people to question him and the government. That was why he called the people to obey without questioning.

Najib almost got what he demanded. Ismail Sabry, Ku Nan, Said Keruak, Rahman, Pandikar and his other Ministers prostrated, and Ismail likened Najib to God, and Najib himself declared he is elected by Allah as a Prime Minister. Even if they know public funds went into Najib's personal account, they would not want to believe it. If proven they say they approve such a scam. Therefore all illegal things become legal by their approvals.

There are civil servants and Ministers who want God to forgive their sins by carrying out orders from Najib saying 'they have no choice but to obey'. They used the term Cari Makan. Jobless young people need money and they have to submit to accept any dirty job like the Cyber Troopers, or becoming political hooligans. These are mainly from the Malay group who are not independent enough economically.


How far will the loyalist go to defend a man who will somehow be known to commit heinous crimes ? And how far will the IGP willing to go for the same reason. Islam and Muslims are not a rogue religion. The police and the army cannot argue with God that they have to obey a man for their family survival for they have the alternatives. One of them is to stop the crime and the criminal.

The test for a true Muslimin is here and now. He has to choose between God and a man.

20/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I am sorry, I don't mean to be rude. Look at Najib in the picturem doesn't he look like a priest ? SR does not tell all with the accompanying photos but certainly it is asking the readers to make their own conclusions. I would say SR is making another wild story but the lie is getting tougher.


It is making Najib a real criminal implying the death of Morais was the sole responsibility of the Prime Minister himself using several persons as accomplices. Already by now Pandi has been shown the whole story of the crime scene and the stealing of the public funds. What is on Pandi's desk has nothing to do with Sarawak Report but it was base on the investigation.

You read the story above. Take it as a lie and a mere entertainment. You ought to know how tough it is for Najib. Once Sabah and Sarawak began to know the truth Najib can bid good bye to the premiership and he could brace for the worst to come.

A real believer in God, Muslims or Christians, will not continue to defend sinners and kill or arrest those who are telling the truth. Either one is a liar, Najib or Sarawak Report/ WSJ.

18/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


There are at least three favorite questions I sometimes asked those who claim to be expert in radio. They are simple, basic and never a complicated high level stuffs. The first question is; there are three stations transmitting. You use a radio and rotate a knob to choose them one by one. Explain clearly how you get those station one by one. The second is I would take 5 or 6 1/2 watts color resistors with color codes and asked them to identify the values. This is more basic than the first one. The next one is on the balance modulator; what is it for and explain how it works.

Only yesterday I asked one of the hams to compute a Pythagoras formula. It is a formula I learned in Form 2. When I talked of Enstein e=mc2 without knowing Pythagoras, I have to know myself and my real capability.

Would knowledge matter ? To be a professional related knowledge do matter. We don't want to have doctors who wrongly diagnosed a patient and who can't carry operation procedures.

Not knowing the resistors, the impedance of the LC circuit, the working of an antenna do not hinder a person to operate a radio. Cash is king. Everything is in the market. Buy them and hook whatever stuffs you purchase and off you go on the air.

Radio transceivers are sold like hot cakes and they are found everywhere. It is easier now then before to buy the HF sets.

There are numerous unidentified stations with all sort of call signs. The numbers are on the increase. It provides jobs to a lot of people. Not only the 4 X 4, other automobile groups are setting up their own network. They don't have to sit for an exam to operate. They would ask 'What is the exam for ?' Does the knowledge on the tune circuit matter ?

Do we need hams to save people's life using radio communication ? Yes. We do need hams as well as the rest. Then let the public get access to communication equipments. They are much cheaper than the smart-phones. A HF set is available at less than 4K. Mind you, the new radio is so small that no resistors and capacitors are easily readable. Many are using a single chip processor reducing the size. You can't even apply any logic circuit about it. In fact there is no technical relevancy at all.

If there is an argument on procedure, then what procedure are we talking about ? Listen to band, local and international, ham and CB, pirates and other services and narrate the procedure. You can hear LANJUT...ROGER in passing, and all sort of stuffs. Is there anything funny ? NO.

17/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Knowing that the truth will finally be known on Najib's corruption and his way of life BN is preparing for a strategy to lock the Malays in two ways. The first is pulling Hadi into the arm of UMNO and secondly to make the Malays detest DAP as a Chinese party. The campaign has started. The end is unknown.

With a huge sum of money spent and the relentless effort by Najib's team to elevate his image the result shown is still discouraging though various efforts were made. In the recent opening speech at the Bukit Jalil's stadium people started to leave the venue living empty seats. And in some other places there were paid spectators forced themselves to listen to the Prime Minister.

If PAS is on their own, the Malays would flock to vote the party. Najib knows this too. Pulling Hadi in under the guise of Islamic unity against the Christian DAP is an early winning for him. He knows PAS would be killed either by his UMNO people or by the Malays.

Will the Malays go for DAP if they the other choice is BN ? It is hard to predict. If the Malays found Najib is worse than the Chinese then they will go for DAP. Knowing this also Najib is trying extremely hard to discredit Penang as a failed state and the state that mistreated the Malays.

Despite his rigorous struggle he should assess his popularity at every functions when people are walking out, or booed at him. The Westerners would have resign at the national insults they received or the failures made in the course of running the country. The 2.6 billions scandal should be enough to say sorry and handle the post to someone else.

Even winning an election by frauds and continuing running the country would still earn him no respect. That's the reason for the existence of the word SHAME. People are making fun of their Prime Minister and the spouse as well. There are so many leaked photos of Rosmah, that are hilarious. It is a total rejection. It would be like a naked King walking with an invisible dress.

Tunku could take a stroll without a bodyguard, Najib is surrounded by bodyguards even at an UMNO meetings.

But there is one thing that I can tell you; many Malays prefer to work under the Chinese boss rather than the Malays. Try to make an honest survey and don't be surprise with the result.

Don't make the Malays think the worse of DAP is far better than what Najib had done to the people and the country.

17/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



American investors are asked to stay away from Malaysia as they have not heard the answers asked by the Malaysians on 1Mdb and the 2.6 billion donation. If they know all the accusations were all lies and the publications by SR and WSJ were tempered with they wouldn't have cared to leave the country. The world began to learn more and more about Najib, including his payment to the Arab to tell Clinton about Anwar being a terrorist.

Najib is clinging hard to Obama to save Malaysia. Obama is going away soon. He thinks TPPA can release Malaysia from the big financial problem like he thought the GST could. One only needs to aks how much is 1Mdb loan now whether the 42 billion has been reduced to 20, or has gone up to 45 as our ringgit keeps on shrinking. Perhaps Najib would never want to know how his policy could shrink the ringgit.

The exposure on Najib may not be read by the Malaysians. Almost all those I asked whether they can open up SR said they did not know. And I would not tell them so. The world is reading them. And the Thais know the real truth from Justo. Surely the investors have to look for the greener grass.

Najib can revive the confidence and the economy by resigning. But he knows that the next generation will take action on the existing loan, wastage and mismanagement of funds. He will stay foot and drag the rest to sink and die with him.

What has not Najib done to promote his image to the Malaysians and the world ? Do we see more money coming in and more investors rushing to help boosting our economy ?

Millions who see Najib as a dishonest and corrupt Minister have chosen to remain silent and let nature takes it's course. His demand for total loyalty and his moto cash is king are enough to make his people to carve a policy to his likings. His cyber troopers are fueling more hatred against him. The citizens prefer peaceful living than riots in the streets. So they go on with their daily chores.

Do we know that USA is not run by Obama ? Nobody likes Malaysia unless they can gain from the social interactions. We might be getting scammers flowing in to make big bucks for their fake companies.

Najib's advisors and consultants may be asked to prove that Najib is clean. They brought in people to say SR printed full of lies. Then more publications were made both by SR and WSJ. WSJ was told to be a toilet paper news run by Rupert. Yet everyone is still waiting for Najib's legal ctions against SR and WSJ.

I think Najib won't take  a heed to prove his innocence, thinking his new AG and the Chief Justice are enough to protect him. He said himself that he is the shadow of God.

16/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Would a fair and just government be fearful of ISIS ? I think the Malaysian authority knows that the Islamic militants would target bad Malaysian leaders and those around the Prime Minister. The Malays, especially, who hate Najib would resort to arm uprising to topple the current scandalous leader. This was the history of the beginning of the civil war in Syria, about the toppling of Assad. It started from a small dissatisfaction.

In Indonesia there were a few bombings before aiming at American and Western interests and properties. It happened before and during Jokowi's era. And the Southern Thailand militants were of different nature. The Muslim's South have been greateful to our government for the vast assistants Malaysia had given to them, not to fight the Thai authority but to promote and their economy and their safety. They would not sponsor any arms uprising against Malaysian authority.

We can't say anything about the Indonesians. But the police once relate Malaysians with the Indonesians terrorists. That was before ISIS was heard of. Despite the very close scrutiny on the militant movements yet the country was shocked again by the recent bombings. This time it said that the ISIS claimed to be responsible.

I don't believe that the small isolated bombings were the work of the ISIS unless the movement is very well organized in this part of the world and operate like the Irish IRA. If there is such a network in these countries leaders will not be save even with heavily guarded personnel.

It is highly probable the bombers are from some mentally sick individuals who thought they can change the sinful world.

Pictures published showing several ISIS soldiers pointing guns at each of the individuals of the same ethnic group scared us to death. But think over if they were the heads of Ku Nan or Ahmad Maslan. And Hishamuddin said he is in the hit list. If they are already here or Indonesia several heads would have been gone.

We told the United States to encourage moderate Muslims to fight IS influence. Jimmy Carter on the other hand blamed on Israel's obstinacy on Palestinian issue. But I call for a good governance, and good leaderships. Instead of fueling the seed of hatred we should erase them completely. The consistent cruelty will eventually created an underground movement like the IRA which was the most dangerous and effective resistance movement. You knew the leader but you did not not know the members.

Militancy among the Malays will not survive long and would be without the hardware for a simple reason. The Malays are not smart enough and possess myopic vision of everything in life. They love to talk about whatever things they want to do. They have the trait of slavery and docility. They won't go an extra mile to get important things for themselves. In short they are still lazy, stupid but emotional.

The Malays cannot be the home of the ISIS or Al-Queda.

It is true that the events in Indonesia should be of our main concern. A big and a long lasting skirmishes can spill into our country for our border is very vulnerable. We can't even control the influx of the illegal immigrants that come across the straits. But heavy weaponry have almost an impossible task to flow into Indonesia from the Middle East. The dissidents have to homebrew their own guns and weapons.

The Malaysians do still remember during the era of confrontation when no local showed any support to the Indonesians military intruder in Labis. There was a strong loyalty to the government and a very strong support to our national leadership. There was a good governance then.

The turbulence started during Mahathir's era. The big cyclone sweeps during Najib kingship. The Jakarta bombing is making our police pretty busy.

16/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Visual Studio is wrecking my nerves. I still can't save datagridview data to the main files despite my following codes posted by experts and the MSDN itself. If I could I do not want to save using the other methods as I have narrated in the previous articles.

Doing the experiment is not easy. Projects that I made were aggressively attacked by HEUR Trojan. But I discovered I could overcome the problem by not connecting to the internet. I have to use local files to put on the webbrowser and start to do the resizing work. I put a dialog box to navigate through folders on my laptop and choose the one I want to dress my browser. For this one I chose the beauty of Asian ladies. The codes are shown below.

Private Enum Exec
End Enum
Private Enum ExecOpt
End Enum

Private Sub sai1z()
Catch ex As Exception
MsgBox ("Error:" & ex.Message)
End Try
End Sub

Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
mm = mm + 1: If mm = 14 Then mm = 1
Button1.Text = mm
End Sub

The sizing codes are too long. I wanted to make shorter by replacing the long with the short codes.

Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
nn = nn + 10 : If nn > 180 Then nn = 20
Button1.Text = nn
End Sub

Private Sub sai1z()

MyWeb = Me.WebBrowser1.ActiveXInstance

Catch ex As Exception
MsgBox ("Error:" & ex.Message)
End Try
End Sub

The above codes in blue shows a series of logical arguments. I checked the bbb.ToString. It shows the code MyWeb.ExecWB(Exec.OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM, ExecOpt.OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, 180). As the user press the button the last number will change. But to my surprise the logic does not work. There was no error shown.

I felt like yelling aloud to Microsoft. It is a real frustration. I may have to skip these woes and continue with other stuffs.

13/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Someone posted a calculator project. I followed everything step by step but surprisingly it did not work. I thought of putting it in my logbook project. The codes looked nice but I could not comprehend the relevancies of the buttons. Only button with the number 7 seemed to put the number on the display. And pressing buttons took a lot of time. So I decided to do away with the button and came up with a simpler application.

The crazy codes are shown in bold. The application is called KIRAAN SAMPLE 9M2AR displayed above. The only catch is one has to click the function + X / - first before entering the numbers. Say we want to add 98, 12,100, 76,22,35 and 20; we click + . type 98 Enter, type 12 and Enter, type 100 and Enter...until the last number. The total is displayed below the entry box. If one wants to divide the result by 12, one needs to click /, enter number 12 and press Enter. But most users only need to do a single work. The image above just presume a series of purchase until the total is 120.65. The customer pays 200.00. Clicking button change will show the amount 79.35. Soon I will expand the diapole length using this very form.

Dim n1 As Integer, n3 As Integer, kom
Dim n2 As Decimal

Private Sub Button2_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click
kom = 2
Label2.Text = "Multiplication"
End Sub

Private Sub Button3_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click
kom = 3
Label2.Text = " Division"
End Sub

Private Sub Button4_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button4.Click
TextBox1.Text = ""
n2 = 0
Label1.Text = ""
n1 = 0
End Sub

Private Sub Button5_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button5.Click
kom = 4
Label2.Text = "Substraction"
End Sub

Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
kom = 1
Label2.Text = "Addition"
End Sub

Private Sub Button6_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button6.Click
Label3.Text = Val(TextBox2.Text) - Val(Label1.Text)
End Sub

Private Sub TextBox1_KeyPress(sender As Object, e As KeyPressEventArgs) Handles TextBox1.KeyPress
If Asc(e.KeyChar) = 13 Then
n2 = Val(Label1.Text)
n1 = n1 + 1
If kom = 4 And n1 = 1 Then Label1.Text = TextBox1.Text: TextBox1.Text = "": Exit Sub
If kom = 3 And n1 = 1 Then Label1.Text = TextBox1.Text: TextBox1.Text = "": Exit Sub
If kom <> 1 And n2 = 0 Then n2 = 1
If kom = 1 Then Label1.Text = Val(n2) + Val(TextBox1.Text)
If kom = 4 Then Label1.Text = Val(n2) - Val(TextBox1.Text)
If kom = 2 Then Label1.Text = Val(n2) * Val(TextBox1.Text)
If kom = 3 Then Label1.Text = Val(n2) / Val(TextBox1.Text)
TextBox1.Text = ""
Label1.Text = Format(Val(Label1.Text), "0.00")
End If

End Sub

Mind you for most of the testing time my Wifi was off. I know the Trojan is around ready to attack the whole project.

10/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof



It took me a few days to get the my Visual Studio 2015 to do the summing up of numbers or integers. When I plucked the codes from other websites and pasted in my procedure it kept on failing me. Funny I have to close my Wifi to stop from the HEUR trojan attacked. It deleted my complied exe applications. My hours of jobs spent went astray when I could not get the codes working again. I don't know whether I did it OK by deleting all the SVHost stuffs found in the application folder.

SUM and counts are very essential items in most of the applications. My logbook does not have any job for summing up it has a lot of counting work like the number of SSB, CW and FM modes in my communications.

At least there is a small progress made. Below are the codes for summing and counting.

Private Sub Button13_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button13.Click
Me.Text = BUKULOGDataSet.BUKULOG.compute("sum(bil)", "name1='" & TextBox5.Text & "'").ToString
End Sub

There is a catch in the summing procedure. The field has to be a numeric form. I can't change the string field to numbers by using VAL(). There may be a way. I hope to find it. Below are the codes for counting. Previously I used the filter method and then I count the total listings. Now I have the choice either applying the filter or the syntax below.

Private Sub Button12_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button12.Click
fm.Text = BUKULOGDataSet.BUKULOG.compute("count(mode)", "mode='FM' and callsign='" & TextBox4.Text & "'").ToString
ssb.Text = BUKULOGDataSet.BUKULOG.compute("count(mode)", "mode='SSB' and callsign='" & TextBox4.Text & "'").ToString
CW.Text = BUKULOGDataSet.BUKULOG.compute("count(mode)", "mode = 'CW' and callsign='" & TextBox4.Text & "'").ToString

End Sub

As far as the logbook is concern it is almost done. I have to add some more features like the antenna calculation, and calculator. I will also add up another bigger browser to display important pages for the ham radio. The interface feature will come later. It looks like the android programming will come later with Xamarin.

May be by the time I get all the dreamed skills I will die out of ageing. I will go first before Najib and Mahathir.




Though politics is dirty, it has to have a limit unless one solemnly declared one is not a Muslim by ignoring the teaching of Allah. It may be an apparition but PM Najib is seen has stepped out far beyond the limit, that has not been a practiced of Tunku, Hussein Onn and Tun Razak. I can't say about Mahathir.

You propagate lies, fabricating evidence against your enemy, put them in jail and use all the resources to make your enemy look bad. I am sorry, I know why Najib is fond of going to the Arab states these days and how he continues to lie not only to the Malaysians but also to the foreign dignitaries. You can't emulate Israel by calling the Palestinians terrorists and killed them just by the words you use.

We are concerned because a lot of our resources have been used just to maintain Najib in power. I am not wrong to say on how the idea of GST comes about.

For once, Najib has to believe in God. He should notice bad things are coming to the country and eventually will strike him.


By the time he gets too old and too tired more of his doings will be revealed and exposed. Despite his cunningness the world is investigating him. I would say the Thais have known much on the real truth and about Najib. Sarawak Report must have got all the information from other international investigators.

Because of his excessiveness there would be bound for someone who would punish him in the court of law when he retires, even at 100 years old.

Try to think about the red water of the sea that is facing Pahang. It is carrying a some kind of bad omen. We wait and see.

07/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof


This is a very small type of ant that our eyes can missed. She loves household wall sockets and the computer keyboards. My Acer laptops are able to work in spite of being home to this minute specie/ But my MacBook pro isn't. The keyboard went haywire. It could not be peeled out to clean it. I thought the issue was resolved when I sprayed the key boards with the screen liquid cleaner. It worked for a while but later the nuisance happened again. I stopped using my Mac for quite some time.

When I bought the slow HP machine to work on Visual Studio 2015 I saw the minute ants creeping around the keyboard again. Bad luck for me that the new HP was attacked by a Malware that attacked all the exe files and deleted them. I have to figure out about the cure for the trouble. In the meantime I uninstall the Visual Studio and bought a USB keyboard, which cost me less than RM30.

The reason I love my Mac is that I don't have to worry about the malicious attack. It is faster. And the screen resolution is just fantastic. In fact I was contemplating of buying a new one. The price is a little jumpy. It is about RM7K. I could buy about 7 normal Windows PC.

Since now my Macbook Pro's key board issue is solved with the external keyboard, I am able to use it again, especially in typing comments for the FB and the other social media.

Why ants love the keyboard ? I don't know. Probably it smells the materials or the membrane keyboard. May be. Or the heat that fit the temperature of it's liking. May be too.

I have to call off my plan to go to Padang Besar to buy the cat food because I wanted to resolve the external keyboard stuff first. Parking in town is difficult. I had to park my car in front of the national mosque and walked quite a distant away. I did it under the hot midday sun just above my head.

Rusli, my radio friend, advised me to but a ChromeBook instead of a new Mac. It is much faster and I would not have to worry about virus. Google will take care of such insidious havoc. I went to 4 local computer shops but nobody knows what ChromeBook is.

I will revert back to the Apple product without having have to spend on another Laptop, Mac or non mac. 7K almost made my ASB dividend vanished. I don;t want my long waited 12 months dividends to be sucked away in a minute.

Ever wonder why we live to fight mice and ants, corruptions and politicians ?

04/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I think the deleting procedure interaction is completed. Deleting a row will inform the rs of the record deleted and the record in the file will be erased. Of course I can say to myself to wait till I got the right codes for saving datagtridview to the source file. What may be new in this project is the boxes navigation at the time of data entry. In the previous articles I used a single subroutine but in this one I experimented with every text box.


The codes below will move the cursor to the next text box.

Private Sub TextBox7_KeyPress(sender As Object, e As KeyPressEventArgs) Handles TextBox7.KeyPress
If e.KeyChar = (Chr(Keys.Enter)) Then TextBox7.Text = UCase(TextBox7.Text) : TextBox8.Select()
End Sub

Private Sub TextBox8_KeyPress(sender As Object, e As KeyPressEventArgs) Handles TextBox8.KeyPress
If e.KeyChar = (Chr(Keys.Enter)) Then TextBox8.Text = UCase(TextBox8.Text) : TextBox9.Select()
End Sub


04/01/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I have not found the way to save the  new or edited data  to the file yet from the datagridview. I know I will resolve it on one fine day. So I decide to experiment the saving and the edited data using the rs dataset.  The datdgridview is for displaying and the rs is for saving it.

The exploration swallowed my time off. A few codes like the declaration for the sizing the webbrowser's content is copied and paste. Mind you that I am already almost 70, senile and getting rotten trying to teach myself by mere exploration. I am not schooled in computer programming or computer at all. My codes could be laughable by thousands. But who cares. I just want to have some fun.

