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Raymond Francis

Somebody is not cut for marching



A shop is selling a manual Morse key like this for RM350.00. You may be spending about RM100 if you order it from the E-Bay. To me RM350 is too high. It is not a question of affordability but whether it is worth the money. We don't even pay for the workmanship. It has no aesthetic beauty itself. You can pay if it costs you for less than a hundred, or around that price. You may not have time to construct one.

Each ham has to have two keys, for working high speed and speed at below 12 wpm. Instead of wasting so much money you can alternatively find for a substitute. I found a mini paper stapler costing RM2.50. I split it up into two parts using a hacksaw blade, and fixed it to the table using a double sided tape.

Well, what you need to do is to solder the two wires to the two parts of the stapler instead of using a clip as shown here.

If you have excessive money then by all mean you can buy anything you want, even a hundred thousand ringgit antenna.

Even after splitting the stapler we can still use it and brings it along with us for use as both the portable small CW key and the paper stapler.

The thrill of ham radio is home brewing. Of course buying is less fun. This is not homebrewing. We just made a little modification. Simple gadgets give us some kick. I go for the cost saving ventures.



We are mere spectators. Most of us prefer to pay to watch the game, willing to queue up for hours under the blazing sun for a ticket. It is not one or ten but there are tenths of thousands of us, the soccer fans, the fanatics. Some could play the game, a few, like me, do not. But that does not stop us from spending big sum just to enjoy the match. Beside us there are a few individuals, who are not players nor administrators, are within the the inner circle of the team. They get free passes and mingle themselves freely with players, coaches and officials. These people know the players well, the planned strategy and the team organization, far greater than us, the spectators.

At every match we could view the game and the pattern of the movement very well, of being at a higher level of the stadium. We could see who consistently made the passing errors, who can dribble and who would always lose the ball. And when we yell at any errand player, we were not wrong at all. There were thousands of us making similar judgments. It is true that we are not the professionals, nor a football star. That does not mean our judgments are always wrong. We know the strength and the weakness of our own team.

Kedah had just won the FA cup, beating Pahang by one goal, Kedah scored three and Pahang two. More than 70% of Kedah's supporters admitted that the second half was a dreaded game, stopping our breath, and shattered our souls. It was not a tactical stance at all on the part of Kedah, but Pahang had overpowered the enemy under spell,  possessing the ball, and controlling the game, stole it from Kedah's feet and fiercely charging into Kedah's zone, wave after wave tirelessly, only failed to put the ball in the net. Kedah was exhausted and saved by luck. It was the referee's whistle that blew all the hell and tensions away. The supporters became themselves again, alive and relief and singing and dancing all night long.

They said that it was winning that counts.  But it didn't play like a champion. The second half was dreaded and scary. It was not entertaining at all. At once it strike in my mind that there was some lacking in coaching procedures, failing to exhibit as what Robert Albert and Azraai Khor had done, ensuring consistency from the start to the end. Ramon Marcote and Shebby shared similar views with the spectators.

I do not suspect corruption though I could suspect runners for the bookies. It was just our team did not expect the resilience of the challengers to fight back that fiercely. We had not prepared enough. We had not expect such a convulsion.

Liridon, a brilliant player, failed to score when facing a goal keeper one to one on several occasions. So was Ken. If anybody had took notice of these they would have discussed it and find remedies for them. Akram always made errors in passing the ball to the foe. He too must be told to correct himself and to be more careful and alert.

Winning the FA Cup is not a decision to affirm Nidzam as a full time coach. We first need to know what contribute to the winning of each game rationally, free of sentiments. What if we take out all the import players ? Will  our performance be the same ? I doubt. But once we became champion with the complete natives except for Hussein who resided between the border of Kedah and Perlis.

If nothing change on Kedah side, the team will surely be facing a grim Malaysia Cup tournament. JDT and Pahang will whip the FA champion for revenge, till Kedah has no place to hide it's face. The coming games will be the battle of wit, mental prowess, resilience and stamina. Other teams strive to enhance their abilities. I would not be too confident just because Kedah emerged to be the FA Cup champion.



I retired in 2003. Since then there are a lot of changes in education system. The last I heard was today. Schools are now busy with a new system which they called the education of Higher Thinking Order. Being away from education system for a long time, the idea shocked me greatly. So far in this country I have not listen from anybody giving presentation like that of TED. Speeches from the politicians were the worst, without shame protruding our system of thinking, full of fallacies and contradictions. Our top educationists even forbid school teachers from thinking and expressing their ideas.

To me the Higher Thinking Order system is likened to a sky kingdom, from the geosynchronous orbit upwards, and above that is an alien kingdom. Our schools do not even reach the aerospace physic yet. Our boys don't even know the elements, the waves and the light yet. And now we are telling them of the sky kingdom. What we have to do is to manage the ground first.

You can't think without facts and knowledge. Students have to know how to work on numbers mentally, the addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Abstract facts need to be well elucidated. Could a student of physic explain how a radio select different stations ? Could we visualize the relationship between an electron flow and the electromagnetic wave ?

The knowledge is a mere tool to be applied with the help of a language in the thinking process. It has to be wide enough to allow a person to compare and contrast, to see the relationships among them and analyzed using facts and logic. The following effect  is always obvious. People cannot talk of quantum if they don't know atoms. They can't talk about atoms if they don't know elements. They can't talk of consciousness and reality if their visions are myopic.

The prerequisite for the high order of thinking is freedom of thought and expression, depth in a certain body of knowledge. Malaysian educators have not attained the required standard of mental state where sciences and philosophy unites, neither could achieve successful transformation of imagination into reality. Hence we should not blindly follow the Western education experiments. Our system gives preference to obedience than intelligence. Open minded and critical thinking has no place in our society. We close the door through censorships, brainwashing and the command of complete obedience.

Try to ask a question "...what cause our ringgit to decline..." , before you answer the question through analytical process the answer will be fed to you and you have to accept it. It has no place for the rebuttal. The higher order thinking has to lay down the facts before and the facts after, to analyze all angles of possibilities that could have caused the downfall.

There is no guessing of the religious and facts of sciences. There is no such thing as "I think 5 plus 7 is 20 or 30 plus 30 is about 61...". There is  no such thing as "...I think zakat is not necessary..." In medical science and engineering and religion precision are required. In logic circuits creativity and logic are essentials. In politics lying and deceptions are their daily refreshments.

To avoid wastage of resources and another repeated social and economic failures the educationists are reminded to look before they leap. In the meantime they have to make sure the basics are well imparted. They must manage the ground well enough before jumping high into the sky.



Words and phrases that came to my ears about traveling; which is the best country you have ever been, have you ever been to the whole world ? Rahman has been throughout the world, but he has not found any lady for his wife yet, this bus driver has been throughout the world, Cikgu, what will you be doing after you have completed visiting the whole world ?

No. I have not been to everywhere. I will never finish the world. I have not even been to many interesting places in my own province yet, nor my state nor my country. A low class outcast like me have to cut corners here and there, saving a little for my future and a little for my trips. When people bought gifts and souvenirs, I didn't, not because I was thrifty but because I didn't have money.

I didn't travel to look for opportunity like looking for a wife, or to elicit funds from wealthy travelers for my private school. I travel to see places, people and their culture, and to fulfill my dream to be there at the historical places. Sometimes I want to eat good food at places I know where food were delicious. You always feel the God's providence,  blessing on us, the less unfortunate among the people of higher echelon. If a wife of a Minister could fly by a comfortable private jet, the lowly too are bestowed to fly even at the rear end of a cheap carrier.

It is the hardest to find a wife while on the trip. A Playboy can easily pick up any girl on a street. He can take, use and throw. A wife is forever, in happiness and sadness, in health and sickness, in poverty and in abundance. You can't pick up a woman whom you hardly known. If you don't know a woman for three years how could you know a woman by a couple of weeks on a short social intercourse. Yes, I saw many beautiful women on the trips. But I always felt very scared of them.

It was an Indonesian maid who asked me what I would do after I have seen all the places in the world. I employed this maid on a time rate basis but I paid her on the piece rate. Though it is RM10 per hour, I would pay her a hundred ringgit when she completed the required task, which would be about three hours. "Mila, from next week onwards till about a month I will be making a trip to Makassar and Egypt. I will not call for your service," I told her before my last trip. I usually took her once in a month. It is in her imagination that I am a globe trotter. On one of these days I will have to tell her that my traveling is over. I am tired and short of money.

Those who have nothing to do but to envy and happily ridiculing the others I would not care and bother them a bit. I drove my students to successes and happiness. They in turn have served their kids and families and God. If God will even a pauper can enjoy the global trotting. A boy working on a Thai train was happy to narrate his trip to Barcelona and Brazil to watch great games of soccer. "My boss sent me and paid for all my trips," he told us. God does not make heaven only for the rich and the famous. Not even Najib can buy a ticket to heaven. Money is not everything. It takes a very chronic sickly person to tell us between good health and banks of dollars. You will feel the despair when someone you love rejects and leaves you, in spite of you being a tycoon. A lonely and well to do person was known to shoot himself for an unknown reason. Belittling the others is not a noble profession. It is a form of sickness.

My next trip is to Chiangmai in August this year. I have paid for the trips and the local domestic flights to Kuala Lumpur. The tour agent informed us of the slight change in the itinerary. Malindo air will not land in Chiangmai but at Bangkok. I computed that we will be wasting about 8 hours in all. There will be a lot of rushing here and there making each site visit shorter. In all I would have completed three trips this year alone. The total expenditure would cover my funeral and other death rites.

Really, I am eying the E-Hang company in Guang Zhou. I fantasize it is a great dream for an old man like me. I want to buy 2 sets of the heavy duty drone motors for a project. I need to find someone to draw a blueprint of the object from a draft I will be making again. I had already made one but I don't  remember where I put it. As for now my pocket is empty. But I will make sure my dream remains.

Whether I like it or not I know my active life will come to a stop. Even this blog will cease to appear. It will be a time when I will pray to God to take me away the quickest. No more looking for a wife nor for a accompany. The maid will be wondering why I do not call her anymore. My cats will get thinner and meowing for me. It is nothing to be sad about. It is a cycle of life. For those who are immortals, and could defy death with money, we wish them luck. Rosmah is always young, no wrinkle and no hoary hair. Her comfort is the glorious life she is leading now. Our comfort is when we forget the world and the humanities.