For every data navigated by the data binding controls will be searched by rs. This is shown by the codes in blue below. For adding and editing the codes are in white. And for every data searched by the rs will be correspondingly populated the datagridview table using filter method.

Imports ADODB

Public Class form1
Dim RC, nn As Integer
Dim con As New ADODB.Connection
Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim myconstring As String
Dim sql As String
Private Enum Exec
End Enum
Private Enum ExecOpt
End Enum
Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
'TODO: This line of code loads data into the 'BUKULOGDataSet4.BUKULOG' table. You can move, or remove it, as needed.
nn = 0
' WebBrowser1.Navigate("")
End Sub
Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
'BUKULOGBindingSource.Filter = "callsign Like '%" & cari.Text & "%' or name1 Like '%" & cari.Text & "%'"
' Dim modeCount = Aggregate mode In BUKULOGBindingSource
'Where mode = "SSB"
'Into Count()
End Sub
Private Sub Timer1_Tick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick
Label7.Text = Now
End Sub

Private Sub Button3_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click
Exit Sub
With bind
End With
'TextBox4.Text = DataGridView1.Columns.Item(5).ToolTipText
'ingNavigatorMoveNextItem 'bind.MoveNextItem
cari.Text = BindingNavigatorMoveNextItem.Text
End Sub

Private Sub Button4_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button4.Click
With bind
End With
End Sub

Private Sub Button5_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button5.Click
End Sub

Private Sub bilang()
BUKULOGBindingSource.Filter = "callsign Like '%" & cari.Text & "%'and mode Like 'SSB'"
Label8.Text = BUKULOGBindingSource.Count & " - SSB"

BUKULOGBindingSource.Filter = "callsign Like '%" & cari.Text & "%'and mode Like 'CW'"
Label9.Text = BUKULOGBindingSource.Count & " - CW"
BUKULOGBindingSource.Filter = "callsign Like '%" & cari.Text & "%'and mode Like 'FM'"
Label10.Text = BUKULOGBindingSource.Count & " - FM"
BUKULOGBindingSource.Filter = "callsign Like '%" & cari.Text & "%' or name1 like '%" & cari.Text & "%'"
End Sub

Private Sub Form1_Activated(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Activated
On Error Resume Next
myconstring = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\data\windowsapplication1\windowsapplication1\BUKULOG.mdb;Persist Security Info=False"
con.ConnectionString = myconstring
rs.ActiveConnection = con
rs.CursorLocation = CursorLocationEnum.adUseClient
rs.CursorType = CursorTypeEnum.adOpenDynamic
rs.LockType = LockTypeEnum.adLockPessimistic
' rs.ActiveConnection = con
rs.Open ("select * from bukulog")
Label12.Text = rs.Fields(5).Value & "here"
sql = "select * from bukulog where rs.fields(0).value='" & TextBox7.Text & "' and rs.fields(1).value='" & TextBox8.Text & "' and rs.fields(3)value='" & TextBox9.Text & "'"
End Sub

Private Sub BindingNavigatorAddNewItem_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
BUKULOGBindingSource.AllowNew = True

End Sub

Private Sub SaveToolStripButton_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Me.BUKULOGTableAdapter.Update (Me.BUKULOGDataSet.BUKULOG)
MsgBox ("Update successful")
MsgBox ("Update Fail")
End Try
End Sub
'bahagian browser
Private Sub sai1z()

Dim Res As Object = Nothing
Dim MyWeb As Object
MyWeb = Me.WebBrowser1.ActiveXInstance
If Val(saiz.Text) = 1 Then MyWeb.ExecWB(Exec.OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM, ExecOpt.OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, 20, IntPtr.Zero)
If Val(saiz.Text) = 2 Then MyWeb.ExecWB(Exec.OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM, ExecOpt.OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, 40, IntPtr.Zero)
If Val(saiz.Text) = 3 Then MyWeb.ExecWB(Exec.OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM, ExecOpt.OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, 60, IntPtr.Zero)
If Val(saiz.Text) = 4 Then MyWeb.ExecWB(Exec.OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM, ExecOpt.OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, 80, IntPtr.Zero)
If Val(saiz.Text) = 5 Then MyWeb.ExecWB(Exec.OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM, ExecOpt.OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, 100, IntPtr.Zero)
Catch ex As Exception
MsgBox ("Error:" & ex.Message)
End Try
End Sub

Private Sub Button6_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button6.Click
End Sub

Private Sub Button7_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button7.Click
WebBrowser1.Navigate (TextBox10.Text)
End Sub

Private Sub Button8_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button8.Click
Me.BUKULOGTableAdapter.Update (Me.BUKULOGDataSet.BUKULOG)
MsgBox ("Update successful")

Catch ex As Exception
MsgBox ("Update failed")
End Try
End Sub

Private Sub Button9_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button9.Click
On Error Resume Next
rs.Fields(5).Value = TextBox4.Text
rs.Fields(6).Value = TextBox5.Text
rs.Fields(0).Value = TextBox7.Text
rs.Fields(1).Value = TextBox8.Text
rs.Fields(12).Value = TextBox1.Text
rs.Fields(3).Value = TextBox9.Text
rs.Fields(4).Value = TextBox3.Text
rs.Fields(5).Value = TextBox4.Text
rs.Fields(7).Value = TextBox11.Text
rs.Fields(8).Value = TextBox12.Text
End Sub
Private Sub rsmasuk()
' this portion is reserved for experimengt
rs.Fields(5).Value = TextBox4.Text
rs.Fields(6).Value = TextBox5.Text
rs.Fields(0).Value = TextBox7.Text
rs.Fields(1).Value = TextBox8.Text
rs.Fields(12).Value = TextBox1.Text
rs.Fields(3).Value = TextBox9.Text
' rs.Fields(5).Value = TextBox4.Text
rs.Fields(4).Value = TextBox3.Text
rs.Fields(5).Value = TextBox4.Text
rs.Fields(7).Value = TextBox11.Text
rs.Fields(8).Value = TextBox12.Text
End Sub

Private Sub Button2_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click
On Error Resume Next
End Sub

Private Sub bind_Paint(sender As Object, e As PaintEventArgs) Handles bind.Paint
On Error GoTo kel1

RC = BUKULOGBindingSource.Position
rs.AbsolutePosition = RC
Label14.Text = rs.Fields(5).Value & RC
' under test TextBox1.Text = DataGridView1.CurrentCell.Value
PictureBox1.Image = Image.FromFile("c:\ham1\" & TextBox4.Text & ".jpg")
Exit Sub
PictureBox1.Image = Nothing

End Sub

Private Sub DataGridView1_CellContentClick_1(sender As Object, e As DataGridViewCellEventArgs) Handles DataGridView1.CellContentClick
' Button10.Text = DataGridView1.NewRowIndex
End Sub

Private Sub t1_TextChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles t1.TextChanged

End Sub

Private Sub Button10_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button10.Click
On Error Resume Next

rs.Open ("select * from bukulog where callsign like '%" & TextBox4.Text & "%' and NAME1 like '%" & TextBox5.Text & "%' and date like '%" & TextBox7.Text & "%' and frequency like '%" & TextBox3.Text & "%'")
t1.Text = rs.Fields("callsign").Value
t2.Text = rs.Fields("name1").Value
t3.Text = rs.Fields("mode").Value
t4.Text = rs("date").Value
t5.Text = rs("time").Value
t6.Text = rs("address1").Value
t7.Text = rs("frequency").Value
End Sub

Private Sub DataGridView1_KeyPress(sender As Object, e As KeyPressEventArgs) Handles DataGridView1.KeyPress
Call Button10_Click(sender, e)
End Sub

Private Sub DataGridView1_MouseClick(sender As Object, e As MouseEventArgs) Handles DataGridView1.MouseClick
Call Button10_Click(sender, e)
End Sub

Private Sub cari_TextChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles cari.TextChanged

End Sub

Private Sub Panel1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Panel1.Click
Panel1.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub cari_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles cari.Click
cari.Text = ""
End Sub

Private Sub Button11_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button11.Click
Panel1.Visible = True
End Sub

Private Sub TextBox4_Paint(sender As Object, e As PaintEventArgs) Handles TextBox4.Paint
On Error GoTo kel1
' TextBox2.Text = DataGridView1.CurrentCell.Value
' PictureBox1.Image = Image.FromFile("c:\ham1\" & TextBox1.Text & ".jpg")
Exit Sub
PictureBox1.Image = Nothing
End Sub
End Class

The basic is almost done. The next one will be on counting items. It would be easier with VB6. I don't have to be in a hurry.

03/01/2016 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I don't know when I can save the added and the edited data into the source database. I saw programmers are yelling on the same case. Some tried to give the solutions. Even the Microsoft MSDN provided the codes. Others follow and they too failed.

Mine is the free Visual Studio Community version. I keep on wondering whether it is deliberately design because it is free. Such a problem never exist in VB6 which I kept all sort of data in the remote server away from home. While waiting for the world to succeed I experimented with the normal adodb and oledb stuffs. I can save, edit and delete data easily and they were placed back in the database.

 Public Class Form1

Dim nn
Dim myConString As String
Public con As New ADODB.Connection
Dim con1 As New OleDb.OleDbConnection
Dim con1 As New OleDb.OleDbConnection
Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim Dadapter As New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter

Private Enum Exec
End Enum
Private Enum ExecOpt
End Enum

Private Sub Form1_Activated(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Activated
myConString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DataSource=C:\ham1\BUKULOG.mdb;Persist Security Info=False"
con1.ConnectionString = myConString
con.ConnectionString = myConString


rs.CursorLocation = CursorLocationEnum.adUseClient
rs.CursorType = CursorTypeEnum.adOpenDynamic
rs.LockType = LockTypeEnum.adLockPessimistic
rs.ActiveConnection = con
'rs.Open ("select * from bukulog")

Dadapter = New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter("select * from bukulog", con1)
DSet = New DataSet
Dadapter.Fill(DSet, "bukulog")
DataGridView1.DataSource = DSet.Tables("bukulog")

MsgBox ("fail")
End Try

end sub

Private Sub Button3_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click
TextBox12.Text = rs.Fields(11).Value
End Sub

Private Sub Button5_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button5.Click
Call Button7_Click(sender, e)
End Sub

Private Sub Button4_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button4.Click
On Error Resume Next
DataGridView1.Rows(nn).Selected = False

Call Button7_Click(sender, e)

End Sub

Private Sub Button7_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button7.Click
DataGridView1.Rows(rs.AbsolutePosition).Selected = True
End Sub

Private Sub DataGridView1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles DataGridView1.Click
End Sub

Private Sub DataGridView1_CellEnter(sender As Object, e As DataGridViewCellEventArgs) Handles DataGridView1.CellEnter
End Sub

Private Sub navigat()
On Error Resume Next
Label1.Text = DataGridView1.CurrentRow.Index + 1
' rs.AbsolutePosition = Val(Label1.Text)
TextBox1.Text = rs.Fields(0).Value
TextBox2.Text = rs.Fields(1).Value
TextBox3.Text = rs.Fields(4).Value
TextBox4.Text = rs.Fields(5).Value
TextBox5.Text = rs.Fields(6).Value
TextBox6.Text = rs.Fields(3).Value
TextBox7.Text = rs.Fields(7).Value
TextBox8.Text = rs.Fields(8).Value
TextBox9.Text = rs.Fields(12).Value
TextBox10.Text = rs.Fields(10).Value
TextBox11.Text = rs.Fields(9).Value
TextBox12.Text = rs.Fields(11).Value
End Sub

end class

That is the first part of the story.  In this one I have not put the search data yet. The above codes allow me to navigate through the database and I could see the items in the text boxes. What I need is the list items. To see the list of data I used the datagridview. In Visual Studio 2015 I can't bind the grid table with the rs data set. So I have to make another connection which is independent of the first one.

The text codes in yellow indicate working with the datagridview. Whatever happens to the cell in the datagrid needs to be reflected in the text boxes. At the moment I link them with the record position. If the rs moves to record 10, the grid too will go to record 10. When data is added or edited by the rs, the grid needs to populate it again.

The idea and the concept is there. The project isn't finished yet.

Then I put a webbrowser on the form. As you can see it is small. It may not fit the web page. I got the codes from a website and paste it, adding a few lines to change the size of the page. The codes are shown below. The declarations and the codes are in white.

Private Sub sai1z()
Dim Res As Object = Nothing
Dim MyWeb As Object
MyWeb = Me.WebBrowser1.ActiveXInstance
If Val(saiz.Text) = 1 Then MyWeb.ExecWB(Exec.OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM,     ExecOpt.OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, 20, IntPtr.Zero)

If Val(saiz.Text) = 2 Then MyWeb.ExecWB(Exec.OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM, ExecOpt.OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, 40, IntPtr.Zero)

If Val(saiz.Text) = 3 Then MyWeb.ExecWB(Exec.OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM, ExecOpt.OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, 60, IntPtr.Zero)

If Val(saiz.Text) = 4 Then MyWeb.ExecWB(Exec.OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM, ExecOpt.OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, 80, IntPtr.Zero)

If Val(saiz.Text) = 5 Then MyWeb.ExecWB(Exec.OLECMDID_OPTICAL_ZOOM, ExecOpt.OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER, 100, IntPtr.Zero)

Catch ex As Exception
MsgBox ("Error:" & ex.Message)
End Try
End Sub

Private Sub Button11_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button11.Click
Panel2.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub Button9_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button9.Click
Panel2.Visible = True
End Sub

Private Sub Button12_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button12.Click
End Sub

Private Sub nav_KeyPress(sender As Object, e As KeyPressEventArgs) Handles nav.KeyPress
WebBrowser1.Navigate (nav.Text)
End Sub

Private Sub Button13_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button13.Click
End Sub

Private Sub Button14_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button14.Click
End Sub

Private Sub Button15_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button15.Click
End Sub

Private Sub Button16_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button16.Click
End Sub

My God, that's part of the codes. It would have been easier and shorter by VB6 for the same project.

31/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Again SR is trying to drop bomb on Rosmah but with a somewhat skeptical head line with a question mark, "Diamond Shopping In Hong Kong ?" You may want to regard this article as a junk. Even if it is true that Rosmah did the real shopping, it is something very natural for a woman to do so. If not they won't be any jewelry shop around the world.


One does not have to be a Prime Minister's wife to buy expensive jewelries. If you have a lot of money you too will buy expensive items for someone you love. Handbags, necklaces and diamonds are for women.

But the problem with Najib is that the circumstances seem to indicate that he used some illegal money for the wife's spending. And to the eyes of the world Najib is not a clean leader. You can try to guess the number of foreigners who link Najib to the theft and murder of Morais and a few other individuals. I would guess that investors with ethics and principles would lump Najib among the rogue leaders of the world like Mugabe, Idi Amin and North Korean leaders. It is their perceptions that matters, not the veracity of the facts.

Najib has made the whole BN government looked very corrupt and dirty and continue to lie and deceive the citizens and happily robbing the rakyat of their earnings.

This time the Malays has been written in the history of the world as a race to be reckon with, no more as a brown skin natives who live on trees. Phua Chu Kang's favorite phrase is 'Dont play play .....'

31/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I wasted many hours in Visual Studio 2015, patiently experimenting with the commands and syntax, building database projects using various tools. It is claimed that VS is the improvements of Visual Basic 6.

But let me tell you that it makes my life more miserable. I will tell you why below.

look at the codes below:

                 Private Sub Text1_KeyPress(Index As Integer, KeyAscii As Integer)
                 If KeyAscii = 13 Then
                 Text1(Index) = UCase(Text1(Index))
                 If Index < 17 Then Text1(Index + 1).SetFocus
                 If Index = 17 Then Text1(0).SetFocus
                 End If
                 End Sub

There are 17 text boxes in this project. I used only these codes under one subroutine to do the data entry of all the 17 items. By pressing the Enter key ( ascii code 13 for Enter) the cursor will jump to the  next box. The textbox can be arrayed from textbox(0) to the last one, textbox(17), in this case.

But for the Visual Studio 2015 I have to do 17 of such a subroutines, one for each textbox. To make the box change color I need two more routines.

             Private Sub Text1_GotFocus(Index As Integer)
              fc = Text1(Index).ForeColor
             bc = Text1(Index).BackColor
             Text1(Index).ForeColor = QBColor(0)
             Text1(Index).BackColor = QBColor(14)
             End Sub

            Private Sub Text1_LostFocus(Index As Integer)
            Text1(Index).ForeColor = fc
            Text1(Index).BackColor = bc
            End Sub

In the Visual Studio I have to have 51 routines to navigate through the 17 boxes for the data entry and changing background color. Here is what I have to do with the newer version.

    Private Sub TextBox1_KeyPress(sender As Object, e As KeyPressEventArgs) Handles Textbox1.Keypress
yy = e.KeyChar = (Chr(Keys.Enter))
        if yy = true then
End If

    End Sub

I told myself that newer may not be better. Data binding is really hell in VS15 compared to VB6. I could use dBGrid or DataGrid to display the information with the ease of editing. Unlike VS15 you can see all the changes and the new added data in the tables but you can't save it so easily. Until now I have not found how to save the data with the new syntax. I don't know what it is. There isn't a code to write for the saving in the file.

Sorry to say the Microsoft newer people are not always better. They made life more difficult to the other developers and the learners. I can bet that by the time you are good in this one, there will be another drastic change.

With some morality I hope somebody from Microsoft would re-instate the old VB to be used with the new Windows Operating system. Nevertheless new additional commands and syntax for other new stuffs can be added.

 29/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I gained 1 centimeter today after many hours of exploring. Visual Studio 2015 is a totally new concept. I have to chuck away the Adodc and the datagrid controls which failed me after many attempts to use them. Instead I used datagridview and bindingdata to work with the data.

I created a binding source called BukulogdataBindingSource. Both the datagridview and the binding navigator access from this source. The datagridview is the datagrid and bindingNavigator is the Adodc control.

My main task is to search a station. In VB6 the syntax is

             Adodc.recordsource="select * from bukulog where callsign like '" & cari.text & "'"

But it is not the same in Visual Studio. I took many hours to experiment to get the right syntax

            BukulogBindingSource.Filter="callsign like '" & cari.text &"'"

Then I was trying to figure out how to count the SSB, CW and FM in the list. What was written in the Webpages were hard to understand and too long winded. There were codes on COUNT methods. I tried many time but all failed me. While driving for my lunch it came across my mind to temporary count the longest way. When I came home I made a subroutine for the count.

       Prive sub bilang()

         BukulogBindingSource.Filter="callsign like '" & cari.text &"' and mode like 'ssb'"
         labe18.text=BukulogBindingSource.Count & " - SSB"

ize="4" color="#00FFFF">         BukulogBindingSource.Filter="callsign like '" & cari.text &"' and mode like 'cw'"
         label19.text=BukulogBindingSource.Count & " - CW"

         BukulogBindingSource.Filter="callsign like '" & cari.text &"' and mode like 'fm'"
         label110.text=BukulogBindingSource.Count & " - FM"

         BukulogBindingSource.Filter="callsign like '" & cari.text &"'"

         End Sub  

Funny I later realized that in the mode column there are LSB and USB when I tried to validate 9M2NZ number of contacts with me. The total SSB+CW+FM did not match with the total number of communications. When I scrolled down I noticed the discrepancies.

I want to make a navigation button myself. How to navigate the next and previous data ? In VB6 the command is just data1.recordset.movenext or data1.recordset.moveprevious.  It is not the same with VS2015. Again another hassle before I get the correct syntax

                        with bindingnavigator
                         end with

 But it is fun for my age. Nothing comes easy. A friend used to say 'no pain no gain'. Yet there are thousands who want to be lazy and get things without effort. They are just not my type.

25/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Microsoft makes life difficult to computer lovers and the programmers. All that they want is to make money. They make old things obsolete, construct new Windows and killed the previous versions of their products.

It is not a progress when there is an element of force. Visual Basic 6 was good enough to handle monumental jobs. It communicate well with distant servers and keep biometric data using MySql or Access database. It did fantastic work which marvel the users. I was still young when working with the old system.

At almost 70 they introduced the 64 bit machines with 64 bit windows. And among others they introduced Visual Studio 2015 which also contains Visual Basic. I have Visual Studio Community 2015. It gave me the hell lot of a problem. Projects went missing for no reason and I have to think of a way to keep them safely.

As I am crawling to explore how to make it work with the VB6 command and syntax I cannot say much more on the technical matter. I just would like to give a few tips who have been putting the same questions on the web repeatedly.

First is about the FULL SCREEN SIZE. There were many replies given. The syntax one may want to use is

                                     me.windowstate = 2

Secondly about loading pictures in the picture box control. In VB6 the syntax is PICTUREBOX=LOADPICTURE("C:\PICTUREFOLDER\...."). In Visual Sudio 2015 is


Emptying it is           PICTUREBOX.IMAGE=NOTHING

Because I am working on a ham radio logbook, I am looking into the data binding of controls to the database. I can bind the Oledb data control and the Data Grid separately with the database but I can't bind the dataGridView to the Adodc control yet merely by giving command                    DATAGRIDVIEW.DATASOURCE = ADODC1

As I have said websites do not help. There are more questions than the answers.

24/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Several people had been telling me that Spain-Morocco's trip were interesting because there were many exotic buildings to see. One or two said the panorama and the scenery was beautiful. Convince by them I decided to put the visit to my future plan.

A couple of days ago I browsed Poto Travel's website. The package is already published, traveling in April and May. I booked up the 25th April's trip via the email.

Image result for POTO travel spain morocco image

Last night I searched for the itinerary from day one to day thirteen. Day 1 and the last day are always the deceptive days that we have to pay when they were only the traveling days. Even you are in Malaysia waiting for the flight it is considered as one day. I saw the traveling time takes two days.

In the most part of the trips are visiting churches and mosques. It struck my heart that paying a thousand ringgit per day to see a church or a Image result for POTO travel spain morocco imagemosque is not worthy. I could always see photos of those buildings. I decided to look at other packages as well before I make the payment. The cost for a single person staying in a single room is RM2K more, about RM200 extra per day. It is more expensive than the Balkan trip.

My ASB dividend will be totally gone. But I won't live much longer. I whispered to myself that I am going to see the world before I go. It breaks up Image result for POTO travel spain morocco imagethe monotony of living a solitary life at home. At least I don't have to think about Najib for almost 12 days while in foreign land and enjoy whatever fun that come before us. The jovial group will make us laugh the whole journey.

Already I am thinking how to go to Kuala Lumpur; either by flight or ETS, and how to go to the airport or the rail station. There is no bus service in my area, not even at the main road, unlike in USA Image result for POTO travel spain morocco imagewhere everyone is access to busses just merely by a short walk. Malaysians won't provide services without profit. Profit has to be large enough as an incentive. The worst is to drive by my old car and hope for the best. The car does not have any commercial value except for the scrap iron. ETS will be at 8.15 am, arriving KL Central at 4 pm, ample time to present myself at the airport before 9.30 pm.

Image result for POTO travel spain morocco imageAs far as luggage is concerned it does not worry me. I will use the existing one. I will wash my traveling shoes instead of buying the new pair. I have more than 10 round collar black T-shirts. Probably I will bring 15 shirts altogether or may be more for the dinner also. Foodstuffs will be considered later, probably some snacks. But to Balkan I did not bring any despite it was in my plan.

Image result for POTO travel spain morocco imageI always planned early for each travel. Now it is still December and the trip will be in almost 4 months time, on the 25th of April.

I thought that this year I want to go to Dayton Ohio for the hamvention. The new radio policy in the country freeze me. It is just a matter of principle. Even if it is on the normal tour, Donald Trump turned me off by his hate speech towards the Muslims. Like many Malaysians, the normal Americans are dumb too, believe in things without thinking. They are easily fooled by the product advertisements like any dumb people. And our ringgit too shrunk so badly as the world business community do not trust in our leadership.

Image result for POTO travel spain morocco imageThere is always a risk in traveling; plane shot dot down or exploded in the thin air, bus plunged into a gorge or hit by another heavy vehicles. Try to imagine what and how the victims of MH370 felt before they met their death. But we are going to die anyway. I never fear of accidence or death by it as it is fated by God.

As I have said before my actual travel begins from now, each night I would bring the dream to my bed for almost 4 months on end.

23/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I can't imagine the magnitude BN government puts to wage cold war against Sarawak Report. There is a colossal think tank team and the Propaganda unit, the police force, the army and finally the fund spent. The ongoing tactical move is to discredit SR and WSJ as junk media units which have nothing other than dirty lies.

One side is trying to create a situation of the nature and reason for Morais's death and the other will have to huddle together to find the rebuttals. The rest who are access to the media listen and formed opinions. Below is what SR writes. We have to wait what Najib administration and the new AG is going to say.



As I had said before the public did not wait for social media reports before they formed opinions on the events and happenings. It started with Altantuya, then Teo Beng Hock and later PI Bala. Then the murder of an Aam bank officer was associated with the 2.6 billion fund in Najib;s personal account.

Someone has to lie. We can't establish the veracity just from listening to both views though it is wise for us to know them.

Many wouldn't care at all to what is happening to the world for all they care is for themselves. Others may find it very disturbing. And interestingly PAS will forgive UMNO of any sin they do and in particular the divine Prime Minister sent by God; Najib Razak.

21/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




How far can Najib run and how much else can he fool everyone ? Najib has been institutionalized, Ismail Sabry equate him to God the Almighty and Najib himself claimed that he is God chosen. The team living in the golden institution are equally responsible and accountable for all the misdeeds done. There is no justice for them except for them to walk away from the institution. Words like 'cari makan' , 'under order' and 'under threatened' are for God to hear in the next world. This is the cases of history. The whole team have to be punished.

The world investigate Najib, not only the FBI. Even the FBI formed opinion and keep files on the Malaysian leaderships. Following Obama and joining the Trade Pack will not free him. They will relate him with Morais's murder and several other deaths as well. It is as good as impossible that Najib cannot run away from his crime.

The more he pays the people to lie the more his inner self will be exposed. European community has discuss our affair. Najib is putting himself into a deeper troubled water.



Najib could not escape by shifting the blame on his officers as he did when he lied to the parliament about Cayman fund. When the truth of Morais's death emerge in front pages of foreign newspaper, Najib cannot say he does not know anything about the murder as he had said about Altantuya.

We can be sure that the International community will not blame UMNO with the current mess. Individuals like Apandi and Khalid will be closely observed and scrutinized.

Running the country as they like from now on new DPM, PM and Police Chief

Study their faces and you can tell

I would like to say that only good people advice Najib to do the right things. Others will tell him that he wrongs he did were correct. And how could they elevate him to the level of God when he lied, deceived, arrested those who spoke the truth, sacked his own deputy, lied about 1Mdb and practicing corruptions ?

The problem with Najib's team is that they think everything would have gone the ways they wanted and that they are invincible. Najib still  believe he can buy everyone with money. And the police too are thinking their strategies are foolproof. They want to make sure that there will be no arm uprising or attempt to put away some controversial leaders, by nipping any anti-Najib individuals in the bud. History has shown that arms from the United States flew through the local dissidents, in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The time will soon come when nobody will listen and believe Najib anymore despite his pity and sorry facial countenance. His deeds and his words move in opposite directions.

Rosmah has to worry about her destiny. I simply do not believe she can escape from what she fears the most. The mobs will not turn to be crazy but they will go mad very.  She should take some time off to read books, on the history of Indo-Chinese war and the past events in the Middle-East.

Leaders of the world are not all dumb.

Najib has never set a bight and peaceful future.

20/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof





I don't know how I get Trojans in my Windows 10 that will be erased automatically by an anti virus called 360. All the exe files that I ran were deleted. It even attacked the Visual Studio 2015 compiled file and finally I could not even create a project. Yesterday I took almost the whole day uninstalling and downloading another software, reading blog on the trojans, searching for a few files mentioned. I cold not deleted the recommended files. Then I went to open the registry searching and erasing the lines in the registry. It was time consuming indeed.

Today I worked on VB6, writing new simple codes for a logbook. I used Adodc controller rather than Adodb to bind Microsoft Access data. I have several tasks to code; the wildcard search, the counting of the mode of the contacts, to add, delete and edit data. And lastly to navigate between boxes when typing into the them.

The search is using SELECT. But what is used by Adodb is not exactly the sane as Adodc. For instant 


but in the adodc the code is


It took me some time to figure out after a series of experiments to come to the right query. Then it was the counting part. To count the total number in the database is easy but I want to count the number of SSB, CW and FM mode of an individual station. I had to try several queries to get the working and the best one. I did not get the simplest and the correct one. Finally I decided to count three time to get the figures. I would not say whether the codings are appropriate as required by the system.

One of my problems is that I stopped programming for decades and I don't remember all the coding libraries and the commands anymore. The internet did not help either. Everybody is asking for help and it is difficult to find the good solution.

Adodc1.RecordSource = "select count(MODE)as LABELA from bukulog WHERE MODE='SSB'and ucase(callsign) like '%" & UCase(Text2) & "%' or ucase(name1) like '%" & UCase(Text2) & "%'"
Label16 = DataGrid1.Columns(0) & " SSB"
Adodc1.RecordSource = "select count(MODE)as LABELA from bukulog WHERE MODE='CW'and ucase(callsign) like '%" & UCase(Text2) & "%' or ucase(name1) like '%" & UCase(Text2) & "%'"
Label17 = DataGrid1.Columns(0) + " CW"

Adodc1.RecordSource = "select count(MODE)as LABELA from bukulog WHERE MODE='FM'and ucase(callsign) like '%" & UCase(Text2) & "%' or ucase(name1) like '%" & UCase(Text2) & "%'"
Label18 = DataGrid1.Columns(0) & " FM"

Adodc1.RecordSource = "select * from bukulog WHERE MODE='SSB'and ucase(callsign) like '%" & UCase(Text2) & "%' or ucase(name1) like '%" & UCase(Text2) & "%'"

Surely the above solution looks very messy. In the meantime it does serve my purpose. It counts the frequency of each mode used.

The edit, add and delete use what I would call a 'street' coding. I did not place the 'OK To Delete ?' button yet.

                         With Adodc1.Recordset
.                        Delete
                         End With

                         With Adodc1.Recordset
                         Text1(0) = Format(Date, "DD/MM/YYYY")
                         Text1(1) = Format(Time, "HH:mm")
                         Text1(4) = Text2
                         End With

These are for deleting and adding new data. As for editing, make the correction or changes in the boxes.

At least I could write the code on my HP Windows 10 computer. I still have a long time to be with programming even with the upgrading of the Windows.

20/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We have been living happily until two types of people came to cause turbulence in our community. These are the politicians and the greedy businessmen. Both poisoned the people by inciting racial hatred, mainly to amass popularity and wealth.

An individual throwing slur on the other race is seen as a hero and the fighter to save his race. We have this in Malaysia, mainly heavily practiced by the Malays and the Chinese. Racial sentiment is a tool to grab wealth and property and to remain in power.

It is true that there is a tendency for the bird of the same feather to flock together. But it could not be the main philosophy of a peaceful society. There is no guarantee of safety and joyous living within the same ethnic community. There are robbers and murderers, bullies and gansters.

We cannot force all the Indians to get together as they are divided into several caste and religious beliefs. Among them there are cheaters, drug pushers and Communists. So are with the Malays who are more divided now than before. Each individual has his own taste and likings. There are many irritating individuals from all the ethnic groups. Surely we cannot shake hands with the rabbles, the crooks and all the mischievous scoundrels.

Good personalities are not in the dress they wear and the words they speak. We have to have a long observations on their deeds, not in the race and color skins, not in the lingo they used and not in the religion they embraced.

If it is unity that we want, we have to have a divine purpose for the good of the big majority if not all. Unity of good people transcend the racial and religious bloc. It is a Malaysian unity that we need to strive and let all to be known as Malaysian, with our own identity. If we defy cohesiveness then we are sacrificing the secured and better future.

Islam is always better then the Malays. The former comprises of all races who have the same identical belief. A person calling himself Muslim must practice Islamic way of life, free from sinful activities and the act of corruption, lying and deceiving people. And Islam too is not in the dress he wears and the words he speaks.

19/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Views on Social Media

Comments and remarks in the social media reflects the educational level, intelligent and the mental-physical state of the general people in the country. The different between the Chinese and the Malays are very distinct. The Malays seemed to be mislead and dragged away from the issues. In the case of Najib, the Chinese do not forget and still hold tight on the movement of 1Mdb money, Jho Lo, Najib's son-in-law, the big debt of 1mdb, the high interest rate, the lies about Cayman fund, the 2.6 billion kept secret by Najib till WSJ exposure, for each question Najib took a few months to give the spinned reply or non at all.

The Malays, when lured to believe in Chinese intent supremacy, will quickly forget about the all those lies and vices.

When emotional the Malays will used the 4 letter word to Najib. The Chinese restrained themselves though a few young robust ones hurled some disrespect manners.

I am aware the tactical moves made by Najib's Propaganda and War departments, the using of foreign mercenaries to write articles to discredit Mahathir and WSJ. PHDs people were recruited to spread these articles through social media. They want the people to believe that WSJ and a few Malaysians are lying. But many are of the opinion that the only proof is winning in the legal actions against WSJ and SR.

Najib can talk about his rosy economy until he goes to sleep. While the people are paying more and more each day. Their savings shrink by at least 40%. The ringgit continues to plunge. You will see some Malays are happy paying more.

There are those who connect several deaths to save Najib Razak. The Malays with the simple mind would not see the relationship and never want to think more. They are more concern about their hardship and economy. Hundred of thousands are jobless. They hang on to UMNO to get jobs and bread to spare.

Nevertheless there are Malays who have clear visions all the way and never lost track of the main issues.

Social media do depict the minds of the Malaysians to the world. The interested parties are counting the number of hands that call Najib to quit. That's what they were doing in Syria. And Najib could never escape if investigations show that he is involved in Morais murder and trying to cheat with the 2.6 billions. When the time comes and there was the unanimous decision to bring Najib down, there is nothing the police and the army can do.

What happens in Syria is something complicated. There was a split whether to arm the rebels who want Assad down. Asad had struggle to seek help from the world including USA. The debate in USA was  about whether the people want Assad down or not. And the Russian, Iran and Hezbollah fight for Assad and the rebel group with US arms became the IS.

Will the Pentagon in Malaysian affair ask the same question; do the people in Malaysia want Najib down ? Do we need to arm the dissidents ? How bad is Najib ? How bad is his wife ? How suppressive is the people ?

Pentagon will be gathering information, among other things, from the views expressed in  social media in addition to the covert fact finding mission. Najib has to argue out that he is helping USA in fighting terrorism and has arrested it's own citizen on behalf of the United States. And there will be someone who says,"Our relationship with the nation is cordial....we need only a new head as Malaysians want to change the existing leader."

Najib is working hard to change the perception of the Malaysians using all available resources with a huge amount of money. He first started with personal attack on Mahathir; the corruptions and the evil doings of his former mentor. And at the same time trying to shift the current economic woe on his enemies. He uses the social media to publish the propaganda items.

More intelligent and smart rebuttals would be found on the English media. The Malays are a little lame in their responses. Yet the war between the people and Najib's administration is clear. Readers began to recognize the comments of the Najib's cyber troopers versus the views from the normal public. There is an attempt to harness the PHD graduates to help in this war.

What Najib may not expect is the more he stands to fight the worse he does for the economy. The inverse correlation is clear and real. His every moves and words are heard by the world and business community. His accumulation of fund by heavy taxation without the corresponding economic growth would make our ringgit worsen.

What is our loan right now, national and 1Mdb's debt ? Are the condition recuperating ?

16/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Visual Basic is not dead. It is alive and well in the Visual Studio, mine 2015, installed in Windows 10 on my cheap HP. The structure and commands are somewhat different. You can't use PRINT as it was in Visual Basic 6. The LIST1.ADDITEM is now changed to LIST1.ITEMS.ADD.  Surely I have to creep slowly to first to examine the commands and then the structure.

One thing about this free stuff is that you cannot compile and run on it's own. You will have to buy them somehow. Then it says you can run on multi-Platform; writing smart phone and tablets application. You have to download the third party that gives you free license for a month. You can't even do experiments or develop a software if you are a beginner like me.

I think I have to tackle one by one, starting with Visual Basic then proceed slowly until the Android programming. I guess I will die  before the completion. It is too much and too heavy  for the old brain.

Today I played around with array of pictures of my grand daughters in Hong Kong. Pressing a button successively will display the pictures in the list. Then I added a computation for a dipole antenna and a multiplication table. The main target is the database development and manipulation. I think it would not be too difficult as it is using the MySql data system. I have to examine carefully on the connection method and the data binding.

At least it keeps me busy and makes time flies.

I sacrificed 1K for this Visual Studio and Windows 10, which I know will soon change. That's how Microsoft makes money. It makes you very dependent on Windows and Window software. Then they began to suck your blood like a leech. Then like UMNO Bill Gate will say, "Stay away from Windows if you don't like our way." But when you first started to lay trap we never thought that you plan to torture us. So we bought and we got stuck to it.

Men like me are plentiful in this nation of ours. They gather knowledge by spending money and enhance their capabilities. On the second thought DIY and experimenters are so much better then the cyber trooper fighting for the evil cause.

Though Visual Studio 2015 sickened me, it does give me some purpose.

14/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Najib is managing a country, not a home. As a Prime Minister and a Finance Minister he has failed the nation economy. Yet he keeps on telling the people that Malaysian economy under him is strong. While the locals are loosing their jobs, firms are moving out and joblessness is on the raise, he set the minimum wage rule, bring in thousands of Banglas, increase the retirement age to 60.

As I have said the Malays are not so smart and now greed has been part of them they keep on pressuring for the higher minimum wage. Certainly it is a selfish though for their own benefit without thinking of the affect to the nation and the other Malaysians.

Employers do not like to pay high salaries. The cost of productions will go high and will push the product prices up, facing stiff competition in the global market. Industries in USA prefer to move to countries where labor is cheap. China and Vietnam provide very tempting attractions.

Factories once operated in Malaysia are slowly moving out of the country to the neighboring state where labor cost is below us. And local businesses prefer foreign workers. That's never good to the country. It is also pushing the locals to be potential criminals.

The young people are jobless because the old workers do not vacate their posts as their retirement age has been raised to 60. There is a 5 year wait. In the meantime, Najib collected cash from all walks of life, not to create jobs but trying to pay the BR!M and the colossal national debt.

I don't know how many Malays have the foresight and the insight to see the whole chaotic atmosphere caused by Najib's administration. It is a pity that those who had given blind support to Najib are facing perpetual sufferings. There are many institutions that are set to close down.

Najib has struggle to put up the ringgit and the economy to the right footing. Then he came up with the idea of perception. We are saying the foreigners who are dealing with the country are all stupid and do not know how to judge words and behaviors. Do you think they believe in the donation stories ? What more if the story itself is dancing from spot to spot; donation from the Arab nation to fight ISIS, donation from an individual donor, and now donation from several Arab individuals.

If I am an honest investor, I would quickly run away before anything happen to my money. They would find Najib a bad taste for them to deal with.

Najib should be told that the Malayans are also observing to see the link between him and the death of Morais and PI Bala. There are big eyes closely watching him. He has all the power and guns with him and would go scot-free with any juggling on display. How long can he lie and cheat the people ?

The more Najib talked on economy, the more anxiety the public got. Anybody can talk and say anything. You go to Tanjung Rambutan and listen to the inmates speech. People want the cost of living down, lesser burden on the family and economic security. He tried to tow Obama's line hoping for better ringgit and improve economy.  He did not even know what Mosanto is and how it operates. He does not really know who Goldman Sach is. He stays mum on Jho Lo and his son in law.

13/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



What I am about to write does not contain the whole truth. Some of the Malays have transformed themselves and began to realize the folly of their own kinds. It was generally true to most and most of the time.

The British once described the Malays as emotional brown skinned tribe who live on trees. They had rule Malaya from 1874 until 1957 and long enough to understand the ethnic group. For most of the time the relationship with the Malays were good. When they were about to leave. among other thing, they created Malay reserve land because they know without the act the Malays will sell all their land for the joy of living and lead an easy and gorgeous life. When that happen there will be homelessness, landlessness and they will be living in ghastly poverty.

Even before UMNO tore up the protective status of the Malay reserve the Malays began to sell their land and moved away. Imagine in Alor Setar there is a small mosque in an area where there is no Malay at all. Now the mosque has turned into a part of super-market.

Once, laziness was associated with the Malays. They prefer free things, idle life without working. In schools they would choose courses that do not provide them much challenge. When I wanted to take Statistical Research as a subject. friends discouraged me saying 90% of those taking the paper got an E. Even today additional mathematics is not taught in Vocational Colleges. The Chinese would go for the harder subjects pertaining to sciences and technology.

When the Malay parents came to see me and wanted their sons with good grades to join  the vocational school, I had a tough time explaining that it would be better for the kids to stay in pure science class at their respective schools. The spectrum of professions is larger. Despite the information they insisted on vocational education.

It was during Mahathir's era when there was an amendment to the land acquisition act. Malay land can be forcibly taken for economic development. There was a rush in land grabbing. Padi fields  and other Malay reserved were taken for the reason of economic progress. Some Malays said they were cheated and their land were bought by government Islamic body at a low price and sold to the developer at the high price. There were a group of Malays working for big time Towkeys who went round to look for land owners offering good price for their properties. Many Malays found that they had a chance to be millionaires, and selling spree began.

Land lost never came back. Money soon went dry. Some can last till second generations. Other Malays found they can't afford to buy the new home built on the land their peers sold. No normal Malay can buy a half to a million dollar abode. Those who can, won't have land to rear a duck and plant a tomato.

I talked to several Malays and many said the future is not for them to see. They won't live to see their children and grand children. God will provide their posterity with home and food. And they made fun of you when you spoke to them about their future.

 The present era marks the interactions between greed and stupidity. The Malays are on the stupid side,  among whom there lay the greedy land-owners, and the greedy stupid politicians who find tremendous joy in bluffing and cheating, threatening and misusing their powers. The funny thing is they themselves made statements on the inability of the Malays to buy a home. Then they said that without UMNO the Malays will be nothing and nobody.

Then they said the Malays have not achieved the 30% target yet from the absolute success of UMNO in enhancing the Malay economy.

I am confused. Are the Malays wealthy today made by the Malay party ? Then why billions are spent on BR1M for the poor; and mostly the Malays ? And how come the Malays become drug addicts, robbers, prostitutes and garbage hunters under UMNO ?

Today it is a tragedy that Najib is a Prime Minister. He bought all races with money to keep himself in power. He ruins the economy, putting more burden on the country by his huge loan. He bought a special aircraft that other PM did not, made Rosmah the queen of the queens, flying the jets not for her. The lie about 2.6 billion changed from time to time. He cheated all the UMNO people, everyone of them and get away with his 2.6 billions.