God tells us to bring with us what we are told. And so we need to strive to do it. No glittering gold and ornaments, no private jet and and cozy bed and no body guards.



Teacher's Day may never die. Many of the teachers were gone and forgotten. We don't know where they were interred. Like many of us the teachers die too. But the spirits live. Those who were once a teacher still bear the noble pride of being one, and having an ecstatic feeling of the atmosphere of this meaningful day.

We are the forgotten lots. But no one could make us forget that we were once a teacher. Everyday people call us CIKGU, the Mamak shop, the people we met and the people we don't know.

I look back at the pictures of the school I worked before. It is not the same anymore. The face has changed. May be for the better. The wall of the rest room was knocked down, the structures erected by the students were taken down and even the name of the school has turned into a college.

To us teaching was a sacrifice, with a divine intent of making our students to be successful in life, as a responsible citizen, wise, pious and filial to the parents.

I had never been a good teacher though I tried to be one. Wisdom grew with age and time. We had had the good and the bad times.

But I never regret of being a teacher. My teacher was not a graduate but he made me into one. One of them cried when I accosted him and I asked him, "Sir, why do you cry ? "

"...because you remember me," he replied. Indeed he was my primary school teacher and I left him more than 40 years since. When my old and retired teachers visited me at my school, I treated them like VIPs. They were indeed my teachers.

I would always remember my friends, the dedicated teachers who had been working very hard to make our school the bench marking institution. They lie deep in my heart. Many have retired like me. Truly I will always appreciate and adore them.

We celebrate the Teacher's Day by congratulation each other from home. Those in schools are entertained by their students, playing games and receive gifts. I have not even having my breakfast yet. I have to begin with a brunch after I have finished typing this piece.

You may have seen how Mr Bean hilariously celebrated his birthday in a solitary home. Solitude does not saddened me. It inspires me to look for old pictures and made some postings on the Facebook. There have been responses from my students.

Thank you to my teachers and happy Teacher's Day.





Someone commented that my Facebook postings were always gay and happy, rich with stories of joy. He was the same person who fiercely attacked me when I passed a remark about his posting displaying a small Myanmar militants with sarongs holding machine guns. I said the attire was not proper in a war. that was all and I never argued with him anymore. He had been following all of my articles published. Those were the articles I cut and paste, taken from my blog.

My blog is not for public perusal. It is just a venue I used to release my emotion and feeling, releasing the tension and pressure to cool me down. But I always know someone is bound to stumble into it, may read a few articles and soon forget about it. It is also the chance I take to write in the language that I failed to pass in every test and examinations, a language I once abhorred. It is a fulfillment. And I paid for it. To a few friends I whispered that I have a blog.

I did not invite the guy to visit my website nor telling him that I have one. He is just like any other Facebook users or UMNO Cyber troopers who are ruled by sentiments rather than facts and rationality, the lack of analytical ability. Fighting with them is just like fighting against the dumb wall. I remember seeing a drunkard yelling and shouting at a coconut tree. The best is to forget them.

My stories have been full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. I did not do any proof reading as my intention is never been for broadcasting. I admitted to those friends who told me that from time to time they visited my site. A few told me they love to read on political stuffs. I cannot fill all the pages with political stories. I don't earn money out of praising or condemning political figures. And I cannot change the world by cursing them. Rosmah never change despite my swearing about her lavishness and demeanor.

Like many others I have sad things happening in my life, the hurt and broken heart, the bleeding, the mental and emotional agony. They are heavily suppressed in my mind, not to be blazoned in media for the masses to know. I don't want to stay in  sufferings all my life, for I may die in five years time. Why should I post all the sad things for people to read ? Some wives were telling the readers about their husbands and domestics problems. Others venged personal attack on family members or their enemies.

It is not that I do not think of finding some non partisan topics to write to avoid politics but they do not convulse themselves in the thin air for me to pluck. The ICF5900W was very coincidental. The Bus Ride in Los Angeles came to my mind when thinking of going to the airport by bus. The Three Worlds We May Live To see was written when I was thinking of designing a man carrying quad copter. An Incident At A College Gate was to remind managers that they should be careful in discharging their duties.

Writing has to be factual and true though the other side may deny them. When there is a need for a conjecture it has to be stated as a guess. When Altantuya was murdered people were asking questions as who ordered the killing, who approved the C4 bombs. The two officers cannot act on their own accord. So were obvious questions and the obvious guesses. It is that much that we can do, nothing more. People do not like to hear the truth. Leave it to God.

Ridding beyond imagination is to be able to see into the dark side of the unknown. It is dangerous to open your mouth, the ability to see behind MH370 incidence, the grim fate of the nation and the Malays. You can touch only on the surface but not detailing the dark part of the mystery of the unknown and the unseen. If I could I would narrate where the GST and all other public funds went to. But I could not. A few has the clairvoyance. They too prefer sullen and calmnessl, leaving things to God.

I am not the kind of person who would entertain such kind of a facebook user as above, and others like him. I live in sorrow as well.



Way back in the early '70's and 80's the old hams were crazy on Short Wave listening. They use the old salvaged war time receivers like the AR88 dropped from the plane for the military immediate used, big, heavy and monstrous. They were not portable. The Japanese came out with the smaller portable versions. I remember 9M2CF, Chow showed off his super sensitive receiver the ICF 5900W.

No shop in Malaysia sold communication receivers or receiver with the BFO for security reason. They were banned. Somehow we either beat the two radios together to decipher Morse codes and the SSB singnal, or smuggled one from our neighboring country. ICF 5900 was cheap, less then RM300 but it was an incredible radio. I brought it anywhere with me just to monitor the daily 40 meter local ham communication.

Today is year 2017, almost 42 years later, I was surprised to watch an in-flight movie on Qatar air entitled Before Mars depicting the same hardware with an exception, of having a microphone-plug attached on it's side as shown by the second picture on the left.

Hannah Seung was using the radio to communicate with a rocket ship heading towards Mars using 144.49 mega hertz. She was calling A1SS. Surely it was a fictitious movie but the present hams would surely be asking a lot of questions. Was the person who wrote the story a ham, an old ham or a new comer ? Why he chose the receiver ICF5900 instead of designing up a new radio of a new shape and form ?

Radio enthusiasts can have the pleasure of scanning the You Tube searching for Before Mars, only a 33 minute entertaining movie.






When you accused Najib for destroying Malaysia and drowning the Malays, the Prime Minister blame Mahathir for failures in Forex and BMF. People were asked to be either anti Najib or anti-Mahathir lest the Malays realized UMNO was leading the country since independent. They carved out the policies, rules and regulations, manage the nation and national coffers. Now the party is trying all out to shake off the responsibility and out of nothing blaming DAP for all the treacherous and dismal failures.

Put in a simple term if Mahathir robbed a million and Najib robbed another million, UMNO had robbed us the total sum of two millions. But Najib is putting the Malaysians and the Malays in a more difficult position, the worst ever sufferings of the Malays ever experience in the history of the nation. Their arrant stupidity, foolishness, gullibility and short sightedness are solely to be blamed. They continued to choose the same leaders time and again.

The Malays have decided to choose their own destiny, happily designing their own bleak future. A man who lose his job under Najib vehemently defended Najib, saying the whole world is suffering from economic woes, believing that Malaysia is the best country in Asia and the best among the Islamic nation economically. A Malay woman defending the rising cost of living saying that Malaysia has food to eat and things to buy despite the rising prices of commodities. My wife was a strong defender of Rosmah Mansor despite suffering from all sort of sickness before she died. "Rosmah," she said," is the wife of a Prime Minister. She has the right to don any expensive items she likes."

I live during the era of Tan Siew Sin and know how the country fully used the nation's wealth for the benefit of the denizens. There were subsidies then. Unfortunately I live to see how our coffer was plundered using various ways and means now. And the first time I have been seeing a national leader is running around for personal security reason, distrusting even his UMNO supporters, selling land to foreign country and spending tons of money worldwide to clean his image.

People are asked to compare their lives with people of other nations as a mean of deception, to get their approval and the hardship they caused on the populace and the crimes they made. What we need to do is to compare us with ourselves, between what were before and what are now, the taxes, the cost of living, the prices of houses, the crime rates, the unemployment of youths and the missing billions.

My concerns and worry is penned down not for the perusal of others. I would whisper to only one or two to visit my blog. I know nobody can do anything to halt the blunder. Life will continue to deteriorate and worsen till the Malays vanish from this land and become a debase minority, the outcast of this land. They will be labeled as the terrorists and thrown into dungeons.

Had I not foreseen that it is the Malays who will rise against their chosen leaders ? Had I not foreseen they will be dragged, kicked and incarcerated ? I said them before the world of internet and I repeated them again in my blog. I argued and challenged it in the Facebook. But sadly enough the Malays chose to burry themselves. Only if they look back into the past, compare with the present and predict the future.



Why asking too many questions ? Both Islam and Christianity discussed the ideal and concepts of predestination, which in Muslim, is Qada and Qadar. Fates decide what the rulers and people in power would do and fates decide what the denizens would receive. If we live long enough we will see the design of the fate. We already have seen one. And we will wait for another. Insya Allah.

Why kicked and punished those who asked for clean and fair election ? What is the different between a Zionist and UMNO ?


It was on the 29th of April 2017 when we took off from KLIA by Qatar Air at 9.15 am, transit at Doha for 3 hours before departing for Alexandria. Again pictures speak louder than words but there are too many of them to fill the space. So I try to choose some to give my friends some pictures of what Egypt is like compare to us.

In Alexandria we visited historical mosques and catacoms. Catacombs are somewhat like coffins, made of stone.We would be wondering how they manage the corpse.

The city is facing the Mediterranean sea. Many parts of the places we visited were pungent and the smell came from the uncollected garbage. Only around the castle of King Farouk the place is well kept.

Our hotel was near the sea. Though it was a big I would grade it as a 2 or 3 star only. Either thr tour agency is trying to saver money or Alexandria has no better place than this.

The cruise boat was far more excellent than this one.

From here we moved to Cairo the next day by bus.

Our first stop in Cairo was an Egyptian museum. Camera was not allowed. You have to pay extra 100 Egyptian pound to see the real mummies. But it was worth the money paid.