In the end the poor Malays have to pay for his avarice. The jobless, the beggars, the garbage hunters and the low income people are taxed as much as the rich people do. The young jobless youths whose income from BR1M would throw stones at busses and cars passing the highway, doing mischief against the opposition party during elections, and a few sneaked into the Cyber-trooper job. They forget that they are paying the tax that was not suppose for them.

There are more than 20000 graduates without job. And nobody seem to publish the number of dropout youths who have lost the moral values, and made drugs their companions. While the youths are at the low ebb the leaders are making millions; gift from the Prime Minister for showing undivided support to him.

Ku Nan was shocked to see the number of vagabonds on the city street. All the time he and the other UMNO top leaders have been saying Malaysia is superb in managing it's economy.

Despite all the noise, hurling of hateful words, but when come to voting they would go for BN. It is the combination of docility and stupidity. The extreme one. They led their leaders bury them alive. They never want to try to escape and be defiance towards cruelty.

Now Najib comes up with a story that he is God chosen. And someone responded, "Bush was God chosen to kill thousands of innocent people...Natenyahu was God chosen to kill the Palestinians..."

13/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I was posted to another school, my last school where I retired with sorrow and sadness. It was a school that emphasized on games and sports. The academic achievements in the public examination was almost at the bottom of the list. The physical facets hurt as glasses and window panes broke by the hundreds and naked as seen by the passers by. The scene was disheartening.

I found that many boys were not attending classes as they were housed in a hostel about 6 miles away. They were soccer boys so called. The sports teacher told me that  the boys were to play soccer, and the school was a feeder to the state team. When they leave school they would be in the state team.

In my mind it was not at all a good idea. The school could ruin the future of the students who would leave without academic certification nor any technical skill with them. Their lives in soccer would be short. Working with the government and other institution could take them till the age of 55 or higher. In soccer their carrier will end at 35 the most. If they have permanent injury they would be out even at the age below 23. They cannot all be Lionel Messi or Ronaldo.

The sport teacher argued otherwise, that they could be accepted into universities and sports colleges. How could they enter those colleges without a pass in SPM or MCE ? Our relationship became sour.

I also had problem with a parent whose son was chosen to go to Korea for a tournament. The son was to seat for SRP/LCE examination in a couple of months time. I explained to the parent about the exam, extra class and free tuition. The son would lose all the academic benefit if he left for training and the trip. The parent said the Malaysia contingent has a study program for players like his son. He chose Korea. Would I blame him ?

Today, at still a young age big names in state soccer aren't there anymore. They are not even listed in other state team. I really don't know where they are.

Don't the state education department, the Ministry of education and the UMNO division ever thought about the future of these kids ? We can't exploit the kids for our own glory and satisfaction and do not plan for their bleak future.

If those are from the wealthy class then education could be thrown out. Certificates and diplomas are not important. Schools can allow them to practice soccer without attending classes.

We never want to know what happen to our athletes and soccer players after their services were over. The glory of being a champion was short and over but the life of those who brought us the glory was their life-time. We have a Minister in charge of sports and games. We have a huge population in the country. Our faces are looking only in a single direction.

We are very selfish and arrogance. We care of only our own glory at the expense of the others. Surely enough most of them are happy with their views and thinking.

11/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



Many of us cut the wires ourselves for a dipole when we began hamming. I remember in the Radio Amateur Examination we were asked to design a dipole antenna and describe the antenna. I don't remember anyone having discussion on BALUN then. There was no computer and no internet yet in those days.

A ham should know how to build an antenna and operate a radio. Tuning Yaesu FT101 was not easy. Mistakes would blow the costly final. It was a hustle looking for the tubes.

It would be a puzzle if someone who can tell you about every antenna in the world would call others to construct a dipole for him and would not know to tune a transceiver. It is his vanity that deter him from telling the others his antenna was done by his friend, instead he claimed that it was from his own hands.

N6TT - A great CW operator.

Communication skill, demeanor and ethics are essential characteristics of a ham. Yet we heard them on the CW-only portion, calling CQ right on stations having conversations and used the pirate and CB procedure and practices. I read that someone who was trying to pinpoint the right things was attacked, portraying their tall behaviors. Manners and discipline was nothing to them.

I decide to look for a new sanctuary, a pollution-free space, where descent people gather and puddle. But it is almost difficult to find one. There will be bound for a ham who thinks he can do and say anything anyway on the band. He does not know they were wrong and the rest are not bold enough to correct him.

When you start you can always start with a dipole made by your own hands, put it up by yourselves and feel the degree of excitement. You save money and would feel very great when your signal could be heard across the world. If you are wealthy you can plan for the better future using tower and super duper antenna system purchased from the internet.

As a ham it is good to know and understand the LC series and parallel. It facilitates the design of your own traps.

As far as ethics and attitudes are concerned the whole responsibility is under the authority. Whatever happened on the band reflect the image of the MCMC unless it chooses to dispel any poor perception of the country like the politicians who do know what shames are. Someone asked me whether the MCMC monitors the activities on the band. My answer was even if they did they would not know what is right and what is wrong.

Many prefer to stay mum and avoid any form of confrontation. A few jumped to Whatupp and formed Senior Ham group. Some ran to find a new sanctuary. In the West many find shade in the Morse portion and pounding their keys days and nights. There is no point waging wars and throwing insults. Just move away where there is no 'roger' and no '' and nobody comes to call CQ on top of your friend.

The application of political mentality is real here "...if you don't like this country go and stay somewhere else..."

10/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof 



I never have space for 80 meter antenna if I am talking of a dipole. And 80 meter is not in my log book. From the beginning I had been using a 40 meter dipole to work 20 and 15, assisted by Leader LAC-895. For the last few years I put up a G5RV junior to replace the normal inverted V.

Recently I met 9M2YR, Harun, during a feast at 9M2GET's house. He was telling me that there are few hams on 3.855 every morning after the morning prayer. I expressed my sadness that I could not erect any 80 meter dipole due to the space constrain. 6" diameter magnetic loop was what had been in my mind for quite some time.

The conversation did not end there. When I came home, I started to cut two pieces of wires about 20' long each, rolling a coil on half inch PVC pipe, merely to shorten it and joined each side to the end of my G5RV. I knew it was not proper and not scientific. I just wanted to try it to see whether my signal could go out.

True it was not a proper one. SWR adjustment is very critical. I could tune to 1.5 to 1. There was a heavy noise on my YAESU 857 which I would think because of it's improperiety. It was not resonance and was not loading well. My aim was just to get about 20 watts out, with low SWR, so that I work on CW.

I figure I would not have problem with all other band like 10, 15 and 40.

I waited till this morning, 07/12/2015, to test it. I heard several stations on 3.855. The strongest were from 9M2ZS and 9M2YRS. I could copy the rest 5/9. I waited towards the end of their communications and broke in. Harun and Rashid were still there. When Pak Yop asked "QRZ ? 9M2A ?? " I get excited. I had to repeat several time until he said he could read me. Harun said he copied me 5/9 with a muffle audio. To me it was more than enough.

I have no intention of doing anything to my antenna. In the near future I will try to push more power out. I think 50 watts would be sufficient to work stations nearby, who could read me without any strain.

I hope to find some peace on 80 and I am glad that today is the first time that I work on this band.

07/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I waited twelve months to get a dividend of 10K, twelve long month, with full of rosy dream. To an elderly like me it is a big sum. I used to buy chocolate costing one cent. How many things can I buy with the money today ?

I went to stalls where numerous smart phones are sold. It shocked me to see a small gadget as big as my palm is tagged at 3K plus. I just shrugged my head. It is a quarter of three months of waiting.

I browsed the Apple website to see the price of a Macbook. It almost stopped my heart to see it was tagged at more than 7K. In fact everything is expensive nowadays.

The cause of diminishing money value is nothing more other than Najib Razak who insists that he is not the problem. What happens on the ground is the opposite of what he tells the people. When Najib and his ministers say price down it means price up. He would pay everyone else and the JKK and the Felda people in exchange for the obedient to him. They would forget what they will be bearing in years to come. They would not care two cents what will happen to the rest of the Malays.

 Running the country as they like from now on new DPM, PM and Police Chief

Already there are voices who called Najib a dictator. It even comes from UMNO members. There is not even democracy in parliament. The real votes must use hand- counts not using ballots. Paper votes are secrets and the speaker will always announce in the favor of Najib whichever the results are.

Najib wants people to bear for his errors. He would used soothing words and tons of promises again. And the Malays, especially would vote for BN again. Is it not a folly for them to do so ? You will hear these people howling and lamenting of the hardship they face.

"Why do you vote for BN ? " One may ask. "I have no choice. I can't vote the Chinese party who wants to take this country and who is anti-Islam." True indeed that DAP has been vocal against Hudud. That's the main reason why Hadi will never forgive DAP. To majority of the Malays religion is the utmost important. They prefer to live in hardship under a Muslim rather than submitting themselves to the anti-Islamic government.

The Malays are in dilemma.

The new national security law will end the freedom of speech and expression. Those taking to the street will be arrested. Those who criticize Rosmah and Najib will be arrested too. The citizens cannot appeal to USA or China because there are similar law in those nations.

The only source of appeal is God. God has promised hell to those cruel leaders. They have to wait for a long time to see the dictators in hell. The cry for fast retribution is mysterious and unknown. Some could quickly be seen and some may not. Mahathir is now suffering in the hand of the man whom he made a King. The past people in Mahathir's era are saying Mahathir deserve the treatment as it is God's worldly retribution on him.

The Malays are not smart and intelligent enough to organize themselves by going underground. They won't do it as long as there have food to eat and money to spend. If they can't foresee the future of the nation, they won't be any urge to fight and revolt. They have been on the losing side beginning after the independence until now. Each day they become alien in their own country, homeless and landless. They become addicts and thieves and garbage hunters.

04/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



We cannot have all things come our way. The daily evening walk has been disrupted by heavy rain at about 5 or 6 pm. Walkers and joggers brave themselves using umbrella, raincoats or nothing. I have an umbrella in my car, not to bring it to walk in the rain but to use it when it rains during walking.

Sun seemed to be almost on top of our head at the arena. Dark clouds had been creeping quietly from the East, slowly darkening the sky within one or one and half hours later. I did take note of the timing. And changed my time to 4 pm or a little earlier. On most of the days I could escape the harassment of the weather.

I do not spend a few hours like many others who would complete 10 or 30 kilometer jog. They would start at 5 and end at 7 or 7.30 pm. I go by round. Inside track is shorter then the outside, I would do the total of 4 rounds on any. Sometimes I combined both.

I have to keep fit because I am taking care of myself. If I fall sick nobody is going to attend me. I still move swiftly like young men at the age of 68. Medically I am categorized as sickly and must consume medicine to live.

I would prefer the walk beginning at 5 or 5.30, while the sun is receding westwards and the cool breeze is blowing. But we can't have everything coming our way as splendid as we want to. We have to adjust ourselves to fit the changes and the environments. So far nature has been very kind to us. We  did not get the fury of the mud flood or unexpected flash rush of massive water.

The fact is people still go despite the rainy hours though the number is much smaller. The old couple who would be there at the usual 5.30 would always stay away on the rainy days. The hawkers would pack and ready to go home as soon as the downpour started.

Several men quipped the same phrase that they go down early to beat the evening downpour. I saw people as early as 3 pm using the inner circuit which is absolutely shady. The park is reasonably good but not as good as the ones we saw in Bosnia and Croatia.

I do not trace effort to elevate it to the international level by the local authority.

I02/12/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When PI Bala was claimed dead owing to the heart attack it already created doubt in people's mind about his death. People started talking of the death, suspicious of the foul play. It was about the protection of Najib. But it was at a skeptical stage. Nobody said anything in the open.

While Najib was consolidating his power and the raiding on the DPP office was  made, another murder happened soon after. Immediately, it struck my mind that it was the work of a gangster under the patronage of Zahid Hamidi. I guessed it was due to the charge sheet. Ghani Patail knew about it and it was a warning that the same fate would befell him. It was only a wild conjecture, swirling in my mind.

From the feedback in the social media, I found numerous others had the same suspicion pointing the murder to UMNO leadership without naming anyone. They even warned Zetty to be more careful for she could be killed like Altantuya. Her life was feared to be in peril too.

It is obvious that people would start questioning and thinking when death and murder had taken place. In the case of Morais it was about the charge sheet that Najib has been denying even before his death. It is too good to be true for Ghani to issue an arrest warrant. Probably he may have issued it but the police was Najib's right hand warrior. As a result Ghani was sacked.

A few hundred thousands might have thought in a similar pattern shaped by the circumstantial events. Now, Charles Morais, exposed the probable death has something to do with the charge sheet.

I would expect the Malaysian police will hunt Charles and killed him like his brother.

If it is so then 1Mdb is not only about stealing money, it is also about murder. Najib has to hold to his post at whatever cost it takes or else he has to face the unruly mob or the more decent court of law.

But what may be circumstantial may not be true. We cannot make the final judgment merely base on the circumstances. You can read the Sarawak report as published below but you must not conclude it is talking of the true things. Someone has to be a liar. But who ?

Kevin Morais Drew Up The Charge Sheet Against Najib And Later Leaked It To Sarawak Report, Says Brother

Kevin Morais Drew Up The Charge Sheet Against Najib And Later Leaked It To Sarawak Report, Says Brother

In his statutory declaration the brother of murdered Kevin Morais yesterday confirmed he was the public prosecutor tasked to investigate Prime Minister Najib Razak over money misappropriated from the 1MDB related company SRC International.

Charles Morais told reporters that he did not believe for a moment that the motive for kidnapping and strangling his brother was that he was acting as the prosecutor in a separate bribery case, for which several men face trial.

In his view it was because Kevin had been responsible for drafting charge sheets against Najib Razak and that he had then sent copies of those charge sheets to Sarawak Report the day after the Prime Minister had pre-empted his own arrest by sacking the Attorney General and several members of his government.


Kevin Morais was kidnapped and murdered










Kevin Morais was kidnapped and murdered

Worse, Kevin (if indeed it was he) had indicated to Sarawak Report that he had more such material and was ready to reveal it. It was for these reasons, Charles Morais indicated, that he had been demanding a second post-mortem on his brother, in order to gain further information on the circumstances surrounding his death.

“I do not for one moment believe Kevin was killed because he was prosecuting a Government Pathologist for corruption. This accused doctor is intelligent enough to realize that getting rid of the DPP prosecuting his case will not emasculate the charge he is facing for the simple reason there are many other DPPs who would take over that prosecution.

Kevin was killed for other reasons and I believe these other motives were due to the fact that he knew too much about the criminal acts of those high up in the echelons of power in Malaysia and he needed to be silenced because of that.” [Statutory Declaration of Charles Morais]

If the charge sheets were not genuine why did Najib mount his coup against a purported ‘conspiracy’?

It is known that on 28th July Najib Razak took concerted action to pre-empt what has been described as a ‘conspiracy’ against him.  Sarawak Report has heard from several sources that this was the morning that charges were du

Unconstitutionally removed - Kevin Morais's former boss the Attorney General Gani Patail

Unconstitutionally removed –   Kevin Morais’s former boss the Attorney General Gani Pataile to be laid against him relating to money taken from 1MDB related companies.

In particular, Special Branch personnel were waiting for the Attorney General at his office.  These armed forces prevented the country’s top law officer from entering or clearing his own desk before forcing him under escort to return home.

The Prime Minister then announced that Gani Patail had retired on ‘grounds of health’ – an act that violated the constitution.

During the same coup on 28th July Najib removed several other senior politicians, law officers and civil servants who had expressed disquiet over monies removed from 1MDB and the public pension fund KWAP.Raids were also conducted to remove papers from the Attorney General’s office and related investigations: the staff concerned were arrested, intimidated and then sacked. There was a sweep on all documents – even a fire in the white collar crimes unit of Bukit Aman police station the next day, which it is assumed saw the disappearance of material related to the investigations into 1MDB.

But the apparent efforts to eliminate the evidence failed. The following day Sarawak Report received an email, which said “This is the reason why Gani Patail was removed as AG”.  Attached were the charge sheets.

Following investigations to determine the authenticity of the documents, Sarawak Report then published them.

Sarawak Report established the drafts were genuine

Sarawak Report established the drafts were genuine

The receipt of these draft charge sheets destroyed what had been an attempt to cover up the entire episode and it was plain that there was further evidence that might also come to light.

The furious response against Sarawak Report, including banning the site, issuing a warrant for the arrest of the Editor and (unsuccessfully) requesting Interpol to put out a Red Notice, showed just how sensitive the matter was.

At first the official line of the Prime Minister’s men was that the charge sheets were “faked” or “forged”.  However, later Ministers acknowledged that the Prime Minister had indeed taken “drastic action” to “take out” people involved in a “plot to criminalise the Prime Minister” of which the charge sheet was allegedly a part.

Indeed, if the charge sheet had not been genuine then what was the “plot”?

“I am not sure if we’ll be able to stop this lunacy”

Charles Morais has now disclosed that he believes that the person who responded to the sacking of his boss, the AG, and the closure of the investigation into the money transferred from SRC International by leaking the charge sheets was his brother.

He cites several reasons for his view, but what is confirmed is that Kevin Morais was indeed a member of a small team of people working on the 1MDB investigation in the Attorney General’s department.  Just a few weeks previously he had been brought back into the AG’s Department from the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission to handle the sensitive case.

Sarawak Report corresponded extensively with the source of the material at the time, who explained their reasons for releasing the charge sheets:

“The police continue to be rather aggressive in trying to uncover the sources of the leaks. And not actually trying to nab the lunatic on top of the pyramid, running this country to the ground just so his arse is saved… and I’m not sure if we’ll be able to stop this lunacy.”

was what the source told Sarawak Report about his motives. Charles believes this was his brother Kevin.

New Attorney General Was Desperate To Cremate Morais

Najib's chosen replacement - why was Apandi lobbying and conniving to destroy Kevin's body in advance of an independent post mortem?

Najib’s chosen replacement – why was Apandi lobbying and conniving to destroy Kevin’s body in advance of an independent post mortem?

This state of affairs leaves powerful questions over why Charles Morais, who was officially responsible for his brother’s affairs, was put under so much official pressure to cremate the body when he had asked for a second post-mortem?

Charles, who has now left Malaysia for the United States, had earlier told Sarawak Report that he was harangued by Kevin’s former employers at the AG’s office to immediately dispose of the body, when such a matter was not their normal concern.

Speaking last month he said that he had been rung by the AG’s office at least ten times and asked to take the body

from the hospital morgue for instant cremation.  This was even before an autopsy report had been produced to explain the cause of death.

Charles was further affronted when the new Attorney General approached the surviving brothers personally with a supposed ‘golden handshake’ of RM580,000 for the loss of Kevin, in return for signing a closure document.

He says he refused what he considered to be blood money, but that the brother, who eventually removed the body and cremated it last week behind the family’s back, had been willing to do the deal.

The Attorney General’s Office ought now therefore explain exactly why the family of their former employee was put under such pressure by the new man in charge?

Why did this government department interfere and oppose a second post-mortem and why did its officials plainly connive, according to the evidence presented with Charles’s statutory declaration, with a separate brother who had no legal authority to secretly remove and burn the body?

Brother Richard Morais illegitimately removed the body from the hospital morgue with apparent support from the authorities









Brother Richard Morais illegitimately removed the body from the hospital morgue with apparent support from the authorities

Once again murder and cover-up are travelling hand and hand it seems in the corridors of power in Malaysia.

Read the full statutory declaration [HERE]

30/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Learning English at 68 is really tough. I don't go to English class nor find a tutor for myself. I use the ebook on the smart phone, downloading stories written by authors of the 16th or 17th century because they are free. I need to pay for the new novels.

I do not read the e-book everyday at home. I read it while I was eating out especially at the fast food restaurant. Fancy me, how could I learn anything at all within the short period. And I have to refer to the e-dictionary for every paragraph. There are words that I did not know the meaning, at least one in each paragraph. Not all words could be found.

Today I learn a new word. Tomorrow I would forget it. I could not even recall what were the words that I came across. I bought a notepad and jotted the words down.

What profit do I get at learning English at this age ? Material wise, nothing. Spiritual wise I feel satisfied, fulfilling. It compensated my lazy days for more than 50 years. I would not be as what I am now if I were a hardworking student. I hated schooling then.

May be it creates confidence in me that allows me to write my blog in this language.

Learning at 68 is hard not only for language but for anything at all. There is an inevitable deterioration of body metabolism, mental and physical. What I used to do in 15 minutes during the younger days will take me hours to complete now.

I am forced to keep my mind alert, activating it by writing politics and rebuttal Pro-Najib argument, and deciphering high speed Morse codes. Evening exercise is imperative for the same reason.

Despite the effort my memory is still bad. I could remember some words easier by associating them with some personalities like Najib or Zahid, and some friends with special characters. I would remember the words swagger, vanity and ostentatious  because I have a friend with such a character. I would associate Najib with crafty, cunning and shrewd. I have not formed any word yet to describe Rosmah Mansor nor Mahathir.


However I am still of the view that Malay must be made a National Language of this country while making a pass in English is compulsory. Japanese and Chinese leaders spoke using their own languages at the international forum. That did not make them or their countries going back to un-civilize era. Even our Thai neighbor has overtook us leap and bound in economic and technological progress. China started to print paper bag cheap books on science and technology since early '60s.

In this country the problem does not lie with the language but with the attitudes. Generally in the past, the Malays are lazy to improve themselves and want things come in simple ways or possibly free. They have poorer insight as compared to the other ethnic groups. Year in and year out the same Malay party are lamenting on the position and condition of the Malays, blaming the other races for their failures. What ethics have the Malays on matter of hard work and the pursue of new knowledge ?Humour


One person's joke might be another's insult, so try to keep it SFW and FF please, but also understand that some people find things funny that you might not. So, keep it fluffy or Laika will rip it up and throw it round the garden. (The fate of many rubbish bags in our house.)

National programs and progress depend on the assured votes. BN cares more on the promised votes rather than achieving national goals. Najib cares to save himself rather than the unity of UMNO.

When Najib is hated then whatever that belongs to Najib will be hated too; his language, his religion and his ideas. When Keruak, Rahman, Pandikar, IGP and Apandi are hated, they will hate the Malay race as well. There will be distrust among the Malays.

English is the issue because of social and political hatred. Part of it rose from the attitudes implanted and endorsed by the government policy. In area of education we have undergone failures after failures. Other languages introduced in primary schools do not achieve it's goal. I have yet to find a student taking Mandarin who can converse in the language, nor Arabic. It is failed by the procedure and the attitude of the teachers and the parents. The conveyance factor, the methodology of teaching and the examination system are the culprits.

You are not going to jump into a rotten system, are you ? We have to be independent and decide on our own of what we want to do. Some Malays decide to send their children to religious school until standard 6. They made their own free choice. The Chinese and the Indians have their own vernacular schools.

We used to have English schools. Then we closed them down as if with the running of the English school system we cannot push Bahasa Melayu as a national language.

Recently 23 persons including me made a trip to Balkan. It was an English tour. Men and women, old and young, could converse in English very proficiently. Since our return we still communicate using English. We did not talk about turning our hair grey or about Jesus Christ, but we were talking about Islam, prayer and our Holly Prophet.

Thanks to the internet and the Project Guttenberg for free novels and stories. I can live without amateur radio but I would go crazy without the cyber technology.

30/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When PAC, the AG, the cop and all others are lumped as one called Najib the animosity will remain. The Ministers are of the habits of quoting 'the court says this...the PAC says that....' when the public just shrugged those words, dismissed them with anger. From the social media we gather that people were saying that PI Bala and Morais were killed by the protege of Najib. Charles was quickly ushered back to the United States for his own safety. Even once several readers warned Zetty to be careful so as not to face the fate of Morais.


Some believe Rosmah is running the nation.

The authority always asked for proofs. No amount of money and effort can erase the perception in the minds of millions of Malaysians. Independent individuals who do not depend on the government for their payroll would not easily be tamed. Would you know what they are thinking of Zahid and Najib and the police ?

THere were several versions for Maris death

It is not that the police do not know the real situation. They realized of the increasing tension that there is a fear of arms violent against our leaders. A Minister had said that his name is in the IS hit list. I don't believe there is a real IS group in this country. If there are havoc and chaos would have already happened. Syria and Iraq is too far from here and no arm can find their way into this country.

Malaysians have always been very peaceful. The Malays are docile and obedient, respecting the elderly, their leaders and headmen and the religious figures. Who would expect them to raise against the Malay leaders themselves ?

Do the public need to be smart to know that Najib has failed ? They are paying more everyday. Investors are running out. Ringgit never revive. With Rosmah-Obama embracement the riggit remain sickly. WSJ continues to publish the wrongdoings of Najib. It is so convincing that it could influence the rest of the world. It would probably air the story of Morais murder, punishing him for the charge sheet. TPP and hundred Obamas will not recuperate our economic illness. Instead people will be worse off with the Trade Pact.

Happy and peaceful Malaysians

Is collecting money from the citizen could pay off the 1Mdb's debt ? Taxing people is not part of National Income, not even considered as GDP. We need to increase our export and get foreign money to enrich our treasury.

UMNO took a very long time to know that the Malays are facing great challenges. It is blaming DAP and the Chinese for it's own failures. They thought the Malays are as wealthy as they are, able to buy land and houses easily, getting millions each day for being Malays.  The Ministers enjoy the cool air in their air-conditioning room, fly luxuriously on private jets and going shopping all over the world. From the cosy office they called upon the flat dwellers to plant vegetables and grow foodstuffs to beat inflation.

Arresting and murdering dissidents is pushing the country away from peace and stability. On top the sea is seen to be calm. The bacteria is dormant under the skin. At the same time some appeal to the President of the United States and China to halt persecution and oppression.  While the police is sending heavy forces covertly to sniff around for any viscous underground movements., spying the Friday sermons and other religious gatherings.

If the police is so concerned about the tranquility of the country, the job is extremely easy. Just ask Najib to retire and Mahyuddin takes care of the country. The Malays will surely get back to UMNO and the tension would be erased and dissipated. Our ringgit will become normal again. Investors would be flowing in. We would return to normalcy as years before Najib and Mahathir.


27/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Since 2010 alternative energy which replaced the fossil fuel has been in the market. We have not heard the detailed type and system of the power source the 1Mdb is investing on. A wrong step. A wrong move would put Najib in difficult position and the Malaysians will be suffering in the hand of legalized robbers.

The new system of energy source was invented by an ethnic Indian, Sridhar, who is living in the United States. He created a fuel cell starting from sands and injected oxygen and a kind of fuel in the cell.


A small Bloom Box could power a home and the price will be low and affordable. Countries that legalize the use of alternative energy will not depend on hydro-electricity or fossil fuel. If Najib invest in the old power plant, it will surely be a suicide attempt. The selling of Edra to China may be a loss but it is better to lose a few billions than the whole sums.


We may not be able to produce the bloom box energy but we can always go for Keshe's for the benefit of the citizens not for a company run by Najib.  At the same time we are making openings to our genius and smart posterity. We can be more stabilized and live more peacefully if the UMNO and other political leaders cut their greed off.

We would want to know the total picture of 1Mdb investment particularly in power electricity to assess the nature of recklessness in the spending. The suspicion of dishonesty is when the company under Najib is experiencing a great lost which taxed the people by a great deal. Malaysians are now sufferings. Najib and his Ministers are committing sins day by day, lying to the people.

25/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I don't make a point to monitor local stations on 40 meter band. There is no radio left except for a couple of newly bought transistor receivers to be used as a tone oscillator and daily experimental work. I have zero knowledge on band activities.

Occasionally  I glimpsed through the postings on the Facebook on ham radio but did not pay attention to them. I don't want to know on whatever is happening, good or bad. It is my desire that nobody will tell me anything at all about them either through the phone, computer or an eyeball particularly on the garbage side.

There is still a link between me and ham radio. From time to time I would go to to listen to CW rag-chew while having a siesta, enjoying the mental deciphering of the codes with my eyes closed. More often than not I would fall asleep on the lazy chair while listening. It allowed me to breath  fresh air without any pollution.

Hams are welcome to my abode. But let us not discuss anything on ham radio or about the current events surrounding the hobby. I would be very happy if someone is interested in Free Energy stuffs and is ready to pursue the topic. We can differ in political beliefs. You may be a brother of Rosmah Mansor, my door is ever open to you. I believe that we should  altogether start in investigating the new boundary of sciences.

If we have enough strong, ethical and discipline people in a team with some bright ideas we could form a club, make some working papers on it and ask for federal funding. I foresee a lot of hard work and lot of money for the initial stage, not for the equipments and machines but for lobbying the Federal Government.

If you are interested in nothing else but only radio then I don't see how we can tie any cordial relationship.

Right now I am fully occupied with finding a more detail information on the new frontier. It is believed the so called new-sciences had been a practiced by the ancient people, on electricity and levitation and the quantum science of space and galaxies.  Not all knowledge are permitted to find free space on the internet. They are banned by US and Israel government. We have to do plenty of experiments and derive knowledge through our observations. It is a long time objective.

Old hams are still around. A couple had renounce their tickets but still identified by their call signs. They get together on Whatsupp. Those who are in Australian also participate in the jovial conversation. Shah, Zainal, Malcom, Lim, Rashid Sultan and several others seemed to have fun with their postings and conversations. Thanks to the internet technology. I talked to my grand daughters who are in Hong Kong last night and to Rusli until my phone went out of battery.

This free communication tools has always been clean and free from intruders. Almost 80% of the hams communicate using internet rather than a radio.

Hamming could have been better if those on the band speak on technical stuffs like the free energy with the final objective of building up of a working energy production machine.

The discussion on free energy is focused on vortex coil and Keshe Magrav. The later seems able to produce high power electricity with minimum wiring scheme. The idea is the constructions of the coil and the Magrav capacitor. The vortex coil is more on the amplification of magnetic wave. The coil itself function something like the Magnetic Loop antenna.

The lack of intelligent discussion would make us turn to the digital global source. Mobile phone is handy in drawing information. Those written in PDF format could be read using E-Book reader. The smart-phone is more resourceful than a person. A person's vanity and swaggering characteristics could annoy me. He would talk much more louder than the knowledge in his possession.

The turning away is not trying to run away from the new radio policy. As a matter of fact I have been writing about this way back since the news on UFO went viral on the websites. I mentioned about alien technology and what they did in Area 51. It is just a co-incident that the new regulations came into effect at the moment when I am ready to commit myself in a new concept ie the free energy.

24/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



While the Malaysians are kicking away and murdering CW, I purchased a MFJ 564 Iambic paddle at a cost of RM350 from One Communication. The one given by Hairie fell hard on the floor giving a sign that CW is going to be killed and die permanently. This is really a descent key that is heavy enough to challenge all the slaps from the user.

In USA though codes are not required CW stations are numerous. I saw a key costing more than USD1.5K. Surely there were buyers or else they won't be paraded at a high cost.

My radio station has closed. The antenna is down. Yet I buy a new paddle. Why ?

Ham Radio began with CW for decades. The sounds on the band is like a spirit humming and roaming in the sky. It has been synonymous with the word ham in those long years. To me this paddle keeps the spirit alive. I have a straight key, a robust one, purchased in the '70s when I started the hobby. This key will be side by side with the new one. They are there without any radio. I will be begging a good tone oscillator from those hams who have them but now find it is of no use anymore.

The RM27 radio can be used to monitor to broadcast stations as well as a tone oscillator.

Different people have different views on amateur radio. They are entitled to their own views. It is a matter of values and interpretation. And people measure quality in different ways too.

To me CW key and CW is one of the tools to gauge the quality of a ham and the key, in any form and shape, carries the spirit and history of the ham radio.

21/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


OS:Alekz' Magrav Power System
from the Keshe Foundation


Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
October 31, 2015

This is the system described by Alekz, from Nigeria, presently living in the U.K., and Mr. Mehran T. Keshe during the 68th Knowledge seeker workshop of the Keshe Foundation, July 2+, 2015.

Though I remain skeptical about how "easy" this is, and how "practical" it is, and how ready it is to roll out; I do think there is something to this that is worth pursuing, after you wade through the hype in the presentations. Gratitude is in order for the Keshe Foundation in openly sharing these plans.

While a housewife could build one -- with proper instructions -- these plans are not plain enough for even a seasoned DYI person. It's only the most astute and intuitive that are likely to have success, if success can be had with this.

Stuart Campbell commented: "They have often said 'anyone can make it' but after having read the plans, I am not sure that many would be that keen to try. It would be too dangerous for amateurs."

They don't have a system photo with the main components labeled so you can get an overview of what goes where. How do the copper coil windings relate to the "firecracker" things? Does it require that spinning Keshe "antigravity" device nearby?

One big caution I see is that there is a warning to not surpass a 2 kW load (p. 2 of MP Manual). What doesn't make sense to me is that if you hook this up to your home, you're going to daily be surpassing that many times with typical usage of multiple electrical appliances in the home. An air conditioner will pull ~5 kW. The start-up of a refrigerator could surpass 2 kW. So it doesn't seem that this is ready to plug and play.

PESWiki is publicly editable (after you get your username/password; just ask). So you're welcome to help us update and correct this page.

But many says that Keshe Foundation is a scam and Keshe is a fake.

17/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Another day has passed. But it was full of activities and a little rushing here and there. Outside activities began with paying electrical bill. Not much though. It was only RM44.20. I used to pay between RM140 - RM250. Staying alone I do not use the freezer in the kitchen, no air conditioning, light off when I am not home. It took only about 7 minutes to settle the payment at the post office.

Assume that on the average I spend RM50 for electricity. For a year It would amount to RM600. For 10 years it will be RM6K. I won't live that long anymore. How much does the free energy generator cost ? The price range from RM25K to a few hundred thousands. It is far too expensive than paying the normal bil.

The next was taking my usual breakfast, a heavy one at the Indian restaurant. It was a late breakfast, at almost 10 am. While eating I remember to go to the Land Office to find out the next appoint date to discuss the property left by demised wife and to go to look for a computer stall which I used to give support to look at my  MacBook Pro. Minutes ants have been entering the machine via the keyboard. So much so I have difficulties in using keys U,I and O. To go to the Land Office I need to bring documents for easy reference. It was not with me. I have to rush home after breakfast.

As I have said that my mind always forget things. Immediately as I arrived home I went to look for the documents. Then did my prayer and rest till 2 pm. I did not remember about my computer at all. It was a complete blank.

The land office is about 5 miles from my home. I took about 10 minutes to reach the destination. The wait was short. The officer told me that I will be informed at the end of the month. I just nod my head and conveyed my thank. While I was leaving I tried to remember another program I planned to do. I did not remember what.

I drove slowly and was trying to recall my next intention. Finally I remembered that I want to go and find the computer shop. The shop is run by a Malay boy on a scratch, a handycap person with skilled in repairing non-Apple machines. I remember seeing him opening a Mac before. His rented stall was at the base level. In fact I went looking for it several times before. The shop was closed. This evening I took a point of inquiring from an owner of the neighboring restaurant. "First floor," said the man.

I went up on the first floor. I strolled the whole floor, found only one computer stall but did not see the handicapped boy. I thought it could not be the place. I went down again and the man gave me another instruction. I followed the instruction which took me to the same stall. I was glad to see the boy and told him about the ants entering my Apple via the keyboard. I need to clean the internal part of the machine. "Could you do it ? " I asked. He acknowledged that he could.

I rushed home from the city center, picked up my computer, changed my trouser to short pant for my evening exercise, and drove to the location again.

He opened up the bottom portion. It was very compact inside, tightly fit the compartment. The power supply, the hard drive, the DVD drive and the printed boards covered the keyboard. Components and the wires are too small. There were too many screws. There were so much husks made by the ants. It took him some minutes to remove those. He finally said that he could not open the keyboard. I asked him to put those stuffs back. I knew it would be very tough even for the experience technicians.

  "You do it. Try to suck any dirt from the keyboard from the top. I am going 
   for my jogging and will be back by 7," said I and left the shop.

I didn't jog. I did the brisk walking for four rounds of the outside track covering the distant of 4.8 kilometers. A slow walk would take about 15 minutes. The whole exercise was one hour. At almost 7 I arrived at the shop. He said he could not do it and refused to charge me. I insisted on paying for his time and service. He accepted RM20.

At home I was trying to locate my small vacuum sucker. I could not find it. I found the LCD screen cleaner. Pulling up the O,I and U keys a little I sprayed into them hoping the liquid could penetrate and washed the dirt. I blew inside them. To my amazement the three characters could be typed again. What a relief.

My dinner was late. Again I didn't know where to go for my meal. After 30 minutes driving around the town I landed at one restaurant. A waitress came. I asked whether they served ginger-fried fish. "Yes," was the reply. I ordered the ginger-fried bawal, rice and an apple juice. Within a minute the juice arrived. While waiting I took out my Samsung Note II and a marriage invitation card. I ran the free GPS and located the house. It took me some time tracing the location comparing the map on the card and on the GPS screen.

About 25 minutes later the same waitress came back to me and told me that there was no ginger fried fish and asked for a new order. I made a new order, fried mackerel and the Thai Tomyam. She went away. I waited. 10 minutes later she came back. "Yes, we have the ginger-fried fish."

               "Why the on and off ? " I asked.
               "Don't know. May be they are lazy to cook," she replied.

The owner of the restaurant passed me with a smile and I said to him that they should not let me wait for hours. I waited. 20 minutes later the food came. The ginger-fried fish did not look like what I expected. It was almost dry without any gravy. Since I was hungry I finished the food. The apple juice was not cold anymore. During my making the payment I told the owner that the fish was suppose to be sour, crispy, a lot of ginger and a lot of gravy. Any way the taste was delicious. He charged me RM17. It was not expensive for the size of the fish.

Now it is 12.08 am. It is already another day. The first thing I want to do after I wake up is to iron out my several black T-shirts that I feel comfortable to wear.

 1711/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




A smart and clever people has been regarded as dangerous to a nation or a society of business community. Being a scientist is not save. The inventor of free energy or anti-gravity hardware has been arrested, killed or missing. Or he may be warned to quit his work and he may be barred from leaving the country. It happens in USA. The Mosad regarded any smart Muslim scientist is a danger to Israel national security. A few Iranian scientists were murdered. The theory of the missing MH370 is not a strange news for the same reason.

Keshe, the Iranian scientist, who is on the Plasma energy had to give away the secrets to others for hear of being killed. CIA and MOSAD can't afford to go and kill everybody with such a knowledge. They want to know whether China and North Korea possess such a knowledge and have build up military hardware out of plasma concepts.

Several countries are known to have invented the free electric power. Pakistan, Turkey and Brazil are planning to sell the products away, which is not easy to get the world's market. Even Malaysia will not allow the import and sale of the free energy generator. Factories for those generators will be disallowed because TNB will be closing down. With mass production the machines would be very cheap and affordable by the common man.

The Indonesian has claimed that the free energy generator has been produced though at the prototype level. The people are waiting words from Jokowi. I believe it will be regarded as illegal in no time.

Right now there is nothing heard from this country. We don't have people who would go for the quest of anti-gravity and free energy technology. Probably we don't have enough smart people. Scientists here are not considered as a threat yet. But we do remember a man was arrested for selling to Pakistan a product considered dangerous to US national security. Our police does the work for USA and arrested a Malaysian who was just meeting a purchase of such good.

What threatened a leader may be killed or arrested. The police are keeping a watchful eyes on university lecturers, students and all other smart citizens and the ex-government servants. Najib himself has said that a loyal man is always desirable to the smart ones.

With the TPP it is most likely the Multi-National companies will buy over the energy sector and help to clear the 1Mdb fiasco. When that happen no Malaysian will be allowed to produce and sell any gadget that will generate electricity for the home use. Anyone with the capability of producing alternative energy will be stopped either by law, or killed like what had happened to Bala and Morais.

It sound cruel. But it is something normal for the survival and greed.

I believe that TPP has a long term objectives. Our scientist cannot do any research and development in areas detrimental to the business of the multi-national companies.

The question is; Will Najib be ordered to arrest or killed anyone who is smart enough to develop the amazing new technology that would be regarded as dangerous to US and Israel security ?


16/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


The Making of Plasma Coil


Hello young Malaysians, let us make some coils as shown in the clip above. How young is young ? If you are below 50 then you are a young and possess enough energy to follow the progress of a new technology today. Keshe, an Iranian, is preaching on the  free energy which he calls Plasma energy. Many Europeans hobbyists and professionals are following and move to do further investigation on it.

Here I quote from Jefferson Lab web page :

What is plasma?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter. Many places teach that there are three states of matter; solid, liquid and gas, but there are actually four. The fourth is plasma. To put it very simply, a plasma is an ionized gas, a gas into which sufficient energy is provided to free electrons from atoms or molecules and to allow both species, ions and electrons, to coexist. The funny thing about that is, that as far as we know, plasmas are the most common state of matter in the universe. They are even common here on earth. A plasma is a gas that has been energized to the point that some of the electrons break free from, but travel with, their nucleus. Gases can become plasmas in several ways, but all include pumping the gas with energy. A spark in a gas will create a plasma. A hot gas passing through a big spark will turn the gas stream into a plasma that can be useful. Plasma torches like that are used in industry to cut metals. The biggest chunk of plasma you will see is that dear friend to all of us, the sun. The sun's enormous heat rips electrons off the hydrogen and helium molecules that make up the sun. Essentially, the sun, like most stars, is a great big ball of plasma.

Others call the coil as Tesla coil. Some are still skeptical of Keshe. In fact it is not a new technology at all except on the part of anti-gravity levitation.

You can start with the simple coils and proceed to the more complicated ones as shown in the clip below. Good luck.


The Indonesians have already beginning to manufacture the free energy electrical energy.


14/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




As I checked the marriage invitation cards this morning I found that I missed 6 of them. Most were in September which I took for this very month. Probably my consciousness stopped for two months. That's not to talk on the number of time I let my tap ran for hours. It happened several times on different days. It was one Saturday which to me was Sunday when I specially bought big size prawns, asking the my usual restaurant owner to fry them and packed them to be given to my friends, to be told that it was Saturday as I found there was no one in the work place.

I have another 6 invitations, all in this months, which I hope I will not forget. On the 19th there are three, one of which is in Sungai Petani about 36 miles away. I have to cover all the three from 12.00 am to 5 pm. On the 21st there is on in Shah Alam. I already bought a train ticket to Kuala Lumpur, departing on the 20th from my home, and rush back immediately after the festival to catch a 4 pm train.

What could have happened to my brain cells ? Or are there some clots in the cranium ? It has to be either one.

Funny, once a while I did ask myself whether it is better to die or continue living in solitude  at the age of 70. Mind you with the deteriorating mental deficiency, I start to think of carrying a pen with me. I found an inked pen recently. Yesterday I went to buy a Parker ink which shocked me for the price of RM15.