All along I have been visualizing pyramids located at a distant location in the desert. May be it was. They keep a small portion of the desert for it. The rest was conquered by concrete and structures. In short It is surrounded by the city of Cairo. Our tour leader discouraged us from entering into the pyramid as there is nothing there anymore. What is a sphinx then ? It was not a god or a mystery. It was a wasted stone that the King wanted to throw away but the subject promised the king to carve it out beautifully and let it be not thrown away.

In Cairo we were brought to the Papyrus factory, Al-Azhar mosque and the city tour. There are the clean and the dirty part of the city, unfinished structures with iron bars protruding. And beggars are everywhere especially around the mosque area, inside and outside people are asking for money.

From Cairo we were to take a train to Aswan, a 12 hour night ride. The cushions probably were as old as the train, making me thought that the Egyptian simply do not care about neatness, the absence of aesthetic value.











 The train ride however was quite comfortable to me except for the dingy cabin. A dinner and breakfast were provided.

Aswan dam is for the Hydro-electricity. Not all the populace like it as it sacrifices much of the Egyptian culture and community.

It is still a pain in the neck till today.


After the visit to Aswan dam we were brought to the cruise boat. Call it a ship if you will. It was the best ever hotel we ever had in Egypt. On the first day, after checking in, we went to an island of Botanical Garden by small boats. It was good for  relaxation, free of dust, and enjoying the fresh air..

The Nile cruize was from Aswan to Luxor, our last port of embarkation.

Amazingly our local tour leader in Aswan, Mahmud, knew how to read the ancient Egyptian writings. He translated the meaning of each image in a calendar, explaining the meaning of the eye, the image of the characters carved on the wall.

Our boat anchored at nearly all the ancient temples.

As I said, heat was our first enemy. The blazing sun dried our throats and burnt our skins. Dust were there all the time because it is their home.

We were taken on the horse ride to the Valley of the Kings where

mummies of kings were processed. During the mummified processed all the organs were taken out. After the intense cleaning the heart was put back in the body. Each king had his own mummified chambers.

When we went back to our cruise ship cool wet towel and a drink were prepared for us.

This was May. I could not imagine the June and July temperature.

The whole theme of the Egyptian tour was on the ancient Kings of the old cities ruling before Christianity. Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and Pharaohs left a long history. Pharaohs and Cleopatra were not one but several. Moses, Musa, was the name given by a Pharaoh, which means the son of the river.

We were three nights on the cruise boat. The top deck, the Sun deck, was too hot during the day time. We would be there during the night time, appreciating the sceneries along the Nile. The last there was a fabulous show of belly dancing. Our women stayed away from fun.

I caught flu on the last day in Egypt and it got worst when I arrived KL. Now I am still having consitent  coughing and high body temperature. Thanks God I somehow manage to briefly documenting the the land where I always want to go, to touch the historical pyramid.



When Rusli asked me whether I would join him to Makassar I accepted it immediately. Makassar, Ambon, Ternate and a few more islands were mentioned in the history book, known as spice islands that attracted the Portuguese and the Dutch to this area in the 15th century. I was anxious to know how Ujung Pandang is like now in the 21th century. We took Air Asia on the 19th April 2017 from KLIA2 and three hours later landed in Sultan Hassanuddin Airport Makassar.

Pictures speak louder than a thousand words. I won't want to say more than displaying a few photos to represent the sketchy picture of the place.

But I would like to say something about the food we ate. We were warned by a hotel worker foreigners have to pay more for everything.

We ate at the hotel, two well known restaurants and the roadside stalls. The average price for a hotel meal was RM25, spicy but lovely taste. The Nelayan restaurant charged us about RM60 with plenty of crispy fried prawns and squids. We could not finish all and had the squids and the prawns packed for our hotel worker. The most shocking was the meal at Dinar. A couple of crabs, 6 pieces of prawns, rice and drinks cost us RM240.

The cheapest was a complete meal with big fried fish, sambal belacan, rice and drinks was only RM12 for two persons. It was darn cheap, nice and delicious. So be careful when visiting Makassar on your own.

Basically Makassar is like any other city in Southeast Asia. There are efforts to beautify the town. The roads are Mac Adam, no holes here and there. There are industries.

To my assessment the population of Sulawesi are better off than in Malaysia at the present moment. But we were told that there were thieves and robbers at night in some part of the city area.

We were told that there was a Red Light area like those in Amsterdam and Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur too.

We had to leave Makassar on 23rd morning, taking a normal taxi that cost us about RM50 plus the toll. In Makassar the passengers got to pay the toll. Toll roads are not everywhere but to the airport, else you got to take the congested normal state road.

I would advise you not to go the theme park. It is not a real attraction. They just want to make money. It is a stuffy place with only a few rides. Parents took their kids there when they went for shopping at the park mall.



will cont. when we come back from Egypt ( Wow...I can't finish the story...)


I have always wanted to own a smart watch before I die. While Majeed was back home in India his son was telling me about his father buying a 5/6K Rado watch, " Cikgu my father is already an old man and he is going to die soon. Why should he waste his money on buying the unnecessary thing...." Majeed is about my age. When he came back from India I requested him to put on his expensive watch and I showed him my Casio solar that is very reliable and accurate. I bought mine in Japan. And in Tokyo also I nearly purchased a beautiful face smart watch had not Rusli told me it would render me with no purpose as it has to have a smart phone as well.

When I was a kid, I remember reading a science fiction cartoon, Dick Tracy, a police detective communicated using his wrist watch. And I know there is such an amazing gadget manufactured and used in espionage job. Today, at the beginning stage, such a gadget is being developed, both to be paired with a smart phone for communication and the stand alone multi-function wrist watch. The spy watch that can be used for communication using magnetic wave is not marketed yet. It will be in a few more years.

I was amazingly surprise to see Rusli, my radio friend, is donning a smart watch on his wrist, when we took a trip to Makassar on the last 19th. of April. He bought it through Lazada. I could not buy anything through the internet as I do not have a credit card nor getting myself into the on-line banking. I feared some smart hacker would hijacked some of my savings.

I browsed web pages to see whether I can buy things with COD or direct from the shop. I notice there is a Samsung outlet at Aman Central. 

At about 2pm I arrived at the stall, made a purchased and immediately came home without seeking for detail information on the setting up procedure. I thought I could do it alone without assistant.

Tomorrow I am going to surprise Majeed and his workers, wanting to show off what I have. I am going to call Rusli using the Samsung Gear S3, pressing the call button on the screen. And I will show the various watch faces.

"This one in very accurate," I will be telling him. "The clock is controlled by GPS. It is not like your clock on the wall. Look, last time 5 minutes late and now 7 minutes. This is perfect. " I will be telling his son that I want to enjoy my remaining short life before I die. I know he will be asking me a lot of questions. And I have to be prepared to bluff them as much as I can.

I had a fun time with the restaurant owner and the workers this morning. I showed him my new watch, and dialed his number. I could see his surprise at the ringing sound. "Go and pick up your phone," said I. He heard my voice when I talked to the watch. "How much is it and where do you buy it ? "He asked.

There are numerous watch faces, lots of free stuffs. I chose the one with the candle as I love the swaying of the light as it is glowing.

I connected it to the home wifi and enjoy the Youtube clips.

Without pairing to the Android I can still enjoy browsing internet anywhere the free wifi is available.

There are many useful featured and facilities especially for a sportsman.

If you want to have a GPS you only need to pay less than USD2.

I thank God the Almighty for the Providence. I can still taste the wonders of the world.



I have always wanted to believe the Malays and the Chinese Malaysians are the same, beside the color and language difference. Generally the Chinese is a little bit better in the mental utilization. I remember in my boyhood days that there was a small movie house called a Royal Cinema where the current Alor Ria resides. There were two categories of tickets sold, the 25 cent and the 65 cents. You won't stand to have a chance to buy the normal priced tickets on a popular movie because they were sold by the black market at a much higher prices. The Malay movie goers would still buy them from the Black marketers. On one popular Chinese movie the mobs increased the ticket by more than double. What happen was NOT even a single Chinese bought the ticket and went home instead. Effort to reduced the price by half also failed. None cared to turn back.

That's what the Malays were before and that's what they are today. They continue to spend money on expensive items and entered expensive restaurants.

The second difference is the Malays are gullible people. They usually believe what they are told, taking the lies to be the truth. They are cheated by their friends, lending money and become guarantors. They have constantly been deceived by media and politicians. The Chinese do not believe in promises and are resistance to deception. They are more mentally alert while the Malays are lazy to think.

The third is that the Malays have a poor vision of the future. They can't see what's coming. The trend of the future is based on a long progress of the timeline from the past few hundred years to the present. It is not that they are fuzzy about the past but they are totally blind and ignorant. A few would be computing the future and take steps to prepare themselves, while more than 90% don't.  They sell their properties and spend all their money, saying that God will provide them with sustenance.

No doubt a few young people who have found that living is hard, strive to make a living and begin to make a little savings. I talked to a stall owner selling drinks and beverages and learnt that to him 150K of capital is indeed a huge sum for him. My Chinese friend was talking of his 700K savings for his future retirement.

So I conclude that the Malays cannot be the same as the Chinese and will never change observing their current trends of behavior.

I am not belittling the ability of my own race. We have professionals, millionaires,  graduates with PHDs and successful businessmen. We also have millions of arrant fools among us. But which fool will admit that he is one. No criminal and murderers will admit who they are. Every thief and robber, kidnapper and gangster has his own justification.

You need to observe our top and lofty Malays on the top of the echelons from all walks of life, from top to bottom of the social strata. It will shorten my life by 5 years if I were to talk about the people in politics, who don't really know what winnings are. For instant winning a position but losing a country is not really a winning. The early British colonialists were cunning enough how to make our rulers feel the winning euphoria, giving titles and money and shower them with praises and adorations. They studied our mental and emotional makeups. They ran the country, the Rulers took care of the religion.

If the Malays feel that they are threatened they have to blame themselves rather than anybody else. A very few can be taught to think. The rest think they are already smart and wise, and tend to brag to the world of their greatness. Yet they never stop  blaming the Chinese for their plight since 40 years ago. By the time they become sober, they will find things are too late.



I have been trying hard to refrain myself from a devilish comments or remarks involving royalty or other matters related to monarchy not because for fear of being lock up in a dungeon but because  I chose to respect the once divine institution. Kings had long been regarded as the shadow of God in traditional society both in Europe and Asia, bestowed with divine power exceeding all other mankind. Malay Sultans were believed to carry a DAULAT, a kind of magical aura that protected them from the sorceries of bad citizens. DAULAT contains a huge ball of powerful spirit around the divine Kings.

Even in this 21st. century the Queen of England is said to be an alien being strong enough to control mankind. You may have heard of the few with reptilians eyes.

Malaysian rulers are protected by our law. They are almost immune. They are not to be criticized for any reason. Several people have been arrested for remarks viewed as rude or insulting to the integrity of a royal figure.

Sadly enough foul mouth still spewing unhappiness over royal involvements in sports and soccer. I don't mean to be impertinent or to any disrespect to anybody as I am expressing my views. Sports is a public entertainment though the final reward is good health, both mentally and physically. They can take away youths from the streets into the arena, save them from drugs and crimes. It built a community of discipline and responsible citizens. It therefore does not belong to a politician or a propaganda tool of any political party.

The spirit of a game can be ruined and killed by any powerful person who thinks the world belongs to him. In my whole life, I have never been impressed by talks and promises. I believe in the behaviors and the deeds done. And I don't follow the crowds but the truth and realities. We don't see the same thing the same way. 50-50 is big enough. 90-10 is a pure disaster. Who dare to test it without being fear of being apprehended ? I believe 90% will be holding to the view that politicians and royalties should not use sports for their own glory.

The most popular sports in this country is soccer. Thousands flocked to the stadium to watch the game. Bowling, squash, badminton, tennis, hockey and other individual games do not draw crowds but they are not totally ignored. The Malaysians show utmost support of these sports in the international competition. The grand acoustic music of Negara Ku is a priceless pride to us.   Our small nation stands tall among the rest of the world. We are aware of the role of the government in producing the world class ship. We share the pride together.

But when sports involve local competitions and it is a number one sport then the public gives  full focus. Everyone opens his eyes. People talk about the refereeing, about bookies and corruptions, about the dirty tactics, about the dubious attempt to weaken strong teams and about the betrayal and the betrayers. You can judge how fanatic the fans are when they can sleep at the ticket counter overnight for the tickets to be sold the next morning. It is more than crazy. Try to imagine their degree of disappointment when something fishy happens in the middle of the season. It is an abnormal practice.

FAM is quick to be despised and scorned. I am so very certain Malaysian soccer will not be better. Success is not by the show of arrogance or lavishness in spending. I dare to put a bet of 10K (That's all I can afford) with the FAM on my prediction which will bear the truth. My confidence is based on two factors, namely the comeuppance for the vanity and swaggering, and secondly, the other the rest of the world are not sleeping.

The soccer ball has life too. It contains the hearts of the living fans, millions of them, who crave for fairness, good game and the show of skills. The players ignite and activate the hearts by making it flies, floats, bumps and rolls. The voices of the spectators echoing to the sky that there is a game going on. It provides luster and joy. Soccer without spectators is like a man without a soul or a spirit.

Let not any man murder the sanctity of the beautiful sports, casting away the spirit and its magnificence. Or else we could also say 'take all ...take all. And we leave it...' We need criticism, pros and cons, ideas and rebuttals. Can we do it with Kings and Ministers ?



Whenever I went to Los Angeles alone I usually stayed at Buena Park at a motel I knew owned by a Taiwanese. Buena Park is about an hour away from the Los Angeles airport by car and 1 1/2 hours by the airport bus. The average transport transfer was USD10.

What I like about this place was the availability of an Indian restaurant which I depended on it for my meals. A packet of prawn or meat Briyani was USD12.50. In those days 12.50 was just like RM35. The morsel was so plentiful that I had to consume twice to finish it. It was truly extremely delicious. Buildings around the area were not crowded and the road was not busy. Cars and busses passed within half to a minute duration. 500 meters away was a theme park called Knot Berry Farm where you can find crowds all the time. The Disneyland was a dollar away by the local bus.

We would expect the denizen to own cars for daily conveyance. But the bus would be reaching almost every street, sometimes zigzagging the small streets in the housing area, moving and stopping, picking up passengers. In Alor Setar there are many roads with the bus stands without a bus passing by. It is vital of everyone to own a form of transporter, at least a bicycle. Any Bangla worker living around our area would walk to town about 5 or 6 miles away. It leaves us to wonder the difference between the American and the Malay thinking. I mention the Malays instead of Malaysians because they are the administrators of the town from top to bottom.

Whenever I got up on a bus going to Disneyland I mentioned my destination. The bus driver would give me a transfer ticket if the bus did not head to the theme park. The driver would just mentioned 'Disneyland Bus Number....' when arriving at a stop where I need to change a bus. I didn't have to buy another ticket, just show the transfer piece to the new driver. And at every bus stop you will know at what time the bus will arrive. Amazingly that it is very accurate, dead on time.

I usually paid a dollar, sat on the bus until the end of the trip at the end station. The driver would ask me where I wanted to go. "just for the sight seeing," I said. And we always had conversation before he started the back journey. One driver was from Pakistan, but never looked like one owing to his skin complexion and his American slang. "How is Anwar Ibrahim ?" He put forward a shocking question to me.

I went to beaches, library, various malls and the whole of Orange County just by bus. I saw the vast area populated by the Vietnamese and the Koreans. It had always been a joyous ride.

I would have wished our local authority would have some sense and to act to elevate difficulties faced by the public. I sometimes think our moral responsibility has eroded and replaced by the pursuit of profits. Everyone is only thinking of money and to be wealthy as quick as possible. We have been causing problems to the people without our knowing them.

The bus trip to Los Angeles city proper was USD3. Again the bus would render to enter small towns and villages for passengers. It took me more than 2 1/2 hour to arrive the Downtown LA. It was shocking to see the homeless Blacks and White were still sleeping along the road and on the pathways of the building at 10am. Others were queuing for free food.

I strolled along the roads and streets, appreciating the beauty of the city and the demeanor of the people. Usually by the stroke of some luck I always reach the famous Universal Studio and enjoyed myself in the theme park till the city turned dark. And somehow I got back to the bus that would take me back to my motel. There was no GPS then and I didn't have a map with me. I knew my sub-conscious mind was working,  registration and computing my previously walking path. My eyes were trying to identify the building related to the bus stop where I disembarked.  I always made it time and again during every visit.

I remember my Public Finance teacher told us that the state is not to make profit on it's citizens. It is to serve them. A state is not to borrow money to share among friends but for the future benefit of the society. Busses could ease congestion and reduced parking problems. Cars are safer to keep at home than in town. Someone must look into the matter, studying the new bus route seriously to facilitate access to every household. Of course we don't expect every bus to pass every door step in every village. People can walk at a reasonable distant to wait for a bus.

I stopped going to USA for a long time. I have been there too many time, and had learnt many things about America and the Americans, well enough to identify the good people and the semi-human freaks demons who prey on their own citizens as well as other helpless souls elsewhere.

To me the busing system was excellent and commendable. You might want to try the Greyhound bus from Kuala Lumpur to New York one day that crosses Kyber pass and Himalayas...??? Greyhound is an expensive but a comfortable ride.



They tell you of the affordable house here and there. Try to contact them and you may die of frustration. A single storey small house is about RM400K and a double storey semi-detach is RM750K. A shop house will cost you more. You will have to pay about RM5K a month for 20 years to settle the whole loan. How to pay the 5K monthly when a husband-wife income is only 2K ? For small fries it is better to scrap the dream of buying a shop house to earn a descent living.

You may be able to meet the requirement. I can't afford it. There are tenths of thousands young people are without their own homes. The agony is felt much by the jobless young people. The elderly refuse to give up their jobs until they reach 65 and letting the young blood seek their own bread somewhere else.

The rushing for the land by the developers is because it brought a huge profits. They shared a small portion of it with the politicians and lobbyists. The small portion is not a thousand or two but totaling millions and billions. Hence agriculture land are shrinking very rapidly. There is a fast changing in demographic pattern. Where are the missing Malays gone ?

I did a quick calculation that if I could rent a shop house for a thousand ringgit a month, it will be RM240K for twenty years, and RM480K for 40 years. Even if we double the rental, it will take 20 years to get to RM480K. In that case, taking account of our lifespan and our active life it will be cheaper to rent than to buy. It has to be a long term rental contract.

I notice that the young people are looking for alternative venues for making a living. They resort to mobile shop, request for mobile night market to survive. The capital is much more smaller and the rental is the payment to the town counsel. At least they strive for some descent cash rather than involving themselves in criminal activities and immoral trade, or forming a small band of mafia network.

I can't afford a 750K home or a 900K shop house. Those who live on BRIM and millions of others will not be able to own such a property. The Malay developers are not keen to sell to the Malays at a discount rates. There have been a big mockery of the affordable homes. Internet advertisers seem to fool the people. No wonder a Minister advise young people to rent a lodging. I think it is a wise advice.

With all the government's help I should be rich. Despite my university education I am still poor and my kids are jobless. I decide that my kids should strive on their own by doing some business. It is not a simple venture. Even FGV, 1Mdb, MAS and a few other organizations with experts fail. They laymen find tall walls around them. I noticed at the Uptown they are only resellers save the food vendors.

Before GE13 I predicted a bleak future for the Malaysians. Worse will be coming after GE14.



I asked Majeed whether there is still any ship that taking people to India. He smiled. "No more Cikgu," he said. "People fly these days. It is faster. Only three hours." He narrated it took three days to go to India by ship. But it was fun as he got to know people and making friends along the trip." Majeed owns a Tomato Rice restaurant, which is not really up to the standard of one, a little messy and tables aren't dressed at all. He has 4 workers with him, all from Southern India.

"Nowadays Cikgu, people go on high seas to have vacation, the tour," he continued. I agreed with him. I saw these ships at Penang port, Australia and while in Balkan states. If you have about 2K you can enjoy the complacent trip to Langkawi and Kerabi, a round trip of about 3 to 4 days would cost that much. Many have been on the cozy ships. I haven't yet. I am not in a position to describe more about it.

The conversation with Majeed reminded me of the Malaysian Muslims going to Mecca to perform their pilgrimage on ship before. It took a month and a lot of preparations. When they came home they would tell all sort of wonderful stories about the experiences on the ship. Many people died while on the journey.

Today a plane takes you only 8 hours to Mecca, cutting time by more than 29 days. Majeed took 3 hours to arrive his destination. From Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur is only 45 minutes. Sometimes I tried to imagine how long it took for people from Melaka to go to Perak in 1600 or 1700 by foot across the thick forest, bumpy meadow and fields. When historians mentioned Melaka conquered Pahang, I can't imagine the nature of the war and how they could sustain their strength after a long march.