What is the pen for ? I want to write words that I come across the e-book that I am reading while having meal at restaurants. I read intermittently with eating. It may be a rude practice but that's a new thing I always do nowadays. I bought a small notepad for this purpose.

The time will come when I have to jot down whatever I want to do for the day and make a daily checklist before I leave home like checking the pipe, electrical switches, floor sweeping, looking beneath my car for small kittens before I drive out, sweeping leaves outside my house etc.

Each time I started my car I knew where I was going but many a time during driving I did not remember where I was suppose to go and what I was suppose to do. I would remember them after arriving home or a few days later. It took me several times to remember buying cat food at the Giant super market.

What I forget at home on things that do not involve people are not worrying me. I am worried about forgetting to do my social obligation like attending matrimonial invitations.

I will try to consult my smart phone everyday for the day and the month.

14/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




A tuner and power meter is a real blessing for it made the whole starting of the radio so very quick and simple. Old transceivers using tube as a final do not have protective circuits and a slight error can blow up the tube easily. Proper tuning of Yaesu is quite complicated and the procedure is quite messy.

By Tuning To Maximum means the maximum power output set by a carrier by quickly adjusting Preselect, Plate and Loading. Our eyes would focus on the SWR power meter. Of course we have to start with low power. After the power needle has reached the maximumlevel, adjust the SWR for minimum reading. Then increase the carrier and observe the SWR. If it is not 1:1 repeat the SWR adjustment. Otherwise adjust the Preselect, the Plate and the Load once again for maximum reading.

Some hams are conservative with power as far as tuning is concern especially when using old transceivers like YAESU FT101. Owing to the absent of protective unit several delays in tuning using a carrier could decrease the valve efficiency or even could blow it. So they deployed voice tuning without a carrier and it is a pulsated power. Taking 10 seconds for each type of tuning the carrier method will produce more heat.

Voice tuning procedure would place the Mode switch to either USB or SSB. You can whistle quickly as you adjust the Preselect, Plate and Load ( some have no load button ). Sometimes you do hear the continuous yawning or the 'aaaaa....' until you get the maximum reading on the meter.

I am haunted by my own psychology, fearing heated final tube or mosfet could drain it's efficiency away.

It is said that peak envelop power is the very maximum power short term peak reached of either steady or varying heating power level.  Within 10 seconds a 100 volts of a carrier is having the peak envelope power of 100 watts because the peaks are the same cycle after cycle. If it is pulsed only half the time is 100 watts and the other is zero.

I prefer to be stupid rather than following the advice of the smarter guys who criticize the voice tuning. They brag away much of their wisdom. But I would not say the carrier tuning is bad or wrong. Experience and familiarity would not put their machines in bad shape. Moreover the new rigs are equipped with safety circuits and auto tuner. All you need to do is to set the frequency and the power you want, the rest is left to the computer system to adjust for you.

 12/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Not enough to tell lie alone Najib was accused of using a large sum of money to pay the local and foreigners to tell lie for him. The latest exposed by Sarawak Report was the stealing of people's identity.

It is not only the FBI is investigating Najib, there are others too. They would have gathered reports from the Malaysian government and also from other sources. Najib should feel disturb if he is honest and sincere in his work, never steal any money and run the country in a democratic manner. WSJ is still publishing news about 1Mdb despite of Najib's legal threat and Sarawak Report is exposing things day by day.

And this is the time when opportunists are exploiting Najib for cash in return for the promise to save Najib from all attacks. Perhaps a few may be willing to kill for him.

However much Najib can spend for his survival, he can't pay everybody in the whole world. He opened investigating files on Mahathir, the rest also opened investigating files on him. They would also be looking at the death of PI Bala and Kevin Morais who knew so much on Najib's affair. Once someone even warned Zetty to be careful not to end her life as PI Bala or Kevin.

Using foreign agents is not cheap. UMNO does not have the fund to pay. Deepak or Ananda would not want to pay. Mahathir would want to know ehere Najib got the money for all his prodigious expenditure, where his son in-law get the money to buy properties in the United States, where Rosmah get the money for her big time shopping spree.

If Najib is honest he will dare to answer questions in court. If he doesn't people will take that he has not been sincere and had live with vices and avarices.

The propaganda spending is not to defend the nation or the sovereignty of Malaysia but to lie for him. Many Malaysians probably still want BN to rule but with a new leader. It is an unnecessary wastage paid by the fellow Malaysians.

11/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




The story of ISIS and Shieet in Malaysia is nothing other than the diversion issue, to blow the threat out of proportion so that the stealing of money from the citizens would be forgotten. 1Mdb is about the money lost and GST is about the bailout of 1Mdb. The lost is due to the stealing and the the GST is about forcing people to pay for the stolen money.

ISIS and Sheet are two different issues. Though both will be used to arrest or to kill any dissident who go against 1Mdb and Najib 2.6 billion the later is to split the Muslims and to call the Muslims to go against Iran. Iran is the only Muslim country that is considered strong militarily and will fight for the Palestinians. Mosad has penetrated the Muslim group in Malaya and is active in planting hatred against the Shieet sect.

Najib will play the game that will save him from persecution. The power consolidation is almost complete. Najib will not be drag to court and will be free from criminal charge. If there is a continuation of challenges against him he will use the ISIS and Shieet excuses to cut them off.

He has to spend a prodigious amount of money to corrupt foreign individuals to stop them from investigating him or publish more on his activities which were deemed to be criminal in nature. It may take billions of taxpayers money. If you take the 2.6 billion in his account you will see the structure of his expenditure, only a small portion for an elections. The rest for personal use. Or else he has to show how he used every single cent of the money. The foreigners being experience in their own game knows where exactly the 2.6 billion went.

 Najib has been taking months to come up with the written answers. If properly managed with full of honesty he needs less than one hour to provide answers to all question. By a press of a button all the figures could be displayed in detail. 1Mdb does not need to work out on the figures and start to key in the fake figures. You can know the truth and lies by the time taken.

He relies so much on Obama now and is willing to follow the desire of the United States, in the TPP and a military base against China. That's why he does not want the TPP to be debated and approved by the parliament. Like every other lie he will keep on saying the same thing over and over again - TPP is for the good of the people. GST is for the good of the people. Toll rise is for the good the people.

ISIS is too far away from Malaysia. When you talk about ISIS you must talk about the hardware as well. ISIS means a man plus an arm. A sympathizer of the IS is not an army. A person who owns a book on Mao is not a Communist. It is very remote for military hardware to flow into Malaysia from the distant Syria or Iraq. I would categorize it under impossibility. Hence when there is no arm, there is no IS. ISIS and Shieet threats are only mere diversion.

ISIS army with guns

Iran Flying Boats

It is sad that the Malaysian Muslims had fallen to Mosad deceptions. Israel is now having the Malays on their side against Iran. And the government exploit it to divert the focus from 2.6 Billions and 1 Mdb to the external Islamic threats.

Abdul Rahman Dahlan

Najib is very desperate to save his life. He knows the Malayans do not like him anymore. At every election his party was facing diminution and he too won by a very small margin inclusive of cheating and fraud.

He has to depend on the East Malaysians to maintain his power. Today you find many Sabahans become his spokesman. Rahman Dahlam, Salleh Said Keruak and Pandikar Amin are his front army.

And they have promised Najib that the Pekan man will be protected and saved by the East Malaysians.

The Malaysians see a bleak future with Najib holding to power.

He and his men had underestimated the Malayan, not knowing the strong will for vengeance borne in their blood that one day the young will become the Mosad like army hunting the Nazis who murdered millions of Jews to the very day.

The cyber army of Najib are running their blogs like some crazy people, driving readers to the peak of anger. The feedbacks in FaceBoook and other social media against the leaders are getting more aggressive each day. What more when Najib himself declare that loyalty to him is more important than the loyalty to the party.

10/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




My hope is kept alive when I found that my Windows 10 laptop can run Microsoft Frontpage 2003. I will be able to continue with my blog even though my Windows XP machine goes kaput. The other day my Acer could not boot. I rushed to a computer stall and enquired about the possibility of Windows 10 running the old microsoft softwares. I was told the new machines are using the quad-core running on 64 bits. I thought there was an end to it. I have an enormous amount of information on my website.

Somehow I could run my Acer again by using a new hard disk with a new XP installed. I felt relief for a while but still thinking of this old machine that will one day will be soon gone , and forever. At the same time I purchased a HP machine for 1K with Windows 8 which I upgraded to Windows 10 at home.

More than 2 weeks later I tried to install FrontPage 2003. To my surprise it works. I opened up several of my asp files and they were displayed well. Now my mind can forget about my blog anymore.

It is vital for an old man like me to find time to kill. Time flies when I am on the keyboard. It is much faster when I was on the ham band. Hours passed like a  minute.

Why FrontPage ? Number one, it is a software that I got so used to it. Secondly it is faster and easier to set the form and tables. It is of the WYSIWYG basis. As what I see on the screen as I typed or put up pictures, that is what I would see when I opened it up on the internet. Of course there are other interesting web developer programs. The problem is I am not accustomed to them and I am having a large amount of old data in my storage.

Successful with one does not mean I am successful with all the old software. I tried to install Visual Basic 6 but it refused to accept. My anti-virus rejected the installation due to the trojans that comes with it. It also mention that my memory is low. In my mind the 64 bit machine would not accept the 32 bit software of some design. May be I will upgrade the RAM a little bit more.

For a time being I can relax and enjoy myself now that I know my Windows 10 is not totally useless after all.

09/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof





For people with space problem magnetic loop antenna will be the solution. Even the construction is simple. I am one of those without an ample space for an 80 meter antenna. Many people recommended that the 80 meter band would be good with the 6 feet of loop diameter. The circumference would be about 18.8496 feet. It could be mounted to a wooden block or to a PBC pipe. The two ends are connected to a variable capacitor. It has another loop which is about 1/5 of the outside loop. The circumference is about 3.7695. It is this piece that is connected to the coaxial cable. It will induce the current to the outer loop.

At the initial stage I have to look at the variable capacitor. I used to have many of these before but I gave them away to radio friends. I also have to find out copper foundry or shop that sell copper tube. I don't know how much it would cost me for 23'. Copper is expensive nowadays and price keeps on climbing as GST, toll and other taxes arise. I also have to think how to mount the copper to the PBC or to a piece of wood.

The highest I can put is on top of my car porch. That will post a problem of tuning the capacitor. I believe the capacitance will change as the antenna gets higher. On the ground will be different. I know I will have to tune it only once because I only want to work on 80. Of the worst I could do is to tune it at the ground level and then brings it up on the porch.

Not many people use the 6' diameter loop. Many cut to half of it's size, 3 feet in diameter.

Probably by mid 2016 I can start hoisting this antenna up and but a few new transceivers for the come back.

09/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof





I don't run this country

When Najib arrests Mahathir our economy will be doomed. Najib may not be having problem with the Malaysians especially those from Sabah and Sarawak but it is from the world. It is not a factor of empathy or sympathy but a factor of Najib's character. It is very despicable for a man to arrest a man who made him a Prime Minister. And Najib has left a vivid trail seen by the world to keep secret about money going into his personal account.Image result for images of mahathirImage result for images of najib

But Najib is a special specie who does not care as to what is happening to Malaysia economy. He wants to believe that ailing currency and plunging investments are all not due to his doing. He believes it was due to Mahathir and all those other people who attacked the 1Mdb. He also believe that he is the man to be respected and obeyed not UMNO. UMNO can vanish and shattered as long as he can remain a Prime Minister.

Don't talk about Mahathir's arrest but let us talk about Mahathir's death. Without the ex-Prime Minister who made Najib a King, the economy will not revive with Najib remains in power. Would he care about the suffering of the people ? NO. He continues to live a lavish life of an emperor, spending money as to his wish and likings, and arresting those who criticize him.

It is the foreigners who will move away from Najib except those who want to share the loot . Investors have been moving away since they lost their trust on our leader. Najib will be seen as a pure evil to put his benefactor in jail. No amount of money can he spend to justify his action.


He has been having a bad track record in elections. He won by a very small majority even in his own state. He has to leans so much on Sabah and Sarawak where the people are acclimatized to the native culture and leaders of myopic mentality, a single track short sighted authoritarian zombe. The old timers, loyal to Mahathir, would not vote for UMNO anymore. They will not vote for PAS too. Hadi Awang is like a big time UMNO man wearing PAS cloak.

The foreigners view the future of this country unstable and in a state of turbulence. They predict the unpopularity of Najib by looking at the Yellow shirt turnouts. They compared to the politics of Syria and compute the possible uprising. The Malays hate Najib. The Chinese hate Najib. The economy will be worsened.

A Malay like me who did not like Mahathir's administration and his many programs would not give a thumb up to Najib. We would see Najib to be much worse than his Mahathir. The world is perceiving the same view. You will notice will continue to parade himself as if nothing has happened and assert himself as a righteous person. Other leaders would whisper among themselves on whether we do still have shame in us.

07/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




To a believer or non believer death is something normal. There is no point lamenting and crying our hearts out. As a human we do feel sad or sometime regret that we have not done enough to our father and mother while they were still alive. A believer believes that he will meet them again in the eternal world. There is nothing to worry about if we have honored God and do good to the people in our society. At least that's what I believe as a Muslim. I have to respect the beliefs in other religion whatever they may be.

A lawyer, engineer, doctor, King, Prime Minister and the strongest and the wealthiest does not turn into gold and silver when he dies. He does not feel he is on the apex of the throne. No amount of money buried with him could give him happiness and comfort.

If in our life we do nothing but solely hunting for money we will be missing a lot of other things like love and affection, caring towards the needy and the helpless and the joy of making others happy. Steve Job realized that the sea of money around him could not buy his health. Indeed he did not take them with him.

Those who still breath the fresh air should be more concern of the living, their relationship with the others, their health and daily activities and to manage themselves well. Everyone is busy with his own problems and the need to survive. Another part of our life is not to cause pain on the others by words or deeds. We will be cursed for our foul mouth or our demonic actions.

People in power tend to forget who they are in reality. They thought force would give them respect and people would bow to pressure. All they create is the intense hatred, despicable words were used against them and they are waiting for the day to see those so called dignified persons suffer.

Some Sultans are very close to God. They understand what life is, only temporary greatness.

Nevertheless we appreciate at whatever things the dead left for the living, of science and technology, of his wisdom and morality, of his visions and his advice. The family members get his wealth. If he dies as a villain he will be recorded in history as a tyrant. I don't approve for a tyrant to be killed but make him suffer by perpetual torture.

When a despotic ruler or his associates passed away millions would celebrate because they have witnessed the disappearance of one evil. Their life will go on as usual. The dead never come back. He just went dissipated. Not even the 2.6 billion could be used to bargain with God. Among questions he has to answer, "Why do you lie so much to the people ? "

06/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Truly the free energy is around that can make million of homes running free electricity. The permanent magnet motors invented by the Pakistanis and the Turks are hard to find markets as there is a war of deception waged by the fossil fuel producers. I am sure the government of Malaysia will not allow the importation of the free energy electrical generators. TNB will surely be closed down.

Even if you can smuggle one you cannot cut the electrical supply by TNB unless you are willing to fight for your right in court, in which the court will decide for the state. To avoid suspicion you need to use the free energy for 10 or 15 days and pay less to the supplier.

But I am sure the gadgets are already in some of the Malaysian homes. Somebody is selling them covertly.

Chinese companies do sell parts to assemble the permanent magnet motor. It poses a great risk if the project does not work.

generator alternator Type low rpm permanent magnet alternator

generator alternator Type low rpm permanent magnet alternator

US $20000-200000 / Set ( FOB Price)

1 Set (Min. Order)

Place of Origin: CN;SIC

Brand Name: wawushan

Type: permanent magnet generator alternator

type: generator alternator

frequency: 50-60hz

power factor: 0.8

4kw High Efficiency Permanent Magnet Generator4kw High Efficiency Permanent Magnet Generator

2 Sets (Min. Order)

Place of Origin: CN;SHN

Brand Name: Sunshine power

Model Number: YGDL-100

Type: Alternator

Permanent Magnet Generator: Alternator

Power: 4kw


Everywhere loomed the inventors of permanent magnet motor. People are getting skeptical to see the simple and small machine that claim to save big money. We also hear of an inventor who claims he captures the radio wave vibrations and amplify it to produce megawatts of power.

The bottom line is still money unless you can produce your own machine. or your mind is able to visualize a new form of plasma energy and how to find it.

For a time being let us try to get hold of the Pakistani permanent magnet motor and try it. It is not a crime to put free light in our home for we are not stealing from anybody.

06/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I shrunk myself by throwing away knowledge that I would have known, and suppressing information that pang my heart. The lesser I know the less worry I get. I close myself from reading newspapers and watch TV a long time ago. I do not subscribe to ASTRO. Those would save me a few hundred dollars.

Being stupid and keep it to myself does not hurt me. Only my world is getting smaller. Even if I were to be smart people would still say that I am a senile old man. For a senile old folk the less we talk the better.

My shack used to be very noisy with radio signals occupying the four walls. Now it is quite and serene. Occasionally I would hear song that came from my website .  I cut myself from the radio world as well.

Friends send clips and news on WhatsApp. Some I read. Some I don't. There are too much on religion trying to make me a better Muslims. Some video footage were very entertaining and informative. I did not put effort to remember them. Whatever I watched and listened would be forgotten soon after.

To me NOW is an age with new values and people do not care about morality. Do people know what is right and what is wrong ? Social and family values have undergone a massive change. None is palatable to my taste, for we have been living in the world of different form and space.

To ignore the present totally is almost impossible. We are living in it. We have to deal with the technological progress when we are paying bills and other dues, doing shopping at the shopping centers, use the state of the art transportation system and equipped our homes with the modern gadgets. We have to abide by departmental rules and regulations and observe their ethics. We have to bear with whatever system that we don't like.

Natives who are still living in the deep jungle would be more peaceful if they are not threatened by the greedy capitalist readily to fell trees or build unnecessary dams. They do not need to know DS Najib or Rosmah Mansor, GST or TOL raise, whether Malaysia is world champion in soccer or not. But today they hardly live in peace as their lands are being cleared and they struggle to find a safe place to stay.

I am not running away from life. I am just trying to avoid the nonsense and absurdity of the new era. Lies and spinning and words twisting has become a norm. Almost the whole spectrum of human specie have become greedy and selfish. How many people are still carrying shame with them ? There are those who robbed but being supported by the people whom we should labeled as immoral. They made heroes out of criminals.

There is no way that I can change the world. I can't even influence one single simple soul. I have no resource and no energy left to defend the old values and beliefs. Who cares about trustworthy, integrity, filial piety,  honesty, responsibility, diligence, etiquette and mutual respect anymore ? They are mere stickers without spirit and substance. They replaced rhetoric with deeds.

Our ears is not to hear sins. Our eyes is not to see evil and avarices. If we have no alternative but to float in the sea full of evil and stupidity we have to jump and lock ourselves in a cocoon. Let the howling and the humming echo at the outside. Let the Image result for solitudelaughter and the cry filled the atmosphere.

I do not steal from anyone from being stupid. I don't kill anyone by calling people greedy and selfish. I don't make Najib and Rosmah poorer by hating their spending demeanor.

If people are happy to stay lazy and love to get free things from the government and their peers let them be.

This is a free world.

05/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



If you are not happy with Najib you have to blame Mahathir. The later had made a lot of people suffer. I still get letters from lawyers of Indah Water belonging to Mahathir's crony. All he did was grooming Najib to be some sort of a monster.  He pays his price for making Najib a PM.

Some blame the voters who were stupid enough to go for BN. But in the democratic process of election there is  always a flaw. There are the elements of money, corruption and gangsterism.  Saddam and Ghadafi could never be brought down by the normal electoral process. And the ruling party will hold on to it's power by all mean at any cost.

We live in fear when Mahathir was a Prime Minister. It was just like a Gestapo state. Secret police were sent to mosques and the kenduris to spy and arrest the dissidents. He privatized services to rob the public by mending the statue of law. There was a yo-yo in MAS, buy when it profitable and sell when it was losing. PERWAJA went astray and Bank Bumi suffered a severe lost.

I remember very well we talked about Mahathir on end from Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur while driving. We came to a conclusion that God will punish him in both worlds.

He created authoritarianism in UMNO. He made Putrajaya supreme not the parliament. He manipulated judiciary. And his greatest mistake was after his retirement, kicking out a good man and place Najib instead.

The Malayan found that Najib was a liability. He is aware of his declining popularity. He has to cling to the Sabahans and the Sarawakians to stay in power. He has to beg the Chinese to vote for MCA and Gerakan. And now he claims that 'number is not important'. In fact to Najib UMNO is not important at all. To him Najib Razak must come first.

The assessment on Najib administration basically come from three prongs. The first comes from his own team which of course painted flowery and glittering beauty. Everything is the best, no robbery, no corruption and UMNO is an angel. The second from the people as shown by the number of Yellow shirt protestors. And the third by the foreign investors and other foreigners. It is the last that counts the most. They will not be influenced by Mahathir or by local opposition party members. Their assessment on Najib is the most true and the most valid.

What do you think the foreigners and the investors thought of Najib ?

04/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



A person asked me for a RM50K loan and recently carried off my RM450 coins told me that she cannot help me because her son is having an exam at a school about 200 miles away. I asked her to pick me up from the car service center at 9 am and send me home. It would not take more than 30 minutes.

I have to send my car again to Produa Service Center about 6 miles away to change the gear oil seal and pick it up in the evening.

I have the alternative to wait at the workshop or take a few miles walk to Tesco supermarket nearby. Probably it is only about 1 1/2 miles. On this day I can skip my evening walk replacing it with the morning exercise.