Today we have train that move at the speed of a few hundred miles an hour. Workers can shuttle to the workplace instead of renting houses in another town. We don't know when we can go on a one hour train to KL from Alor Setar. There will be a lot of structural and other social changes once the traveling time takes up a new shape.

Traveling is so easy and comfortable that more and more people travel overseas on leisure, young and old. The young ones usually go on their own after making elaborate plans and setting secured strategies among friends. I found teenage girls travel by themselves in twos or threes. The elderly, half of them retirees, chose travel agencies.

I have been to the United states and Hawaii for more than 18 times, seventy five percents of which were on my own. I either hired a car or took busses for local traveling and sightseeing. At my younger age I could drive a car from Los Angele on the Western side to Florida on the Eastern plank. Now the idea of driving 300 miles scared me and a horrid notion.

Many a time I had food in my mind when going overseas, mainly Briyani. I hunted  Briyani in Hong Kong, tasted it in Tokyo, Australia, New York, Los Angele, and London. My eyes would be looking for Long John, the seafood restaurant in the United States, a huge crab in the bay area of San Francisco. The Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Australian and London Briyani were almost equal in their taste. For my next trip, 19th April 2017, to Makasar I already marked the Seafood restaurant on the Google map. I usually made a point to put it in my agenda.

Other than food I also prefer a comfortable stay, a 4 or 5 star affordable hotel, staying alone for a quiet peace of mind, to slumber on a soft bed. I no more request for a partner when going with a package, and ready to pay extra for a single supplement.

I asked Majeed to join me in seeing places. I said to him, "Majeed, we are old now. You have your sons to cook and take care of your restaurant. Let's go and see the world before we die." And one of his usual response was that he is a poor man. Yet he had a 6K watch on his wrist. And he once asked me how I could live with my 3K monthly pension. I mentioned to him of his possible boredom in counting money and sitting down days in and days out. He will die seeing the image of money when he should also spend his wealth to enjoy himself. He would just smile.

Today the only hassle of going oversea is the increasing cost and the burden of the exchange rate we have to bear. The Thai and the Indonesian currencies are much better than ours. It is not due to the regional economic fault but the deterioration of ours. Don't ask me why. Ask Najib for the true answer. And I used to pay 7K for a New Zealand's trip, which is now 14K. Even compare to the last year's price to many destinations show a remarkable hike in cost, almost double or triple. You tend to see Dato' and Datin and doctors and engineers and high profile retirees and businessmen with you in the trip. I would always stay alone and aloof at the back seat on a bus and walked alone at the visiting sites. I would stand outside the souvenir shops where my group would spend blissfully. They are the affordable people.

The more affluent sailed on their yacht across the wide oceans aided by GSP, satellite and modern communication equipments. Or fly on their private jets. Once, an American farmer beside me at the top of the Grand Canyon told me that he should have brought his own plane to see the beauty of the land below. Mind you, a farmer flying an airplane.

Nevertheless never underestimate the sea galleons and the boats and the rafts that were used to conquer nations and enabled mass migrations, and inter island movements in the past, before there were planes, trains and cars. They were handled by resilient bodies with a strong mind, guts and bravery. A galleon could take away a distant nation.



The compliance to a rule regulated depends on the other party's acceptance. The other side could be a customer, a client, a businessman or a person looking for a favor. They will comply to get a benefit or assistance. But they can also be someone whom you may need their help most, to illicit donation, assistance or other services. They can choose to dispel with the set regulation you make for them or obey it. I touched on this subject matter because I had stumbled onto it when I went to Alor Setar Vocational College recently to help in programming the RFID cards for the school attendance system. As I was called by a teacher in charge whom I had informed to get the cards ready, I brought with me the card reader and my laptop. I had a software which I developed mainly for the purpose of writing data on the cards.

Mind you I did not go to the college to beg for donation, meeting a friend or selling my products. I paid my own petrol, sacrificing my free time and energy to help a school where I had served for 20 years before. As I was entering the gate I was stopped and asked to sign the Entry Book. "This is a new regulation," the guard said. Surely I could not blame him for discharging his duty. It is a rule after all.

Unfortunately I too have my own rules as many of the others. I have the choice not to comply with it and went home instead. I was not wrong either. Unheard words from the regulation is 'if you don't want to comply then don't come in. Go home..." What else it could be ?

Some wise persons responded blaming my ego. "The rule is so simple, just sign it," they argued. Of course I would have sign it if I had a  strong urge to beg from the college or to do business of my own choice. It gave me not one bit of benefit. I exercise my right and follow my own rule

This is no doubt only a small and trivial matter. But we fear such a narrow minded, and skewed thinking administrators are rampant and running the country on their own whims and fancies. The affair of this nature could pull the country down the mud, causing the economy to plunge and casting the  blames on the others. The short sightedness and the myopic vision may have caused massive national failures.

Retirees and the elderly though living in the marginal society are still walking straight with a strong fortitude. Many choose to dwell in humility. Swaggering, gloating, bragging and parading arrogance are not in our vocabulary anymore. We may waive the barking and the insults of the vanity. Our sustenance do not depend on them. Confucius was sent to exile in his active life but his help was seek when he was very very tired and the emperor was about to fall. The historians did not cry at the downfall of the emperor and the dynasty.

We are not sages neither the sorcerers but we are also not a group of destitute vagabonds. To us there is no saying such as  the dog has his own day, no vengeance and no more glory. Those are the guys who are shaping the destiny of our nation.



Most of us are not doctors nor scientists. We tend to diagnose wrong symptoms for diseases and sickness. I for one have been making a lot of conjectures on illnesses, as not being a shaman nor a doctor. But on thinking of people of the past centuries and those who live in the deep dense forests both in the past and present with their own medicines and remedies, I think I should not stop making guesses though it may turn out to be a crime. I don't prescribe them to others. Only to myself. When people are rushing for herbal medications they are not thinking of the cure of the modern chemical medications. Traditional people were not doctors. Neither were they wizards.

I believe, only believe, that there is a positive correlation between hypertensions and human emotions. A person who is easily angered and getting aggressive at a slightest provocation is bound to have a hypertension. One would have caused the other. And they are prone to stroke. Once we are diagnosed with it, there is no medical cure for it. Drugs prescribed by the doctors would only control it. Doses are prescribed according to the level of the blood pressure, whereas I believe hypertension can be checked by controlling the rising emotional state of anger. One has to learn to be cool, not to get angry at any small aggravation or errors seen, not to worry over a trivial or big matters. Whenever there is a problem arising it should be resolved through discussions, which more often than not would find a solution.

A daily rigorous exercise by a person helps. After the chore he will feel fit, healthy and strong. I feel the difference from such a pursuit. I could copy and send Morse codes signal better and with more accuracy, due to the mental alertness. It also elevates worries and free us from undesirable emotional disorder. And try to read jokes and other hilarious anecdotes which tickle us. In the old comic book there was a theme that printed Laughter Is The Best Medicine. All of these have nothing to do with any of the oral drugs.

I don't know whether worry can shorten our lives. It could have affected our brain cells or driving our blood pressure up and eventually lead us to stroke. If there is no proof to validate the relationship, we still have the choice to follow what the doctors say or to follow our own conscience ie. cease getting worried. People get drunk to get away from worry or join a congregation of jovial chums at clubs and coffee shops. Others find a solace in God, frequenting God's house, going to pilgrimage and constantly praying and praying.

The most heinous thing you can do to yourself is to think about local politics. Even the Americans are angry with their Presidents. If you love your own leader by all mean hang a huge picture in your house, follow him on your TV and read about him in the newspapers. If you hate him, just simply forget and avoid watching TV or stop buying newspapers. I talked to the Indian Mamak who said that India is the same as Malaysia. When I came across a Korean movie it depicted a story of Mafia organization controlling the police and the politicians. Why should we kill ourselves with worries and hatred and shouting curses at them ? If they are really bad and rogue, they will be punished by God. We could sustain our happiness by ignoring them.

The vital point of the good health is not so much on the longevity factor but we can move about everywhere without assistance, a freedom that we seldom appreciate. And it is the most valuable gift of God, greater than a billion dollars, and better than a beautiful wife.



Only a few left; those who are blessed to see the two worlds. I would regularly use the word WE to mean me and my contemporaries of the same age. Some of us may live to see the third world.

The first world to us was the era without TV, the Mata-Mata with the Tarbush hat, the train with wooden seats. Girls married at the age of 12 and some at 10 (Now by the modern standard they called it rape). They were scared of crossing twenty for fear of being called old maids. That was the age of 'ais kepal', the shave ice ball, the making of swords and guns we made out of wood to play hero and villains during week ends, caught fighting fish, chasing kites and swam into any available rivers and ponds, and when we came home our mothers were ready with a long cane. Every Friday the town board people would enter our kampongs and sprayed insecticides, and at night the night soil carries emptied our toilet pails. The toilets were always outside the house. In those days one could get a job after passing standard 4. After 6 years of primary education a person could be a teacher.

The second world began to appear around the '60s. More schools were built  and there was a big rush for education, reaching the Senior Cambridge. Cars and TVs and telephones began to dwell in homes. There were scooters and Vespas, cheap matinees where we took chances to meet girls at cinemas, boys and girls began to go for dating. The sword fighting and other robust kid's sports began to fade. It was in the '80s that great changes took place, turning the world upside down with micro-chip technologies. The world get so much smaller. The end of the 20th century started a new phase of the new world.

This is the third world that we may not have the chance to see but the new generations will. It is the world once we called a fantasy heaven. It all began with the so-called alien technology, levitation and anti-gravity vehicles. Though the new technology is still a secret of government properties, people endeavored themselves into inventing small flying machines, which are now taking shapes, from a flying hover board to human carrying quad copters. On the other side there are inventions of perpetual battery power. Yes, imaginable fairies will come to live. The flying superman is no more a remote dream. They are not within reach. They are already here and now.

At homes kids do not go for sword fighting game but battle with their friends across the globe on their PCs. Parents with their kids overseas speak visually to them blissfully. 3D TV set protruding images making us to dodge at the fast coming spears or stones. Machines that wash and dry our cloth while we are perusing blog and Facebook pages. We don't have to go to bank to transfer money or paying bills at office counters. A small smart phone facilitate those tasks for us.

What lies ahead we never know. We just sit and wait.

To the newly born nothing will be strange. Even to the living, a change is never a surprise. People don't swoon when you show them a three inch man or a man with a snake head. They don't even appreciate them. Nobody ever asked who invented the power bank, about the change of the storage media from revolving CDs and hard-disks to the SD cards. A few may say Wow!.

Why ? God has created a shock absorbing mechanism in human being. Otherwise half of the world population will demise out of shock.



What has come over me. Surely I could have not been possessed by a demon for devouring my old wrinkled face with 'bedak sejuk' literally translate as 'cool powder'. Bedak sejuk is made from the ground glutinous rice in small bits, using a banana or any other leaf as a droplets filter. When it is dry it shaped like tiny pebbles as big as guava seeds, and of course white in color. It is non-toxic and free of chemicals. Adding water to a quarter teaspoonful of bedak sejuk, I applied onto my face at night. It is very cooling and comforting. My face will look like a Chinese jumping ghost or a Chinese opera actors.

Do I look any handsomer or any younger ? No. I put it on my face simply because I feel like putting it. Mainly psychological. I have been reading a lot on enhancing beauty by all sort of skin care. People are doing good business, making tons of money and even becoming a multi millionaire. And I have seen women and young girls with beautiful faces, fair and smooth. I come to know that they are not only expensive but also contain banned chemicals.

Our great grand mothers have been using this traditional powder. They did not lack sex appeal. Men were still arose by the white faces. Money was not wasted and the skins were save from dangerous compound.

Even the ancient cosmetics in China contain chemical, added animal fat to make it waterproof. What the Malaysian Muslims do not know is the lotion and the skin care products they use contain the non-halal animal fat. As people are, God and sins will not scare them when they think they earn benefit from any source. And personal health and beauty is nothing compared to robbing and cheating and lying.

Women need to be careful of freak cosmetics claimed to be made of natural plant products like cucumber and seed oil that are not threatening the safety of the skin. The price will still be astronomical as compared to bedak sejuk. A pack of a small container only cost RM3 and can last us for three to four weeks.

Our ancient mothers not only apply the glutinous rice powder on our faces when we went to school but also the hair oil, that was not exotic or majestic, but it was merely the coconut oil. If other mothers didn't, my mother did. She used the same coconut oil used for cooking  on her hair and mine too. What a gracious grace. Now I hardly find coconut oil at home. We are using corn or palm oil for cooking. And my belt was a jute rope, tied like a ribbon in the front. I would still suggest a sort of rope for the loose trousers if anyone could not find a suitable belt, and tuck the shirt outside to hide it from visibility.

Talking about hair oil, today I used gel on my hair, combed it the way I wanted before I went jogging to beat the strong wind that had been blowing my hair left and right since the last few weeks. I can also beat it by tying my hair with a hair band or wearing a cap. I can't imagine how an old man like me looks like with the hair band. Cap would cover my face from the young sexy joggers, whom I love to wink. So I applied a small scoop of gel on my head.

Our people believe that a sudden change of behavior is a signed that his death is near and it is approaching very fast. It is very true that lately I realized I even changed my eating habits. I went for jack fruits, cucumber and fresh orange. I frequented the RM3.50 roti kirai with meat gravy. Whenever I went to buy burger, I opted for shrimp instead of my usual meat. But it is not as strange as putting my face with the white a lump of starchy stuff on my face before I go to bed.

Is it not a weird sign ?



We are bound to bump into something that is not expected. We never know what. The other night while I was having a dinner at a stall, a young man passed by, accosted me and sat on the chair at the next table. "Long time no see, Sir," he said. "I was the 97/98 student." I did not continue with the conversation but concentrate on the Nasi Lemak. I bought two packets of the delicious rice for a ringgit per packet. The packet was not big but a couple would be enough to fill my stomach. I noticed the young man ordered nothing and sat there doing nothing. After finishing my dinner I bade him goodbye. He called me and asked me for two ringgit. I gave the notes I was holding in my hand and went home.

The next night I went to the same stall again. As I was taking my seat the same man came again and took a seat at my table. I knew he wanted something and asked him to take two packets for himself. He, not only took the Nasi Lemak, but also ordered an ice tea.

While eating he came out with all sort of stories and ideas,"I want to sell fried chickens, Sir. One day I will earn a profit of a thousand ringgit. Within a month I will get thirty eh uh. But money is never enough you know, right ? We have ten thousands finish, twenty finish...right or not ? eh eh uh...I will fry my chicken nicely and earn thirty thousands a month...." I could not stand him anymore, a young man who asked me for two dollars and now talking of tenths of thousands. He spoke with an odor of weeds from his breath. I guessed that this guy must have been  really nut.

I decided not to be courteous and good. As I finished the two packets of rice and he was still swaggering, I told him that I had to leave, for I have to attend a certain urgent matter. I paid RM3 for my meal and RM3.50 for his.

Last night I decided to go somewhere else for my dinner for I had guessed he would be waiting for me again.

There had been reports of the missing cars and motorcycles and house breaking around this area. My mind swirled with wild imagination. He could be one of the prowlers. How many others are like him ? Only God knows. Tenths of thousands have been laid off. Sometimes I asked myself why not these jobless young people go and rob Rosmah, Syahrizat or Najib.

These are our trash, the scum garbage born out of our failures. We just don't care. They were never mentioned in the UMNO general assembly.



Equality in the eyes of God differ from equality in eyes of men. On the day the world began and inhabitants multiplied classes emerged to appear. There were leaders and chieftains and specialization of various functions. There were slaves and masters, the affluent and the poor, kings, nobles and the laymen. The Varna system clearly clarifies who were in charge of religion, war, business and the workers.

Classes in society evolved by itself. Skin color, creeds and economic specialization are partly responsible for the class formation. The more powerful seize power and became rulers, making laws on boundaries, ownerships and taxations. There were the ruling class and the rest of then men, who were peasants, labors and entrepreneurs. Landowners and people with capital had to find workers to work in their fields. Whenever local people in scarcity they seek inferior people in other countries. There were some willing workers who usually fill in the factories and there were black slaves to work in the cotton and wheat fields.

More classes loomed as trade expanded and flourished. There were shopkeepers, middlemen and conveyors. There were bankers and people who ran insurance companies. They were mechanics and builders. The symbols of their status were depicted by the dress they wore and the properties they owned. The wealthy sent their kids to prestigious private schools, the poor to the government institutions. The Blacks were deemed inferior, confined to colored bar, drank from different pipe. The brown were looked down by the yellow. Among the White they were attempts to categorized the superior and the inferior race by the bone structures.

Classes were said to be unfair and suppressive. The poor were excessively taxed for the ruling class to enjoy. French and Russian revolutions wanted to rid of the courts of the Kings and the Czars to end suppression and sufferings. Then came the Communist with ALL MEN ARE EQUAL to squash the capitalist society and replaced with socialism. But today if you are in Vietnam or China, do you not see capitalism and classes of people ?

Whether we like it or not the trees grow, the buildings cropped up rushing to the sky, the people are working hard to grow richer. And will we be the ones to say "...cut all the growth. Cut the trees, flattened the buildings. Don't strive to better yourselves.." ?

There is a leeway for everyone to climb a social ladder. We can't idly enjoying our siesta and hope for the money to grow, for the success in business, promotion in an office. More often than not, the more effort we put in the higher we can climb, the greater the reward. It is resilience, acuteness and courage that provide us the way to wiggle to the higher class.

Classless society is a pure absurdity.

In a competitive world indolence will push us into a bottomless pit. We will eventually lose everything.



I was new in Ham radio at that time. I wrote to telecom and made some inquiries about it. The department was kind enough to send me a syllabus, radio regulations and a visual Morse code symbols. All were in English. The first radio operators I met were Eshee, Malcom, Chow and a few others at the Coronation Camp Penang. They were setting up a JOTA station. Later I frequent Eshees's and Malcom's shack almost every week to say hello on the radio. I began to make preparation for the radio examination.

RAE (Radio Amateur Examination) was conducted in English. The paper was divided into two parts, the regulation and the technical. We have to write the answers in the essay form. I remember answering a question on logbook with complete illustration as I was keeping a log as a SWL. And on the technical part I drew a complete schematic diagram on Superheterodyne receiver and giving description for each part of the receiver. And another on the antenna and the propagation.

The objective of the old syllabus was to ensure every ham understood the working or a transmitter and a receiver. In those earlier days hams had to homebrew their own rigs, and transistors came later in the years. Hams need to know the value of the resistors by one look when they were building up or repairing equipments.

There were not many hams then, not more than 400. If you can't understand English then you could not be a ham. The test was in English and the daily communication too was in English. All went well without any hassle and without any problem.

Years later after I became a full pledge ham I heard some top guys in MARTS were talking about giving a chance to those others to come on the air too with limited frequency ie VHF. There were arguments whether to create an opening to a new class or not at all. The opponent of the idea predicted the future problems and havoc. Discussions dragged on. I went back to school in the United States, leaving ham radio for a long many years, almost 15 years or so.

I received a letter from the authority asking me to renew my ticket. By and by I learned that there was a license B created. I did not know the date when it began and who were the main negotiators. Those who followed in several JOTAS were now licensed with 9W call signs. There were repeaters all over.

After awakened from a long sleep I encountered with a new world. It was the second time I was new again. My head was swirling with confusion. There were new things I have to learn which I had never new before. Even new rigs were without built in power supply. They were much more smaller and lighter. When I could repair my Yaesu FT101, the new rig would make me a stupid fool.

Please note that Class B transpired out of a good hearted ham whose intention was to give chances to those who could not pass CW test when Morse codes was still mandatory.



I have almost given up knowing the current state and progress of Malaysian Amateur Radio, because there are other things that interest me and call for my focus. Hours after hours I spend time on the Facebook and Whatsapp applications, downloading and watching movies and writing blog. When  9M2NZ, Rashid Ghani, asked for my comment on the Radio Clubs that went astray and racial, I was awed. I do not  know anything, about the clubs and other activities. Whatever I know is that we cannot compare the old and the new on whatever matter at all. Things change with time and they are shaped by the changing environments.

Once I disagreed with the change vehemently but later realized it is no point in trying to change the world and I have to be an arrant fool at yelling insults at the dynamic world. If we don't like anything just keep it to ourselves and stay away from it.