You may ask me whether I have given the 50K loan. No. The money was not with me yet. I would have given it away if things would have been right on the procurement process. You could guess what will be my decision now. The son is 200 miles away sitting for exam papers and she is busy here.

When I am asking for help I can't force people to deliver it. Everybody has his right. They may be busy and have more important jobs to do.

Don't I have any other friends to help me ? I do but I don't want to trouble them. They did not ask for any big favor. After all it is not a big deal.

Imagine my feeling if I had given the 50K loan without any witness and paper signed. Could I get back my money. A ham radio friend, a 9W, promised to pay back a 500 ringgit loan within a week is never to be seen until today. It is a devil in disguise. Probably God is telling me not to proceed with the lending.

That's why I have been telling that it takes years to really know a person. You can't pick up someone you have just met on a street or on the webpage as a friend and to trust him with your belongings.

Most of the time I bear with persons' habits and characters. Not all the bad habits were revealed. I observed that the characters seem to correlate with the level of education. Lowly educated pride themselves as being haughty and arrogance, living with lies and deception. It may not be true to all.  I am not talking about the RM50K guy.

Remember, disappointment can be a devil in disguise.

03/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




Keshe born as an Iranian but had been living outside the country for a long time. He is a scientist who work on free energy and anti-gravity.




If there is an Iranian it is not possible to have a Malaysian or a Malay like Keshe ? I think Rosmah Mansor can provide the answer.                  

02/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




With the demise of Soviet Union only two nations could post as a threat to USA's quest to become the Emperor of this universe; China and North Korea. These two countries must be contained their military power must not be allowed to be above US defense capability. Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia and Australia will check Chinese expansion in the South China sea and the seas around Japan and Korea. New technology must not be allowed to enter the Middle Kingdom at all cost.

To the United States and Israel the world is in a state of war. Killing is normal. Israel had bombed a United States warship during the Middle East conflict. In a state of war mistaken identity happened and the ship was thought as an enemy freighter. The shootings of women and children of the warring countries is part and parcel of the war. Similarly, it had to be done to MH370 which was feared to pass technological stuffs to China.

                                                         US base at Diego Garcia

China was warned not to further increase her air-craft carrier. But China displays herself as a peaceful and friendly nation, only desired in defending herself against terrorism. She is more interested in developing higher technology both for economy and for defense.

What is not predictable is North Korea, inferior to USA in arms and technology by the leaders can be crazy enough to throw bombs at her close neighbors. There have been several exchanges between the North and the South Koreans.

Modern war deployed drones to shoot the enemy. They use laser and anti-missile missiles. They use remote control on enemy's vehicles.

China is not so stupid not to be aware of the state of the art weapons, and of USA's strategy to keep in control. Instead of using firepower in the current war they wage war on economy. We are mere spectator, we are observing the cunningness of both nations.

CIA have dealt with Soviet Union for a long time. The great Soviet finally fell. How long could China sustain her resilience is yet to be seen.

02/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




I won't buy Kaspersky anti-virus anymore. The last I bought gave me problem the moment I installed it. The registration number was not valid. After a long struggle I could download the database. About 2/3 months ago my laptop went kaput. It refused to register when I re-installed it. I have until December before it should expire.

I am sure I am not the only one with the painful experience. I am just warning the potential buyer to be more careful in choosing the anti-virus software.

Had not because of my writing blog on this XP machine using MS Frontpage, I would have opted to Apple Mac. In fact I would recommend all Malaysians to go for Mac machines. It is durable and speedy. I have been using it for many years without any of the anti-virus stuff. Though Windows 10 is trying to emulate the Mac OS style of usage it would stay be slow running on different micro processor.

Using other anti-virus software to scan my hard disk which formerly used Kaspersky protection, I found there were a few hundred malwares and viruses undetected by Karspersky. Right now my current laptop is without any protection. Every now and then Kaspersky pop up kept on reminding me to purchase the new license.

Buying anything at all from the computer and phone stalls in this country is very risky. Pricey mobile costing a few thousand ringgit may be fake made in China. Big companies like Maxis is more trustworthy. Get them to register your purchase. Selling fakes as original gave the vendors more profit.

I think the antivirus software that I bought was a fake one.

02/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




A person has a right to do anything legal of his choice. Legal means legal in the eyes of God and the people. Sure a government can write regulations to dump things she like at her own whims and fancies to make legal or illegal. Anyone can choose to like or hate Rosmah Mansor as long as he does not parade his hatred in public with an insolent act, or howling slanderous words to shame her.

I have said time and again that I can't force people to like me and praise me for good things I have done on them. And they can't force me to accept their will, beliefs and policies. The other day when I wanted to park my car at a certain location for two weeks there were voices against it. Of course it was for my own good. But it was my own decision and I did whatever I wanted to do. I had to accept any consequence that strike me.

There are good laws design to protect the general public. There are bad laws design to rob the people. Politicians are fond of making bad laws to take people's money without pity. Such laws flourished during Mahathir's era of privatization and forming third party to put burden on the people. The current administration continues supporting the devious regulations.

Private clubs and societies have their own set rules for the members. If we don't like them we can avoid them and form our own free of rules or coercion. Once a member one has to submit to the requirements. We have the choice to accept or to leave it.

As individuals and citizens, do we have an absolute freedom of choice ?  Certainly we can think whatever we want and like whoever we choose. This is an absolute state that we have. It is a freedom that nobody can rob. To hate with verbal or physical insult could land us in physical retaliation or legal action taken on us. We can't escape paying the crazy rise of rates and taxes and insurance premium. It is believed that US government is planning to use machines to scan people's thought to check whether you are a terrorist or not.

We have to depend on the wisdom of others to decide our fate. We can't deny the choice they made.

01/11/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




There are many new terms that I am not aware of. It began with the word KANTOI. I don't know how it comes about and who invented it. If is a Malay in origin, I would have known since my school days.

The other night I went to Sri Malaysia to have my dinner. There was a new lady at the counter. "You must be new," I said. "Where is the old one ? "

"She quit and does her own business," the lady replied.

"What business and where ? "

"Day time she is at Simpang Kuala and at night she is at UPTOWN."

After my dinner I drove around looking for  shop that is called UPTOWN. There wasn't any. I thought of doing the search again the next day. In the meantime at home I made a goog;e search, which pointed out that UPTOWN is the night stalls near the stadium.

And I asked my sister in-law what SELFIE meant.

As the word KIPIDAP I caught the meaning by myself, guessing by it's sound as Keep It Up.

No wonder, when I was teaching Malay in Kiet Hwa secondary school I found the words and sentences use by the Chinese students were of high class language. The Chinese students were serious in learning BM and strived for credits. You will be amazed reading the essays they wrote.

In my opinion the most beautiful language that is pleasing to hear is the Thai. It is soft and melodious. I doubt the Thais would permit unnecessary pollution.

One lady teacher I observed has been using all the short forms and new words on her facebook postings. I hardly understood what she was suppose to convey. I believe teachers should minimize all the new words and new style of writing messages.

There is nothing wrong with the word selfie. It is not Malay though it is being adopted throughout the world.

Malaysia is still having an educational crisis. New leaders came with new policies. Politicians are concern of making money, dividing the populace and protecting criminals. Are we not in a chaotic state ?

30/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof




People have been asking me of what I always do at home every day. Even the daily house maid quipped that it has to be very boring.

There are a lot of things I want to do but I could not accomplish them all. Cleaning the compound alone will take a few hours and leaves are falling everyday. Time is much stolen by my Android and laptop computers. I do not have time to watch TV or switch on my radios. Facebook, Whatsupp, Youtube and online free movies have been entertaining me for quite some time. Only at the edge of midnight I would watch videos on my HD TV.

I have decided to put to a rest on my radio. For a time being my radio world will be closed until some time later in the future. I only have two working walkie-talkies and a couple of power supplies left. A Diamond power supply which I recently bought was given away for free to a lady ham who was badly in need of it. Without the big radios, my desk looks neater, does not look messy anymore. But my shack is full of clothing and shirts hanging on the wall. The unused washing machine and a mini-bar are left to take the room's space away.

I cannot predict when I will come back on the ham band. I used to stay away from the radio for more than 10 years before, engrossing myself with computer chat. I did forget the hobby totally. I returned to the hobby in 2002 to find a huge changes in the philosophy and it's structure. Together came the sophisticated computers and the soft wares. The world gave keen focus on the new network technology. And I was deeply involved in developing applications for various usage.

Today being lonely my mental state is not as before. I rarely talk to people except for a few words whenever I went shopping or ordered my dinner. I do not find pleasure listening to ham radio communication, TV news and other form of broadcasts and entertainment anymore. I kept on forgetting things, names and what I wanted to do. I did feel at time that I am an outcast Pariah.

My stepping out of the radio world for a more comfortable refreshing field is just like leaving the country for a short vacation overseas. In fact my imagination is full of traveling euphoria. I set the traveling plans and start fantasizing them even without agent confirmation. It wasn't like more than 40 years ago when my mind was filled with nothing but to reach home the quickest possible from my workplace to kick start the CQ call. Those were the days even when Zainal, 9M2ZA, was never heard on the air.

Computer has left a great impact on every society. It brings people together. Distant communication is free and we can choose either the visual or speech mode. Live image is superbly clear. The size is further compressed to palm size and put in our pockets. The mobile units enabled us to reach the other side of the world while we are moving or lying on a beach.

Despite my laying off my radio I have to admit that I went to exercise my mind by opening the, where I tuned to the Morse codes and let my mind interpret them. It was a form of mind  sharpening. Till now I do not feel I miss anything at all.

30/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



When I started in Vocational Secondary school as a Principal it was full of frustrations. I could not make my school as outstanding as I wanted it to be. People simply did not like me especially officers from the education department. Like all other vocational schools science and mathematic result had not been above 50%. Teachers blamed the students as stupid and useless. It was just an co-incident that most teachers were non-graduates.

Then there was a change in policy that all non-graduate teachers must be replaced with the graduates. We were asked to submit names of all the non-graduates to be replaced. I did not submit all but chose to retain the hardworking ones and those who did not put the blame on the students or their parents.

It was like a miracle when the performance of all the academic subjects including mathematics and science shot up to above 80% with the new graduate staffs. It was amazing and incredible as the number of the 1st graders increased. Many were poor achievers on the entry level.

The school was design to accommodate those who did not fare well in the Form 3 examination. These boys were not interested in hearing teachers teaching. They prefer to do practical work.

As years passed by the students became more matured. We encouraged them to pursue academic excellence as well. The performance of our school became known to many. The number of applicants soared up. There were applicants from all over Malaysia. Some schools were facing under-applicant.

Students with 9,8 and 7 As sent the application form. I called the parents and gave a frank talk, pointing our system cannot make a student an engineer or an architect. They need to go to Technical Secondary school or stay foot in their respective schools in science stream. So far they agreed and seek an alternative approach.

We have still a big number with 5As. The parents would simply dismissed my explanations. I have a lawyer friend who applied for building construction. "Do you want your son to be a carpenter ? "

"He wants to be an architect," he replied. "He can't," said I. And he insisted that his son to remain in my school. And I have another school Principal's friend who insist his son and daughter to be there.

We studied all the requirements needed for further study for the bright students. We went to Universiti Utara Malaysia to have some discussions. They accepted Data Processing as one of the subjects and require Basic Economy which was not in our course of curriculum. My teacher volunteered to teach Basic Economy outside the school time table. All were done for the Commercial classes.

Then we introduce art and craft. A friend of mine was willing to teach for free and a teacher volunteered to be an instructor. Finally we introduced additional mathematics to those who were interested to sit for the exam. Then we gave all; the trade, the skill and the academic. You would be surprise even the normal students followed the additional mathematic classes.

Again the result of the public exam showed excellence.

Big guns from the education departments began to send their kids or relative to my school. Funny one lady officer gave me very low grade on my assessment. She said, "I assess you, not your school."

Our school won prizes at national level almost every year. We became champion in the cleanliness and landscaping, in innovation and invention. We were runners up in several. Until our school became the bench mark for all the technical and vocational institutions.

In year 2000 I was transferred out because I was not in agreement with my boss in Kuala Lumpur. I called him as ungrateful lot and chose to leave the system. He called me mad and told everybody I was mad.

A year later the champion school began to lose it's glitter. Several years later this same school had to visit and learn from other school. Why ? They pulled out what we had put in. They plugged out one by one.

It was not my school anymore. To me the whole happenings was a miracle. How could my friends with good kids trust so much that their sons and daughters would achieve something from our school. The impossible happened. My lawyer's friend son became an architect.

I considered myself a Pariah, a useless person. But I walked out with my head high to another school a few yards away. I was told by a friend that the officers in the District Education Officers had a big head ache every year because parents were demanding to put their kids in my new school. Our result shot up year after year. An administer of my old school asked me what I did to my new school.

I shrugged my head. "Nothing....," said I.

But I can tell you that a normal man won't make a change. Neither are the bootlickers. It takes a mad man to change the world, for good or for bad.

30/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



Europeans are of the habit of setting up their own workshops to build from a simple to sophisticated projects. One man who is working on permanent magnet constructs the whole product by himself. But he has a CNC machine, wood work and electronic lab with complete facilities. A normal individual can't even afford a lathe machine in this country.

At a public invention and innovation club the government could equipped the lab with all the necessary materials and equipments so that the youths who have nothing to do after leaving schools could initiate their own team for the constructions of new inventions. Let us start with a single lab first and organize the manpower with a knowledgeable manager and skilled instructors with fixed salaries. No money to be given to the young people who spend their time at the institution except for light food and drinks. Allowance will only be paid once the project under construction does show promise.

There is no formal teaching of mathematics or science but participants can always discuss those topics that are relevant to the formula on the project designed.


We are not merely looking at the scientific and technological development but also on the social aspect. We don't the unemployed youths to waste their time on criminal activities. At least while waiting for the job they have some interesting things to do.

A few amazing inventions could change their live. In this aspect I still wonder what is happening to the Pakistani who invented permanent magnet motor that can be attached to a high powered generator. In fact Pakistan could sell the invention to the world.

Is it too ambitious for such a program ? I don't think so. Get the right people to run the show everything will be fine. BUT it must be kept out of politics. Someone might want to choose some empty head crony to lead the project objective. We fear he will us more funding for his own pocket. Sorry, that's what I believe politicians are.

30/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



I always remember that having a human in a home is not as having a TV or a washing machine. A human has a spirit and a soul, the mind and an emotion, the needs and the lust. You can forget your TV and a freezer unattended for months and years but you can't pretend there is no person in your house when there is one there. Attention need to be given. Conversations have to be done to kill the boredom and to feel that lives exist in the house. Words used have to be carefully selected as not to hurt each other's feelings. Marriage is a complex state.

I am thinking another way round so that people would come to know if I were to die alone.

This is life. I am not the only one who is living in solitary confinement. I know many passed away quietly and to be discovered some time later by friends or relatives. If I choose  this kind of life then I should not worry about dying . And continue to enjoy my magnanimous freedom.

I don't have to please anybody. I do things my way. Nobody forces me to obey his or her will. I make my own rule. I am in command. I don't have to worry about spending money on another soul.

It sounds selfish but I do not hurt anybody nor do I robbed them of  their wealth and freedom.

However my mind may change in the coming future. As a weak specie we cannot reject what God decides for us.

At time it came across my mind that I want to go back to school again in USA. I believe the university could give me a scholarship even though I am nearing 70.

29/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof



What am I going to do today ? I would be a common question for a pensioner like me. But I have a lot of questions on what am I going to do tomorrow or in the near future. Working people seem to have more programs for the future and note them down in their diaries.

I promised a friend to have fried prawn at Majid restaurant. He was so busy that he could not confirm the date and the prawns are not always available. The restaurant would charge at about RM8 or RM9 for a medium size piece.

This morning I drove about 6 miles away to  look for the prawns. I was lucky to have found the medium to big ones at RM45 per kilo. There were 17 pieces altogether. I took the prawns to Majid. They will be fried next week.

Feasts and marriage festivals are coming. This evening my next door neighbor send invitation for a feat. Invitations for marriage festivals received so far were two. More will be coming. One will be in Sungai Petani, about 36 miles from home and another in Shah Alam. For Shah Alam I already bought the electric train tickets yesterday.

And in December I have to be at the local Land Office.

When future is so tight with programs and activities which we have to oblige, only a little is left for our own to do what we want. We have to squeeze ours in between times. For people who like to travel they have to choose the trip of a short duration at places nearby .

Yesterday I asked myself, "What am I going to do tomorrow ? " I told myself I would try to service my car and buy prawns at Kubang Rotan. I could buy the prawns but could not do the service. The appointment will be tomorrow at 9.30 am.

At between 9 to 9.30 the roads won't be so congested. Yet you see cars on the roads. I would always ask myself who are those people. Don't they go to work ? In parks I would see young lovers and people playing takraw when they should be at their workplace. So on the 28/10/2015 I will be at the Produa Service Center for almost half of the day.

Now people talk of 'Time Management' which I have not heard in the 50's and 60's. True indeed that time is a very precious and an important element in our life. The Muslims are asked to utilize the time well and not to waste it  unnecessarily ."

Pop up and abrupt invitations could be very annoying. It could be as soon as an hour. Most of the time they clashed with our programs. A few days of notice should be welcomed.

I hate most at those who do not honor their promises. On several instances I cancelled all other plans and appointments  just because I had made a promise with him. But when the time came and after a long wait he would call me to say he has something else to do. He robbed me of my precious time. Try to imagine how I held felt. Really I don't regret losing a friend who has no integrity.

I have a  feeling that people who do not think and plan for tomorrow, next week, month and 10 and 100 years to come will be on the losing end. He will be miserable in the later part of his life.

28/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Image result for time machine image

Riding a time-machine.

Once it was theorized that the farther we go from earth the slower will be the time. I used to hear of the phrase Time Warp. May be it has something to do with this. The theory was depicted in the movie The Planet of the Apes.

I don't believe that time can be halted or delayed. No doubt we can see or hear the past today. The light of a star we see is not the current light. It is the light sent probably million of years ago. Similarly a wave of a voice may travel to the moon and reflected back to the earth back and force for 5 years and suddenly captured and heard.

They are from the past. The past therefore exist.

But many believe that the future is our making. Science fiction movies have been showing that people can go to the future, look at the events and come back to readjust their behaviors so that the future they saw will not happen.

Religions however believe that the future has been laid out. One's behavior will follow the path that have been programmed inside them. They call it predestination.

In a way we cannot blame the few people who rule and control the world. Their achievement did not pop out of the thin air. They sat together and planed and planed, setting strategies to conquer the future. If you talk of the power of Illuminati, it was not of a sudden emergence. The First President of America was an Illuminati and also a few of the successors.

There are attempts to bring the sickly people to the future for cure by freezing them. They will be awoken up may be 100 or 200 years from the freezing took effect. But it has nothing to do with time per se.

For general men they must compute their future by asking questions and find the answers themselves.


We have just heard that the Silat group head by Rastam is willing to go to war. And Najib endorsed him by saying Silat group would be made the National defense force. I remember seeing a movie called The Beast of No Nation where young boys were recruited to be rebels, trained and underwent a certain rituals. These people were told they were invisible to the enemy and immune to bullet penetration. Then I remember the boxer rebellion and the conquest of Melaka by the Portuguese.

If the Silat Defense Force is so great then Malaysia could send the force to Tel Aviv headed by Rastam to capture Netanyahu and destroy the entire knesset. Eventually the Silat gang, like Gengiz Khan, can conquer the Western nations country by country.

Can we count on Rastam to make the Malays the police of the World ?

May be in the present century the Keris and the Silat have turned the them into super humans. Otherwise Najib would have not hail them as a national defense force.  And it is good for the Malays to take the IQ test to enlist them in any of the Silat group.

Some Mossad agent will have to tell Netanyahu to learn the Silat to defend himself and fight off Rastam the powerful.

26/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Image result for image of the silat


Image result for image a man and machine guns

No Silat


My sensation of a trip may be different from other travelers. The joy I felt was not during the trip proper but it began from the day my booking was confirmed. The next trip to Spain and Morocco is not conformed yet because the travel agency does not have it opened yet. Already, the sensation of excitement has begun. You may not believe me if I were to say every trip to USA was prepared one year ahead. Luggage was ready 6 months before and it was filled slowly bit by bit.

Image result for pyramid of egyptEvery night before sleeping I would fantasize  the tour from day one, imagining the people in the group and picture the environment. Fantasizing things are always like fairy tales, full of beauty and happiness. The vacation program may take 4 days but the dream was much longer. I traveled first in my dream before the real physical venture. Actually it was worth the money spent. It brought joy and happiness for almost perpetually.



6 months before a trip I would start Image result for beautiful montenegrothinking what sort of clothing I want to bring. Lately I love T-shirts which are only suitable for summer. It would also save space. Summer in USA could be very  hot. The heat wave did kill people especially in the Mid West. April to June should be suitable with the T-Shirts. Europe won't be too warm even in Summer except the Balkan states. The choice is usually a summer time trip. The winter clothing will take up much of baggage space. For every trip I would buy a pair of new cheap rubber shoes of a lower quality between RM25 - RM50. But for shirts I would bring those I like, even used 10 - 20 years ago.


About 3 months before I would start Image result for great wall of chinamaking inquiry on the mode of Alor Setar - KLIA transportation. Ifcheap plane tickets are available I would buy it. If it is more than RM400 for a return cost. There is a bus to KLIA and to Putrajaya. The last time I took a bus to KLIA it stalled half way and I had to jump to another bus which only took me to Puduraya. Going to Putrajaya and then catch the train to KLIA is also without hasle. Once in a while I took a train. Usually I would buy the ticket at the earliest possible time.


The final thought was how to go to the airport, railway station or bus Image result for gondola in venicestop. I would try not to trouble people, neighbors or friends. Many a time I drove to the airport and parked my car there.

At least for six months my mind would be occupied on  nothing else but the trip. These are the spices of life in trips and traveling to me. They are real pleasure and full of excitement and bring fulfillments.

I have been traveling alone, joining the Reliance group and the Malay group tour. Several trips to USA and Europe were with Reliance. There were more Chinese than the other races. Most of the time I was the only Malay. Two or three with the mix group were full of fun compared to the Malay group, except for the New Zealand tour where we have Dee, a TV celebrity with us. We laughed and laughed the whole Image result for cotton hill turkeyexcursion for Dee was a real joker. He made life so very sweet and colorful.

Traveling alone means traveling solo, alone not by anyone else. The most solo trip were to Los Angeles California and Hawaii. I  relied on buses for my movements to places I wanted to go. I also did a lot of walking to find places and shops I wanted. Year after year I would stay in the same hotel, actually about 2 hours away from LA. Here I have prawn and mutton briyani almost everyday and I could do my own laundry.

The advantage of going alone is I was my own master. I controlled my own time and planned where I Image result for usa disneylandwanted to go. If I were to be on the same bus at almost the same time everyday, I would see the same faces. The bus driver seemed to know everybody. He asked me where I was from when he saw a new face. Soon we became friends. And when I wanted to came home everybody bid me good bye and wished me good luck. I can assure you that the normal Americans are very friendly people. At bus stops we talked to each other  as if we were old friends. I usually took 3 weeks for the solo trip to USA.

For many people, traveling has become a hobby. My friends would visit places around the world at the average of the 3 times a year. I myself had been to Hanoi, Lombok and Balkan at the lap of about one month consecutively.  It has to be something otherwise they would not have gone spending money. One friend used to say , "It's in my blood."

Mine is nothing at all compared to those who hitch hike, cycle or riding motor bikes across continents which took them years and years. They went against all odds, facing hardship, thirst and hunger. A Malay cyclist ended up in Balkan area and had a wife there. These are  special people with magnanimous experience. They possess more than what the ordinary traveler has.

25/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I don't benefit anything from budget 2016. My pension is just a few ringgit above the qualified BR1M recipients. What it means I will be worse off then I am now. The insurance for my Viva and the old Kancil will be higher than the new big car. Rates are increasing and costs of traveling by public transport or by myself will be more.

But I will not blame the government and I am not going to ask for more. What God has given me is enough. The greatest gift of all is good health. Some says that those who made themselves near to God are the most wealthy on earth.

To be honest, I did not watch PM Najib delivered his budget speech. Neither did I listen to the summary on national news. I do not buy newspapers for many years to keep myself informed. I fetched bits and pieces by accident when I opened up the social media like the Malaysian Insider.

I know that even after Najib's speech our ringgit and our economy remain the same. Foreign investors still do not trust DS Najib's administration. They are moving away. And the 2.6 billion dollar question remained answered. Do we need a Bomoh ( shaman ) to heal our economic illness ?

As always there will be somebody gain, somebody lose and somebody do not feel any change. I won't howl for perfection because I am a firm believer of the impossibility of fairness.

25/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I find that there are people who would copy and test the projects shown on the You-Tube. Many said that those projects did not work, particularly on matters of free energy.

What concerned me is the positive attitude and the effort put to work on the project. They were especially the school boys from the United States. Young people should be instilled with good ethics, the DIY culture and creativity. Ralph Ring said that he prefer the practical person to the thinking one. To me one has to begin with thinking and planning, then followed by materializing what is on paper.

There was a man who experimented with radio waves and found metals changed shape and possessed the anti-gravity property. But he could not explain how those frequencies had caused the change in the metal property and behavior. Ralp Ring would know both. A person must have the basic knowledge of physic and chemistry.

But the interest in doing experiments could lead to the curiosity of wanting to know the theoretical side of the resultant  behavior, and be more inquisitive to find out more from existing literature. The understanding and the depth insight will open up to new inventions.

I believe that progress correlates with intelligent, diligent and positive attitudes. A nation full of beggars and people who are lazy to work for something will not achieve the desired economic objectives. A consumer will never be better than the producer.

I think every school children in this country should know who Tesla was. The readers may want to try some of the experiments posted in the YouTube. Encourage you kids to work on a few projects rather than allow them to play with the computer games. Shops that supply sciences stuffs to schools may have some of the items that you may need.

Malaysia does have programs for youths and school leavers of all sorts. At one time we did hear of Rakan Muda subdivided into several other Rakans. I don't know what has happened to those. It is high time to form the Rakan Sains & Teknologi throughout the nations in every district to lure them into the world of science and inventions. The elders and retirees and other interested members of the public should be welcome to visit and contribute and help the young experimenters.

That will surely be better than teaching them how to lie or to get involve in dirty politics.

24/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof

Levitating Transporters

Flying object that does not threaten national security will soon hit the market. At the initial stage it was sold at USD10000 a piece. All the 10 units available were sold out within hours. There is one catch of this hoverboard. It cannot levitate on all surfaces. IT works on the non-porous surface. One practical solution is to build a park where the users can enjoy the cruise like the ice skating hall. Probably in the far future additional aluminum or copper track could be built along the state roads and the highways. The maximum width should be about 5 feet.

Again as I have said that our government may not allow the use of such a board like the E-Bike. I don't think it is due to weird technology but more on the politic of money, the decision as who can be the importers. You have to attach to UMNO to do the lobbying.

Hendo admitted that the hoverboard is still at the early stage of development.

Below is an article on Volkswagen hover car for your perusal. Enjoy the reading.

Volkswagen Hover Car: Is this the future of transportation?

VW Hover CarWill the car of the future look anything like the car of today? According to Volkswagen, it could look like a floating doughnut. The VW Hover Car is one of three concepts to come out of the People’s Car Project the German company company launched in China last year. It was recently presented to the public at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show.

The Hover Car floats about a foot off the ground and seats two. Right now, the hovering bubble car is powered by CGI, but, theoretically, thrusters on the back would provide forward motion. Because of the lack of friction, the Hover Car could be very energy-efficient. It could also turn on a dime, because it is dime-shaped.

In reality, the Hover Car would need electromagnetic strips embedded in the road to function. Electromagnetism would repel the vehicle from the ground, presumably the same way a mag-lev train operates. The Hover Car can also drive itself, since it will already be following a pre-determined path.

VW did not explain how the Hover Car will do anything besides hover. Forward propulsion will probably come from an electric motor, since it would be hard to find a small enough jet engine.

Volkwagen launched the People’s Car Project to develop a new way to mobilize the population. It was a way for the company (whose name means “people’s car” in German) to get back to its roots in what it describes as its most important market. Without electromagnetic roads, the Hover Car is not technically feasible, and VW doesn’t really care. The point of the People’s Car Project was to engage with Chinese customers. “We are no longer just building cars for, but also with customers and at the same time initiating a national dialog which gives us a deep insight into the design preferences, needs and requirements of Chinese customers,” said Luca de Meo, VW director of marketing.

Other People’s Car Project entires include the Music Car, which changes its color based on the driver’s music choices, and the Smart Key, a smart phone that can also start a car and monitor important functions.

Unlike most concept cars, all three People’s Car Project finalists are really just concepts. VW crowd sourced China for ideas and got the Hover Car, but would a vehicle like that actually work? How long would it take people to get used to the idea of floating? The Hover Car definitely stretches the definition of “car,” and opens up a new range of possibilities and problems to overcome. Is the world ready for the day when wheels become obsolete?

23/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Levitating Transporters

Flying object that does not threaten national security will soon hit the market. At the initial stage it was sold at USD10000 a piece. All the 10 units available were sold out within hours. There is one catch of this hoverboard. It cannot levitate on all surfaces. IT works on the non-porous surface. One practical solution is to build a park where the users can enjoy the cruise like the ice skating hall. Probably in the far future additional aluminum or copper track could be built along the state roads and the highways. The maximum width should be about 5 feet.

Again as I have said that our government may not allow the use of such a board like the E-Bike. I don't think it is due to weird technology but more on the politic of money, the decision as who can be the importers. You have to attach to UMNO to do the lobbying.

Hendo admitted that the hoverboard is still at the early stage of development.

Below is an article on Volkswagen hover car for your perusal. Enjoy the reading.

Volkswagen Hover Car: Is this the future of transportation?

VW Hover CarWill the car of the future look anything like the car of today? According to Volkswagen, it could look like a floating doughnut. The VW Hover Car is one of three concepts to come out of the People’s Car Project the German company company launched in China last year. It was recently presented to the public at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show.

The Hover Car floats about a foot off the ground and seats two. Right now, the hovering bubble car is powered by CGI, but, theoretically, thrusters on the back would provide forward motion. Because of the lack of friction, the Hover Car could be very energy-efficient. It could also turn on a dime, because it is dime-shaped.

In reality, the Hover Car would need electromagnetic strips embedded in the road to function. Electromagnetism would repel the vehicle from the ground, presumably the same way a mag-lev train operates. The Hover Car can also drive itself, since it will already be following a pre-determined path.

VW did not explain how the Hover Car will do anything besides hover. Forward propulsion will probably come from an electric motor, since it would be hard to find a small enough jet engine.

Volkwagen launched the People’s Car Project to develop a new way to mobilize the population. It was a way for the company (whose name means “people’s car” in German) to get back to its roots in what it describes as its most important market. Without electromagnetic roads, the Hover Car is not technically feasible, and VW doesn’t really care. The point of the People’s Car Project was to engage with Chinese customers. “We are no longer just building cars for, but also with customers and at the same time initiating a national dialog which gives us a deep insight into the design preferences, needs and requirements of Chinese customers,” said Luca de Meo, VW director of marketing.

Other People’s Car Project entires include the Music Car, which changes its color based on the driver’s music choices, and the Smart Key, a smart phone that can also start a car and monitor important functions.

Unlike most concept cars, all three People’s Car Project finalists are really just concepts. VW crowd sourced China for ideas and got the Hover Car, but would a vehicle like that actually work? How long would it take people to get used to the idea of floating? The Hover Car definitely stretches the definition of “car,” and opens up a new range of possibilities and problems to overcome. Is the world ready for the day when wheels become obsolete?

23/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I think there is no available original element on earth is of anti-gravity material. But the scientists are now successfully re-engineered the materials that enable us fly very easily without noise and without fuel. At the early stage an American Chinese lady scientist who made the discovery went missing which I believe being put away by the American government as she was talking about opening a private company.

America has law to make it unlawful for any free individual to manufacture or market projects and vehicles that can make people fly using either alien technology or the technology of levitation. Scientist in this area who live could consider themselves lucky. The United States government has this technology but no one else will be allowed to independently construct and market the technology eg the flying Hoverboard.

Other than the security reason, the most and foremost it is controlled by the American lobbyists who run the oil and motor vehicle industry. Petroleum industry will close shop if people can fly using the cheap products.

The day will come when manufacturing anti-gravity transportation objects will be charged as terrorists.

You might want to peep into this old but interesting technology by visiting Ralp Ring Website.

The international Trade Lords who control the TPP aren't good guys as some people might have thought.

Who is Ralph Ring?

Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team.

Carr, with his team, developed an anti-gravitic spacecraft based upon direct tutoring he received from Nikolai Tesla.

Carr learned many secrets from Tesla, and much has been lost to time, but there are those here now, through this website who are re-discovering the secrets from Carr’s own mysterious writings, and his patented drawings.

Carr was ultimately shut down by the US government, who asserted that Carr was attempting to overthrow the monetary system. “Cease and desist your operations… We’re terminating your project due to the threats it poses to the international monetary system.”

In this country we are not allowed on even the E-Bike when it is allowed in other countries like Vietnam, China and United States. With the TPP our hands will be securely locked. Who knows Malaysia may be blessed with amazing genius who has ample talent to produce anti-gravity material. These people may even be murdered.

Somehow the public will get hold of the anti-gravity board one day because it is so cheap to produce.

Tonight when I go to bed, I want to put my mind on the Free energy and an anti-gravity engineering. But Ralph Ring had said what we need are the practical men not the thinking men. 1/1 billion chance of the dream comes true, it is still a chance. Miracle can happen.

23/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I have always felt the turmoil and chaos in Malaysia begun during the ear of Mahathir who put the Prime Minister who is damned to cause the final rupture to this country. Below is the theory of our historical air disasters. Try to relate it with Najib or Rosmah in any way you can.


Could we blame Najib for loving Israel so much ? Surely Najib believes the Jews are more superior to the Malays and could protect us from military threats of China, Al-Queda or IS. True indeed the Jews are smart. Najib would never be able to deceive them as he did to others.

What you read here is only a theory. You can treat it as an entertainment, nothing else.

20/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


I felt jealous seeing inventors with their inventions. Individuals, old and young, would come up with something new. Big firm's R & D is of course not a surprise. I believe that the young minds can do anything if they put efforts to make their imaginations come to reality.




Levitation is not something new. Years before there were talks on alien technology. In fact there were stories that aliens are among us, in the United States, working with the United States government. But works on maglev had been done by non-military agencies. But when individuals are successfully making things afloat and turn them into a sort of vehicles, indeed it is very intriguing.

In the pursuit of happiness one Chinese man constructed a kind of quad copter as shown below. He has 8

engines powered by normal gasoline. Each propeller has to start manually. But I immediately guessed that the machine won't work because for a vertical levitation all the propellers must run at equal speed. The weigh from the center too must be equal all round. Besides I wonder whether he did compute the total weigh of his vehicle to the power of the vertical thrust. It would be better for him to construct a single engine mini-copter. Whatever, he has the will and the want. One day his machine will surely fly.

Our government used to have a huge sum of money for R & D. But we are not taught how to go about doing the research work. We need to have the equipments and the technology of producing the research hard ware and soft wares. We do not have the research culture.

Would it not be too harsh to say that we are developing culture to protect the big time criminals ? We employ the youths as cyber troopers and list them in the propaganda unit. We teach them how to be hooligans. We consolidate our efforts to save our Prime Minister. Najib prefer stupid and loyal people to the smarter citizens.

I wish I were 18 again, so that I can pursue in areas of invention and science on my own, not depending on the government for financial aid.



When invention caught the eyes of National Security there will be attempt to stop the reproduction for commercial purposes especially when the technology is detrimental to the security of the nation. Hence whatever is real will be claimed as fake. The reproduction will stop. Back to the future will have to take some time.

18/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


It was more than 35 years ago that I was so intoxicated with computer, indulging myself in IRC chat and developing soft wares for personal used. Time flew so fast that I hardly believe that I am now 68. It was just recently when my old laptop running Windows XP went haywire, forcing me to go to computer shops looking for a new laptop with XP. "We don't have Windows XP now. All our machines are running on 64 bits. We have Winows 8 and Windows 10," said the vendors.

I am so used with the Front Page in my writings that I felt so lost and lamented on the cruel changed in technology  that could make many computer enthusiasts impotent and frustrated. I decided to do 2 things; to find a shop that can make my laptop run again and secondly to buy another machine with Windows 10. Articles that I read said I can do many things with the Visual Studio.

What it means is I need to teach myself starting from the beginning on the new art of programming.

Yesterday I went to the Mall to look for a machine which I had been looking at before running Windows 10. It wasn't there anymore. It was sold away. I moved to another shop nearby. There was no computer with Windows 10. All with Windows 8. But written on the cards 'Free Upgrade to Windows 10'. The salesman told me that I have to do the upgrading by myself. Instructions are given by the Hewlett Packard. For RM1K it was worth buying, running on Intel Celeron with 2 gig of RAM and 500 gig of hard disk. All I need is the new Windows and the Visual Studio.

Unfortunately for me my computer cannot download Windows 10. I followed the instruction step by step and it kept on saying 'the server is not found'. I searched the web sites on the free upgrading. There was no way that I could do it. Three hours later I went back to the shop. The vendor tried to download and install it. He was unable to do it and told me to wait for a few days. It will be updated automatically.

In dismay I came home. I continued to search the website, didn't look for the upgrading but the downloading of Windows 10. I did not remember what else I had done and what I typed. To my surprise I came across the words 'download for 32 or 64 bits'. It took me to the download site . It took about 5 hours for the whole process to complete; downloading and installing. There was no Visual Studio and no Office.

Again I went looking for Visual Studio download site. I started at about 10 pm and completed at about 3 am.

Today I explore the new Windows, click on icons and saw new things. After so much of the clicking time, I could not switch off my computer. The machine hanged. I knew surely there were several programs were running at the background.  I used my Android to find similar problems faced by other users. Finally the problem was resolve.

Tomorrow I will have to start reading on the Visual Studio and start following the tutorial step by step at a very slow phase. At this age and a rusty mind I wonder whether I could achieve my far distant target.

I think Apple Mac would be a better choice in many ways. But I need to buy knowledge on the new Windows and the developer soft ware. The cost is the price of the machine. I do plan to buy a new Apple Mac that is better than the Mac Book. It is expensive but you are paying for satisfaction and peace of mind.

My grand daughters can be sure that that they will get Apple Mac on their birthdays.

17/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Image result for pablo escobar

I have just finished watching another movie, Escobar The Lost Paradise. This man, a cocaine trader, a drug kingpin was feared and love by the Colombians. He was feared as he would kill any man who opposed but loved by the poor as he built houses and helped them. The police and the politicians supported him. When he died his funeral was treated like the funeral of a hero. The police and the government and all others wanted to know who shot to kill him.

Escobar was born in December 1949 in Antioquia Colombo. He controlled more than 80% of the cocaine trade that was shipped to USA. He knew that the United States was against him. He made use of the drug money to gain support. Escobar was a king.

The Americans did not claim they killed the drug kingpin. Escobar was killed by the Colombian para-military group that acted on their own- Another version said that Escobar had humiliated the forces and officials of Colombian government and the President formed a Special Force Unit to deal with the kingpin. He was killed in 1993.

 pablo escobar family

Escobar in one way was someone like a Robinhood.

Instead of joining politics and became a candidate he chose to remain the life of the normal people and run his business. He could even be a President if he were to be a politician because the people saw him as a hero. If he were to be one he would control the police and the army, the judiciary and the Attorney General. His power would have been unchallenged.

Would we pray for someone like Pablo Escobar to pop up in this country so that the poor would be helped with cash and other goodies ? We need to know that at the end of time the world be full of chaos; values are lost, the right and the wrong disappeared and money has become king.

You may want to try search for a movie called The Two Escobars, a documentary depicting how the drug money was used in Colombia's soccer. Pablo is an enthusiast in soccer. He used to say 'Colombia National team must win or die'. He would give handsome bonus if his team won. He would also built soccer fields everywhere in the country.

When Escobar came to know that USA was after him, he began a campaign to harness for support. He won the support. He helped the poor, building them houses, schools and hospitals. He was even said as a messiah of God. Instead he went into politics and won a seat. It was here when he went into conflict with the Minister of Justice, Lara Bonilla. Lara accused him as a dangerous drug lord. Lara was murdered. The fight between Escobar and the President continued.

Wonder why the movie was called The Two Escobars ? Image result for andres escobar

Another Escobar was known as Andres Escobar, Columbian team player who shot his own goal, and was murdered after the lost to the United States. Andres Escobar was killed in 1993 after the kingpin Pablo. They were not related.

The question was 'Was drug cartel end after Pablo's dead ? ' Some blamed the government paid for his death. Soccer players were regarded as Pablo's men.

Colombian soccer went dead because Pablo was dead.

Andres Escobar


16/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof


Funny, when we are about to die we talked a lot about heath. My contemporaries averaged between 65 to 75. Everyone I know discuss healthy food, daily exercise, good sleep and pray for longevity. While the young people simply do not care about their health at all. They drink Coke day and night, eat as much as they want and smoke as much as they like.

I take extra care to monitor my blood sugar almost every morning. It is a very costly affair. I bought the BP machine to know my BP situation. I went for an evening walk daily and soaked myself with sweat. At least I am glad now to see young men are growing in numbers mostly jogging and running.

No matter what we do, we are going to die soon. We know that. Instead we treat time as gold, enjoying every moment of it, traveling and see places, using the internet to share information and jokes. Everyday I would receives postings from the Whatsupp group, people who went to Balkan and Hanoi's trip and all of them talked about God and health. Today someone sent us an information about cinnamon and cassia which look the same, used in cooking. People tend to buy cassia and thought it was cinnamon. The former contains poison.

I think not every old man wants to live forever or want to take care of their health. Those with problems prefer to die the fastest. Their own children may create problems to them in many ways. They will never bother to keep healthy nor to have regular medical checkup.

Despite my effort to keep healthy, my mind is getting worse. I forget things everyday. Yesterday I had a tough time searching for my smart phone. And I searched repeatedly at the possible locations. I checked my pockets and on my car seats, on all the tables, in bed and even the garbage bin. None. At night I went for another checking. Miraculously it was on my car seat which I did not see on my three previous searches.

And in one night when I was driving I suddenly went blank. I did not know where I was. I had to pull off and took a deep breath. Slowly it came back to me. I began to realize my location. That's not to talk about forgetting to close my pipe, letting the water running down the tap for hours. It did not happen once. It happened many time.

Probably the brain cells have deteriorated. Some went dead.

To me health talk is still useful. It does not pose any danger to anyone.

15/10/2015 - Abdul Rahman Raof