After all the change is inevitable. We used to enjoy the shaved ice ball. We can't curse the world when it isn't here anymore and being replaced with what we called 'ice kacang topped with ice cream'. You cranked your car to start it in the old days. It is now replaced by an electric starter motor. In medical, agriculture, transportation and offices everything take a new shape. Good or bad they are here. The old ones have vanished. What is there to lament about.

Whatever we don't like we avoid it. I don't like newspapers. So I stopped buying them. It has been for more than 15 years that I don't read Utusan Malaysia or the New Straits Times. I don't like ASTRO, so I don't subscribe to it. Some old hams do not like the SOP of the new amateurs and just stopped monitoring to their chats. It is not a matter of right and wrong but a matter of taste.

If truly that someone prefers racism in ham radio, it is up to the authority to think about it and decide as to the course of actions. The fact is who are we to impose the ruling and the standard of amateur radio in this country. If they want to form clubs by any name let them. They can't force you to like them and you can't force them to agree with you.

Let us look at something else other than the ham radio. Look at our culture and values that we have been practicing. You do not find modern people donning  dress of the 18th or 19th century anymore. Drugs that were once a taboo and illegal are now legalized. Who ever thought of the same sex marriages ? The complexities of changes are untold stories. Imagine a man who died in 1700 comes back to life, will he want to change the world now ? Can he change the world ?

Some call it destiny. Others call it progress.

What don't change is human emotion and sentiment, and the basic needs of food and shelter. Love, hate, fear, anger, greed and pity are elements in men that persist ever since. And these sentiments that unite and break mankind apart. Classes and status of people are simply natural, determined by creeds, color, languages, geographical locations, culture, education, philosophies and interests. Birds of the same feather usually flock together. That explains why we have nudist community, the gays, the fanatics, the communists, the orthodox and liberalists. And economic division too is a natural process.

We cannot have total unity and oneness in amateur radio due to the increasing population and the above variety of human sentiments. What we see in Malaysian amateur fraternity is something inevitable. If it has not happen yet, it is bound to happen later. Why ? Because we are different in many ways.

Just because people aren't like us, we have to create war on them ? Yet people go to war on their differences.

I finally choose to remain mum whatever people said about me. I don't lose a single cent neither did I gain any pittance. I did not reject signing for the 9Ws and I did not push them away if they seek my other than financial help. I wrote software for Rohizat's workshop and happily exchanging information on traveling joy with him. At my free time I would go for any invitation. But I am not always free.

At this current time soccer is a topic I very much love to discuss. I would queue for hours under the blazing sun to purchase a ticket. I shouted and yell and shriek in the stadium forgetting that I am an old man ready to die anytime. That made my money worth to depart. I scolded the referee, the players and shouted at the coach as if I was the best and the world class player. Actually I can't even kick a ball straight.

I have been in radio since 1975. Try to compute the number of years. And I have 4 or 5 more years to live. What's the hack about fighting over some unjust trivial issues. My life is too short, much much shorter than yours.



It is really hard to learn at the age of seventy plus as memory cells are rotting and beyond repair. They are selling Korean Ginko which claim to sharpen memory. Money could help in replacing the old with the new cells as what Najib and Rosmah are doing. For laymen like millions of us, we better prepare ourselves to meet God rather than fighting natural acclimatization. How could we acquire new things when the old ones are rapidly fading.

Only the other night when I brought a spectacle with me to watch a soccer match at the local stadium, I found it was not on my collar where I hung it. I only put it on when I wanted to see the person who scored a goal more clearly. A distant night driving in the absent of street lights I sometimes put it on to see the curvature of the road. I don't have a perfect vision but I do not always put my spectacle on.

It has been several years that I wanted to learn and improve my English, a subject that I never passed during my school days. I fail to achieve my objective no matter how hard I tried. It is not because of my stupidity but because the retention power is almost nil. I forget names and I forget the words that I came across. Ageing is inversely proportional to memory. What is there to lament, wail an shriek when nature destines us in that path. Even death is a divine gift.

Last night out of a sudden I had a desire to look at Korean's writing. These days I watched a lot of Korean movies with English subtitle. I just wonder how a word or sound is formed. I would have recognized the Chinese characters, the Thais and the Arabic word formation but not the Koreans. Looking at a page tutorial I began to understand it. To learn it will take me several years to the edge of my living frontier. In short I will be dead first before I can remember a basic and simple Korean.

Though sciences has proven about the declining state of human mind, I don't give up believing in the power of God. I always pray to God for my good health and smart memory. I think my prayer call was met. The lost spectacle was surprisingly found hidden on the back seat of my car two days later, hidden in an awkward position.  I can't figure out how it went there. And this morning I checked my BP and found it was 124/67, and after a late night gluttonous dinner my blood sugar was 6. You may call it co-incidence. I don't. I will continue to strive to better myself in English and seek more knowledge about the mystery of the universe.

Young people do not see us the way we see ourselves. We keep our vanity hidden. I was not wrong in my prediction about Malaysia and the Malays. My aunty at eighty plus said, "They call me senile ? Give me a lot of cash and watch how senile I can be..."

The young are not wrong in thinking there is a decline of alertness among the elderly. Everything slows down, from the neuron to the muscle movements. I have been talking about forgetfulness. If it happens among the young they call it absent minded. That does not mean ageing rob everything from us and we are to retire from active life and seeking knowledge. We have God with with. We ask. God may give, or may not give. But we must also struggle and work for what we desire.

Today the world is kind enough to provide free knowledge into our homes. Despite the difficulty in self learning I will continue to learn a little Korean as much as I know Mandarin and Thais. I wish myself good luck.


Creating Stories of Me Selling Radio

A radio friend rang me inquiring about a transceiver he said I want to sell.

       "Sell my equipment ? Who told you ? " I asked.

        "Mr X who heard from Mr Y," he said.

I have not seen Y for ages though I met Mr X about 10 months ago. I never divulge to anyone about my departing with my radios. I have two HF transceivers and one dedicated VHF/UHF, which I occasionally used to monitor and sometimes working Morse codes. I did buy a Diamond power supply and gave away free to a poor lady ham who had been laid off from her job. I even bought a new paddle not long ago. How could someone simply spread the news about my emptying my shack ?

It is true that I am a little broke now, not in the sense that I do not have any money to spend but I can't meet all my spending allocations. These are for my car service, for utility, food consumption, car gasoline and for contingencies. I never plan to sell my belongings even if I am starving. Nevertheless I may give things away. That may include my radio equipments.

Sinister talks seem to be a great pleasure to some. They created the non-existence stories which we called fictions, passed around and people believing in the stories would have the misconceptions of many things in the world. The highest evil of all was the false flag aimed at demonizing others to fulfill their agenda, to justify conquest, hence enjoying the rich resources of the land. The lesser evil was to destroy the political carrier of the opponents and to hold to power perpetually. Others do it to play for office. Or as justification for not paying loan or to hide their own avarice and rogue characters.

Newspapers that have carried false stories were sued and suffered heavy loses several time.

Mine is not a big matter. It hurts no one. It is just a trivial disappointment to my radio friend who is desperately looking for a HF transceiver as he has successful in upgrading himself to an A class. I suggested to him to get a new one from One Communication. A fully dedicated HF rig costs RM2.5K, which is considered inexpensive, the Icom718.

Icom 718 impressed me as I worked with a few stations that sent me a powerful and tremendous signal. Listening to the audio, I would think it was from a high end rig.

He would have to spend about 4K for a few decent stuffs; an antenna tuner, and a power supplier. I have not told him that he could get a much cheaper homebrewed rig from Indonesia for a price of about between 800 to 1.2K ringgit. The Jakarta Hamfest is about July. He has a few months to put his money aside for his shopping spree in Jakarta.

I think I need to tell him about the ethics of being a responsible person, to avoid creating stories and to assess the veracity of any news.



Salleh Keruak: Sabotaging M'sian economy not patriotism

Sabotaging Malaysia's economy by frightening off foreign investors is an act of treason, not patriotism, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak.

"Some people claim they are criticising the prime minister and are running down the country out of patriotism.

"Most historians agree that Adolf Hitler was also a patriot and that Naziism was the product of this patriotism. And 100 million people died because of this," Salleh said in a blog post last night...

Readers challenge

Nkorea1 msia 0 Nobody sabotages the exonomy except ypu umno by running it to the ground and covering up all the losses.. Everything that manages to come out in the open is thr truth. If it is not then show us the proof .. It is because everyone on the outside perceives umnonas a big gpnof dedak eaters . We do not believe Show us proof.. You cant just refute itand we fall in line..

Anonymous #44199885 And pray tell us what do you call allegations of kleptocracy and misappropriation of funds from 1MDB which made global headlines and under investigation by authorities in USA Switzerland HK and Singapore to name a few? Is MO1 an alleged kleptocrat a patriot?

Anonymous_1404717623 Those cabinet ministers Stealing our national coffers via corruption, asking under counter commission for projects without tenders are most patriotic, salleh Keruak, am I right?

Nehru Kerua stealing in 95billions is treason to the country and you are part of the treachery with umno mo1 and BN thieves.

RR Pointing out wrong doings of any government is not sabotaging the government but an expression loyalty and concern for the nation and people . It is indeed patriotism. A good and responsible government will correct the wrongs.

Demi Rakyat In other words, Najib is a traitor.

Caripasal Is sabotaging economy by corruption after corruption an act of treason? Corruption committed by BN gomen has jeopadised the daily living of th rakyat

mosquitobrain Salleh Said Keruak, do not talk about patriotism, Negaraku or Rukun Negara not until Najib aka MO1, you and other Umno-Baru warlords are put behind bar for kleptocracy.

Anonymous #28648954 Ya lah Salleh, this means your boss MO1 is the most unpatriotic one of all coz he's the cause of the economic mess we are in, correct?

ex-PJ Very funny wayang happening with Keruak as the star. If an embezzling PM, complicit in murder, does not frighten off investors, what would?

Thickskin How silly and dumb is this ape? How can pointing out the faults in the Government be called sabotage? How can mere words cause investors to be frightened?
Tulan Patriotic? Please ask this question to our thieving PM and his wife, if U dare Sallah Berok.
bumiputeri what about pocketing RM2.6 billion of rakyat money?
Peacemaker Stealing USD$59 billion from government linked companies until the govt become so poor needs to impose GST is an unpatriotoic and treasonous act. All those involved should be tried an sentence to death.
Touche Is stealing RM 2.6 B patriotic ? Idiot.
Anonymous_1431954960 MO1 is the most patriotic Malaysian for being the thieves to steal the country's wealth! All UMNO and Barisan Nasional people be it Ministers or Prime Minister are the most unpatriotic humans in the boleh land.
goldee This monkey is talking about patrotism in his own terms, a stupid assholes.
Dalvik Define sabotaging? When you have billions appeared in your personal bank account - how can you tell that there's no string attached, which may lead to sabotaging?
SORRO This baboon over excessive feeding dedak so what ever coming out from his mouth turned to be shit!
clever voter Its easy to disagree with what Salleh has said. But we live in a world where BN politicians change the rules and call it rule of law. The outcome has blurred the difference between a right and a wrong . Being critical of government is a right, and not tentatmount to treason. The minister has to grow up. There is a no such thing where government is right. The whole world has rightly acted on the 1MDB wrong doings, except the originator of the scandal. Stealing money from public treasury is a treason. In the olden days you get death punishment even if you were caught stealing an apple. There has been so much hanky and panky business in the foreign investment dealings with a country whose priority is to protect its own interest - all others are secondary. This approach sits in nicely in so called foreign investment requirements. In time to come the future generation will be indebted, and curse at this government for their lack of responsibility and moral values.
Justice Oh yes, what about the BN leaders signing away the land of the natives to the companies own by their families their cronies? Is making the natives landless and squatters on their own ancestral lands a patriotic act by the BN leaders and Govt?
Antigila Curi duit rakyat..patriotic ha!...bodoh bangang!..
AJ You are so right Kreiuk. You should start by arresting or prosecuting MO1 who has been labeled by the whole world for sabotaging and embezzling the people's money. All the rest you seem to imply are actually urging you is as many ways to stop this saboteur. If you were a true patriot, instead of a really poor spin doctor, you would be able to recognize this.
tikusmati Fed jup of being kind, nice and polite...just shuddup and get freaking bus start
Anonymous 2455811486862327 Don't try to lecture us about patriotism when your gang of thieves are busy looting the country.
RCZ You are right, Najib and Gang and the current leader have already and are sabotaging the economy and should be hanged. Or are you ignoring the biggest heist of the century called I MDB?
hplooi Salleh WTF are you doing about Internet connectivity in Malaysia? Why are you so busy body over 'foreign investment' and the strategies or wisdom of said? Connectivity is a major issue for the new economy. (1) Our connectivity infrastructure is NOT keeping pace. (2) The government is not doing enough to protect consumers against the big service providers. Unfortunately, your ministry seems to be apologists and always on the side of service providers. Internet service cost is still high and service is deteriorating. Example I am forced to pay RM49 for Internet TV which I DO NOT WANT in my internet subscription. Where can I complain? Do your work Encik Salleh lebih Teruk.
thana55 When criminal elements are at the country's steering wheel, the rakyat should keep quiet???. We would tend to agree with you if Parliment runs the way it should, the judiciary maintains its independence, PDRM serves the rakyat and not a protector of criminals in high office, MACC nabs big fish without fear or favour, etc. So do not pontificate. It is you and your gang who should be charged with TREASON. Period. By the way why chicken out of the debates...a ckesr indication of who the criminals are.

Investors are not the kampong folks who would blindly believe in what Najib is lying to them. They have been listening to Najib as much as they did to the opposition members. If Najib has been successful with the world he should have been successful in convincing the investors too. I think Najib has spent billions to remove and erase the world's negative perception on himself. The flow of money hurts the country. Is it not true that Najib and his wife are both responsible in sabotaging the country's economy ?



I have not been in favor of businessmen and Malay taxi drivers. I believe they are selfish, inconsiderate and greedy. They charged exorbitant price to their customers, especially the taxi service in my town. For a distant of 3 or 4 miles they would put 4 persons to fill up their taxis and charged as much as RM15 a person. If they happen to knock your car they won't to pay even a single cent for a damage. The Mamak restaurant like Mee Abu or Yasmeen would cut your throat till you bleed. You will not pay less than RM5 for a simple meal at a Pumpong restaurant owned by a Malay. Here a double fresh orange juice cost RM5 while elsewhere only cost RM4. In my hear I had been cursing these people for their avarice.

Finally I realized that my generalization was wrong. Not all businessmen are that ridiculous. I can still enoy a good meal for RM2.50. The RM3.50 breakfast of Roti-Kirai with plenty of beef in the gravy could last me till 3pm, after having the tasty food at 9am.

Even the stingy Majed restaurant, well known for a tasty but expensive food, is kind to me,  charging me between RM4.50 to RM6 for each meal with free beverage and sliced cucumber. A large prawn which he usually sold at RM10 to RM12 a piece, were sometimes served to me for only RM6. It is a complete meal.

And this evening I wanted to have a taste on satay. Satay is a very expensive dish nowadays. Price of a stick used to be 30 cents and now has increased to 70 cent. At the Night market at a place I used to go was 60 cents a stick. I ordered 6 sticks and asked the man to add extra slices of cucumber for an extra price. Cucumber has a good nutritional values. Some says it is good for kidney. The girl put about 7 to 8 pieces in a small plate. While I was munching the meat, the man added a fistful more of them. But when I wanted to make a payment the man told me to pay just for the satay, not the cucumber. I insisted. He adamantly refused it. "The cucumber is free for you," he said.

And at the same night market the boy who sold the jackfruit for RM10 for two packets, only charged me RM8.

I realize that after all not everyone is greedy nor inconsiderate. But I have yet to find a taxi man in my town who I could favor as a good man.

Morality still prevails even though there may be one out of ten millions who would reject millions of corrupt money for a principle, and willing to starve, rather than colluding themselves with avarice. People who hold to the moral values and consulting their conscience are hard to find even in the Eastern part of the world these days. Most individuals are wearing the masks of hypocrisy. Their hearts and facial countenance are far apart. When confront with money there could appear an immediate transformation of personality.

We can only pray for our fellow humans not to lose their humanity, to believe in the high esteem of morality.




There are heavy gambling in soccer. They can involve between hundred thousands of ringgit to a few millions. You may be amazed to know that there various ways of betting, not merely the final result of who wins and lose. People may bet on which team will get the corner ball first, the number of cards waves by the referee, the number of corner kicks within 20 minutes and which team will score the most in the first or second half.

The stake could be so big that bookies and gamblers tend to use stealth individuals to breakup or to weaken a certain team from direct corruptions to psychological approach to hurt the coach or players, to break them apart. The stealth individuals are not strangers to the team. These individuals mingle with the officers and the players as an ardent and die hard supporter. Sometimes their sting work. Other time they continue to fail time and again.

I could not understand the reason  for teams who won championships to recruit new players on the following seasons. Sometimes I did think there were invisible hands behind the decision.

The question is whether we need to have stealth private detectives to investigate and observe any strange phenomena.

Why not when soccer has become a big business and ghastly political issue ? There was a clash of Titans over it. Millions of rinngit are changing hands, both in the inside and outside the main soccer fraternity. Salaries for coaches and players have reached the million marks. People are rushing to make a living out of the sport. If ignored and unchecked the sanctity of the game will be totally destroyed. Fans drive hundred of miles from the remote areas to watch a clean straight game, yelling and shouting their heads off, not knowing there are pawns in the field being pushed by the unseen.

Whatever there are opportunities for some people within the community to make big money from a simple decision.

Coaches and players were robbed in the middle of the game to weaken one and to strengthen the other. Referee made bias decision. Goalkeepers caught empty air instead of the slow moving ball. Players faked injuries and quit the field. The real spirit of the game was ruined by punters and corruptors, and by people with power and money.

Funny, there isn't seem to be obstruction rules anymore. Players blocked their opponents in twos or threes while the ball is feet away. There are brawling and knee attacking, and pushing almost coming to a game of rugby. Surely these are not caused by the mastermind of gambling machines. So were the robbing of coaches and players in the middle of the game. The whole stuffs looks like rubbing mud to the beautiful and entertaining sports, erasing the spirit of the game.


What different does it made between corruptors and a person who uses a dubious mean to kill a strong team ? Both are killing the sanctity and the integrity of the lovable entertainment.

 03/04/2017 ABDUL RAHMAN RAOF 


iIslam prohibits arrogance and boasting. There is a word 'Riak' which means to assert oneself with the deliberate purpose of showing off that he is better and above the others. A swaggerer is seen as a person with the 'Riak'. He gives credit to himself for every success of the team or organization. You see these people everywhere and everyday. We were warned by some Muslim scholars to be very careful on what we post and say on the Facebook for it may be construed as 'Riak'. My posting of a picture showing my luggage for traveling is also considered as trying to show off though my intent was for mere information.

Here I would like to focus on one issue, soccer.

Soccer is like a religion to some people in some countries. A war almost broke out due to the quarrel over the game. The sport generates a massive economic activities. Hundreds and thousands of dollars circulate during each game. It is a haven for vendors and hawkers, earning a clean profit up to a 1K at each match play.

In the recent years strong teams were from Kelantan, Pahang, Selangor, Johor, Trengganu, the Police and FELDA. Johor (JDT) was one of the finest and had been representing Malaysia in the Asian Club tournaments. Selangor, Pahang and Kelantan had ever emerged as Malaysian champions too. I do not deny the powerful JDT have been showing a fast, aggressive and skillful play.

Slowly there loom a voice that the success of JDT was due to the effective and a good leadership management. It did not end there. Instead it went on to say that Malaysian soccer had not been competitive in the region because of the failed management. FAM must be revamped. It is not in my position to validate the authenticity of the view. It may be right or it may be wrong.

I have been questioning people on the composition of JDT, the number of Johor native players and the the numbers from other states, who had been the main scorers ? If star players from other states were brought in and the winning goals came from a skillful import plater, we could not attribute the success to the well organized administration.

Fans were seen to pass remarks that JDT has shown a 'Riak' and had been spewing unpleasant statements on the team. They even prayed for JDT to lose against a Japanese team. Last night when JDT was beaten 3 - 1 by Pahang it created a happy moment to millions. Where was the greatness of JDT and the most effective administration ?

It is a human habit to forget God's providence when they are at the top, with wealth and power. They render the great attribute to themselves.

I don't even think Malaysia will be able to qualify the World Cup despite of the new administration for a myriad of reasons.

As to the JDT I only have to say that God gives and God takes.